Sunday, January 12, 2020

ALERT: More On The Scam

Here is some more stuff about the scam...people trying to talk to you in the scam and pyrmaid scheme display certain characteristic and behavior types, here is some stuff to watch out for. The people bothering you in the scam will not be very well off financially and are "poor types" who try and talk to you and "tell you stuff" about your life and try and get you to change your behavior and stop talking to your friends and stuff to isolate you.

Then they will give you advice and then tell you to hang out with them and their friends instead.

These people who have no University Degree or worked in "position" of management and stuff will have an older person with them who acts as their "life manager" at home, telling them how to do stuff.

The older person will act as a "parental" or "managerial" figure to the poor person who never worked in a good job, that makes them feel important and like they have a "parent" or "person of authority" telling them what to do and helping them with their life an "at home" life manager.

The older person has the younger people with them outside at their home calling them al the time and talking about money and offering them advice, then the younger poorer person will try to talk to you and get you do the things the older person says with your life and money, that is the scam and pyrmaid scheme.

They will try and get you to stop talking to people and listen to them and then do what the older person offering "advice" says.

They are just looking for victims to rob and steal money from.

The older person is actually a criminal from a pyramid scheme luring and manipulating younger and poorer people with no education into committing crimes with them and trying to get the younger person to steal money for them from you.

Don't talk to people outside or let them call your home about "outside life management" like on the phone and then managing your life and activities outside on your personal time, they are either trying to rob you or lure you into a scam to work for them...these older people are fake and are total trash and know nothing about the world or business, they are just older people manipulating poor and younger people in a pyrmaid scheme and everything they say is a lie.

It would probably be in your best interest to report them so they don't come back. 

In my case they were doing things like reading song lyrics in the music I listen to and then making up real life stories about them to try and scare you, telling you all these things about people getting killed and dying, stories they got from song lyrics.

Like, they call you and start telling you all these terrible stories about people dying and stuff and getting killed to make you scared so you won't do regular activities like skiing or something so you will quit your regular daily activities, like telling you scary stories about the chair lift at the ski resort saying how people got killed on them to try and scare you, the main point to that is they are always trying to make you scared of stuff so you will quit.

Then if you listen they will keep doing it and try to manipulate you, like it will be one of your friends saying it, or a new friend saying that stuff to you to see if you fall for it to keep you scared and then they try and tell you something else to do manipulate you and steal your money and stuff or hurt you.

Then in the background it is usually an older person telling them what to say like they are trying to scare a kid about going out of the house so they can isolate, manipulate and rob them or try to get them to commit crimes for them and give them the money in a pyrmaid scheme acting as a "life supervisor" or "manager" of their personal life at home from outside.

That is what happened to me in the few years leading up to when I was assaulted by the pyrmaid scheme, in my case I was just letting them babble and ignoring them just to pacify their conversation with the younger people, then when they thought I was scared the older person stepped in and tried to manipulate me and steal my money by scaring and intimidating me, which never happened because I was just being polite when they were talking for the sake of it to be nice then they thought I was scared and tried to rob and manipulate me. 

Then I turned them in to the Government and they got caught.

Just be careful of all that.


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