Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Star Trek: The Return Of Captain Picard In New Television Series

Star Trek: Picard
Captain Picard returns in Star Trek Picard a new Star Trek television series that starts tomorrow. 

Obviously, this is a relaunch of the Star Trek: The Next Generation Series. 

For me this has been a long time coming, Star Trek: Picard picks up twenty years after the last Star Trek: The Next Generation Movie and the apparent destruction of Commander Data.

At last we will get an explanation of what happened to data who was destroyed in the last Star Trek Movie and some kind of "replacement" data was discovered, Data who found him before he was destroyed transplanted his memory into the other version of himself.

Obviously in true Star Trek fashion it is the same Data, who again time traveled back in time after his destruction at the end of the movie somehow and uploaded his memory banks to the over version of himself.

Here is where we find two plot openings in Star Trek, the version of Data in Star Trek: Picard and the end of the last Next Generation movie is a different data with data's memory in him.

However this must be the same data, who after the explosion at the end of the film was probably transported ten thousand years into the future where he awoke and went on all these crazy adventures in Star Trek: Data...a show and plot that never happened yet, or at least that's how I would write it.

When they found him in the last Next Generation movie he returned form the future being altered from his adventures ten thousand years into the future with his memory wiped and his parts physically altered, at some point I am assuming he will recover his memory banks.

Data looks different in the show apparently, so what all the actors are a lot older now and they can get other actors to do the characters if they had to like if Data had his own show Star Trek: Data like they did with Captain Kirk and Spock in the relaunch of the original Star Trek series.

Now only that in the new series it takes place in the alternate Star Trek Universe where Vulcan was destroyed and Spock traveled into the past in an alternate universe in the movies in the original series relaunch with new actors, this puts Picard into the same universe as the new younger Spock and Captain Kirk only in the future.

So Star Trek: Picard is the alternate universe Star Trek, that's so they can change all the characters and interactions without ruining the original story lines.

Also in the series is Seven of Nine, Riker and Q they are saying so watch out for this to become a relaunch of Star Trek: The Next Generation as Captain Picard who is now a retired Admiral seeks out on a new undercover mission to reassemble the crew for his ship like in the classic storylines of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

In true Star Trek fashion, Picard has come out of retirement to find a ship like in classic episodes of his tv series to get a crew together in an under cover operation probably to get the old crew together and get back to the enterprise hopefully. 

The Enterprise is probably in some scrap yard I would assume and the cast will have to get everyone together and then get Seven Of Nine and probably Laforge and Barkley to tow it out of the scrap yard and reassemble it with Borg technology with the help of Seven of Nine who will now be the new girl on the crew to replace Tasha Yar who can also come back now since this is the alternate Universe so they can just bring her back.

Not only that, Seven Of Nine Using Borg Technology can help rebuild the Enterprise and then also Picard was implanted with Borg technology, I'm assuming that when he gets back into Space under those conditions the implants will reactivate and make him younger and stronger making him turn into some kind of Super Picard, I'm assuming that under these conditions that when they meet up with Q on their first mission again that he will then make them all super strong send then them send them on some kind of crazy new adventures into an alternate universe where they have to find their way back and stuff as usual.

The second plot opening is that this series takes place twenty years after the last Next Generation Movie and Picard is an Admiral, so there is a who show to be made the called Star Trek: Admiral, which is about Captain Picard when he was an Admiral. 

That show could also be made with new actors to do the roles like in the original series, Star Trek with Spock and Kirk, relaunch if they had to do that. 


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