Monday, January 20, 2020

Information: The Main Points Of My Lawsuits

So this is getting pretty simple as I get into this, I have two lawsuits one against the Company Sobeys my previous employer and at the same time against the local police in my hometown aka the government, that is a longer more serious case with tons of witness etc. that doesn't expire where my rights were broken by the police etc.

The second case is less serious and is in progress right now, the point to that it is again the government at Access Nova Scotia at the tenancy board and Service Nova Scotia at student loan collections as well as National Student Loan Collection.

The second case going on right now is specifically against Private Government Collection Agencies working on rent and student loan collections for the Canadian Government.

In that case they said all student loan collection agencies are private businesses and so is rent collection for the tenancy board. 

That case, private collection agancies tried to hold me in a fake rental eviction hearing and attempt to evict me from my apartment with a fake summons from Access Nova Scotia who also went along with the fake eviction hearing and summons.

Then they tried to collect on me at student loan twice during that with more private debt collectors and issued a fake lien on my income tax returns, lost my student loan information and then tried to garnish my GST Rebates by forcing me to go back to work when I don't have to to make my student loan payments...that would all leave me pretty broke if they had got their way.

So private debts collectors tried to evict me illegally from my apartment, then force me to go back to work to pay my student loan debt then garnish my GST Rebates when I don't have to work and they did it with a fake lien on my tax returns....all from private businesses doing debt collection for the Canadian Government.

So my lawsuit on that case is specifically against Private Collection Agencies working for the Canadian Government, then when I sue I will try and find out if it's the same people from the first case which is longer and then I'll sue them in that as well.

That's all getting pretty pathetic now and it's just legal meetings to start resolving it and then work on getting a settlement from the Canadian Government for being attacked by their private contractors working on debt collection three times in the last six months.


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