Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Some Points Of Clarification In My Case

In my case, like this...when I had finished my certification hours for the Project Management Certification which is just your work experience hours designing and running projects, work I also did separately at home, at the office they said that they were cancelling "project hours" for the Business Analyst Position - not legal.

Before that they had promoted the other staff around me to higher level Project Hour positions, then they cancelled my whole level of position in their company and it's not legal.

Then they said they wanted me to continue to do the project design work for SAP Installations as a "Desk Clerk" and they leveled the Analyst position to Desk Clerk in their company, that is not a real thing.

After that they said to finish my projects and "hand them up" to the other people that had already been promoted, then they wanted me to diagram and develop my projects as a Desk Clerk and then give them to other people in my department and the Information Technology Department who wern't qualified. 

Then they wanted me to "support" the project as a Desk Clerk so they could have the promotion and the raise while I wasn't promoted and had my "work hours" cancelled - not even a real event. So they wanted to cancel my desk work, then have me still make projects for free and then pass them up to other staff with no promotion, then they were going to take the raise.

Then they wanted me to by their "technical support" on the projects I built including an SAP Data Archiving Server worth hundreds of millions of dollars, then they wanted to own it at their desk and put me on IT support for it when I made it.


That is not what was happening, I was supposed to be promoted to Project Manager after I finished the work and get $150 Thousand Dollars a year for it. Then they tried to cancel my promotion and raise and then still have me make the projects and hand them up for nothing.

At the same time within two hours they assaulted me again at home and tried to steal my Record "Collapse - Mechanisms Of Oppression" demo version 2008 which came out on the SAME DAY that they did that. 

Not only that other people tried to press the record and not even give me a copy, then they wanted money from me to run the band which was mine and they did not own anything, then I scrapped the record.

After this I quit everything and then left, then I was assaulted at my home two days later all in one work week with fake police orders and people fighting with me and lying to the courts.

I beat them all in court and then I turned them all into the Government at the Congress / Parliament  in Canada and the United States , the New York Stock Exchange, The Toronto Stock Exchange, the Supreme Court in Canada and national and international news stations. 

I even copied them on it at their offices when I turned them in, after that they STILL CONTINUED to assault me and flamed me for two years, again in 2012 when I was in LA Weekly, and again this past Summer they tried to hold me in a fake rental eviction hearing from a Sobeys Plaza on Baker Drive in Dartmouth at Access Nova Scotia with Five Star Bailiff which is a collection agency dressed up as fake court sheriffs from a ponzi scam or pyramid scheme trying to put fake people in my life to get around my assets by holding me in a fake court hearing from a collection agency.


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