Tuesday, January 14, 2020

I Went To Province House Today

Joseph Howe: Canada's Founding Father At Province House
Following in the steps of Joseph Howe I went to Province House today, home of the Nova Scotia Legislature in Halifax and location of Joseph Howe, one of Canada's founders in Halifax and Nova Scotia's first Premier.

Province House was recently featured in a new book as it a famous building and Canada's oldest legislature building.

I was trying to find the Nova Scotia Government's legal representative, which is not at Province House. That will come a bit later in my court case against the Nova Scotia Government, which is actually two branches under them who report to Province House.

Then I visited the Barristers Society to get legal information, which just happens to be in a Sobeys owned building in Scotia Square so watch out for that and I am also suing the parent company of that location at Sobeys / Empire Company in a separate case.   

The Barristers Society sent me to the Legal Help Center which is on Brunswick Street next to the Scotia Bank Center and if you need help with Civil Court matters they can help you at that location, they only took my first name and phone number, not sure why that is, then made me an appointment to get my legal fees paid and my case into Civil Court for paid lawyers etc. which is later this week.

Now I am having the first part of the case reviewed with the same people as last time and the Legal Help Center is helping me get the case into Court by taking your information, helping you file the forms and getting you a referral for Legal Representation after they talk you at their office and now I am officially in Court suing the Access Nova Scotia, Five Star Bailiff, Service Nova Scotia and whatever "Corporate Collections" is at the Student Loan Office.

And we are underway...


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