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History: The Origins Of Adolf Hitler & The Nazi Baby Factories

Nazi Baby Factory At Lebensborn
This is probably one of the best and most disturbing stories of the 1900's and Adolf Hitler, in fact it is quite sickening but everyone should know about this.

What I found in doing my research into the 1900's is that you can see Adolf Hitler in the History books but you have to put the facts together. This topic is long and disturbing to today's generations and it effects everyone, it is a story so unbelievable that is emerging that you can't even take it. All this is referenced in history books and I'll include some links but it is too long to cite everything on one blog post. 

You have to look in the history books between the years 1765 - 1945 to find Adolf Hitler in the history books and see all the disturbing and unbelievable information from the time period.

The section is divided up into three parts:

1. The American Revolution (1776)
2. The American Civil (1865) and Austro-Prussian War (1866)
3. The Second World War (1945) - Hitler's Baby Factories

This is approximate maybe and I am going from memory and research notes from video documentaries and books and stuff so it's just in general terms and may not be exact with complete definitions, all the facts can be looked up anyway.

Adolf Hitler falls in the category in the history books under Frederick The Great in Prussia around 1776, Prussia is what became Germany today. So Adolf Hitler would be in the same bloodline category probably as Frederick The Great. In fact he may actually be Wilhelm The Fifth three rulers after German Emperor Wilhelm the Second, after Germany switched from a Monarchy to Open Dictatorship in Europe, that's if the bloodlines are correct.

That would probably be the same royal bloodline in Germany / Prussia as the ruler Frederick The Great. 

Part One: The American Revolution (1776)

The History Books say that around 1765 in England that a new king took the throne in the British Empire that only spoke German and not English then they invaded the Thirteen Colonies in America and started oppressing them which the Thirteen United States Colonies saw as treason.

This happened during The First Partition Of Poland in 1772 under Frederick The Great who was most likely the one who replaced the Throne of England with a German King then invaded the Thirteen Colonies, after all he was Fredrick The Great who is the same thing as Napoleon Bonaparte, Alexander The Great and Adolf Hitler. 

Prussia (Germany) under Frederick The Great then must have seized England by replacing the King and took control of the British Military and invaded the Thirteen Colonies in America from Halifax when Nova Scotia was it's own Country.

Now just stop for one second...for Frederick The Great this is a no lose situation, if he won the war with the Thirteen Colonies then he would have been King or Dictator of the United States / Thirteen Colonies.

In a losing situation The United States of America was liberated from England, which is what happened and they re-assumed the English Throne in England as normal.

Here is the point to why Frederick The Great can't lose in that situation, a liberated United States meant that the United States and Prussia (Germany) would have been allies and practically the same country which is what we have today.

This is because many of the citizens in the Thirteen Colonies were immigrants from Europe and Prussia making the The Thirteen Colonies the same people in America as they were in Prussia (Germany).

If Frederick The Great had of won, the German people Prussia would have been unified with their own citizens who lived in Thirteen Colonies under the King Frederick The Great who would have also ruled The British Empire at the same time unifying all of Europe with The United States and Canada and the rest of the British Empire under himself, Frederick The Great.

However he lost, and England went back to normal maybe then the United States and Germany (Prussia) became allies and were practically the same Country, one a free society in the United States and the other Germany (Prussia) a Dictatorship in Europe.

That is the establishment of the connection between Germany and the United States that connects Adolf Hitler to the United States as an ally.  Then later the whole Nazi Regime was some crazy operation to unify Europe and create the European Union that we have today.

Part Two: The American Civil (1865) and Austro-Prussian War (1866)

During the American Civil War it is documented that the North under Abraham Lincoln were allies with Germany (Prussia) under German Emperor William the First, who was succeeded by Frederick The Third, putting Adolf Hitler in the Frederick The Great, William The First Or Wilhelm the Second category which is just the Germany Monarchy anyway.

The German History Books are a little confusing at this time because they were switching from a Monarchy to a Dictatorship several times during a series of Wars in Europe, but it is all the same people just changing their political titles.

In Germany during the American Civil War in the 1860's The North's ally under Abraham Lincoln was for a fact Prussian (Germany) Emperor William The First.

What that means in today's terms is that the South during the Civil war could not win because they had what would be the Nazi Regime as reinforcements in the North to invade the South if they started losing the American Civil War.

German Soldiers would have invaded the Confederate States for Abraham Lincoln under German Emperor William the First.

That is a fact because of the invention of the machine gun.

After the North won the American Civil War Prussia came to the United States or was there anyway, they could have also been in combat plus Canada was also an ally under England at the time, to examine the results of the war.

At that time in the United States they invented along with Germany what is supposed to be the first machine gun which which was actually a 4 times faster speed loader than the one shot musket of the American Civil War.

The invention of the 4 times faster speed loader is the same effect as the a four cartridge machine gun allowing them to shoot four rounds off at the speed of one musket.

Germany with the United States returned to Europe with the new four shot machine gun, or speed loader and used it in the Austro-Germany War to annex Austria along with United States support in apparently six weeks.

That was the establishment of the Central Powers in Europe during World War One who apparently have United States support and came into the war at the end to clean up the mess the same as they did in World War Two in some kind of coverup operation.

The Prussians had said at the time they wanted to establish their own United States in Europe as a Dictatorship and that became Germany around the time of the birth of Adolf Hitler.

Part Three: The Second World War (1945) - Hitler's Baby Factories

This is an extremely disturbing and relevant topic to today's society.

In Germany probably starting in the early 1900's up until 1945 had their own baby factories and could also be the origins of the story of the Butterbox Babies.

When Adolf Hitler predicted a future generation of Nazi Supermen that was not a guess, he was talking about the German research lab who grew German babies in factories, they also became the Hitler Youth.

There is video of the German Baby Factories after World War Two when the Americans went in and seized the baby factories but I saw it in a longer documentary and couldn't find it on a short clip.

This is a key to today's society.

Not only did Adolf Hitler and the Germans genocide undesirable races they said in Europe at the same time they reinvigorated the blond and European bloodlines by breeding white Europeans in baby factories with Nazi Scientists and SS Officers who also came to the United States after the War.

So they found all the white Europeans and bred them in factories by strength and intelligence level and then eliminated bloodlines they didn't want.

Not only did they eliminate people in death camps they replaced them with pure bred Aryan Nazi Bloodlines in Europe in factories and also paid women to have kids at home by genetic selection.

That is called the Science of Eugenics.

The Germans and Adolf Hitler bred all the strongest and most intelligent white Europeans in scientific factories and then released them into the public probably sending them out as adoptions all over the world to white countries like the United States and Canada to restart the white European bloodlines while eliminating the ones they didn't want like Jewish and Gypsy core groups who are probably extinct today.

Today, that is everyone practically who is of European descent who would be related to the people raised in Adolf Hitler's Baby Factories.

They probably did this for forty five years releasing hundreds of millions of pure bred Europeans all over the world as adoptions and is probably part of the butterbox baby stories.

That means today everyone is affected by this through regular breeding, someone blonde my age would be around the second generation of Hitlers Baby Factories in the 1940's, someone like Hulk Hogan an obviously Aryan blood type, who I am not bashing because he is one of my favorite people ever, born in around 1953 he says may be from the Nazi breeding and Eugenics program in the 1930's...and he may be adopted or something or may have no idea where he came from.

I'm just using Hulk Hogan as an example and not bashing him and I have been a Hulkamanaic since the early 1980's, but that's what Adolf Hitler said would happen...people would be born like Hulk Hogan, that was a scientific fact from breeding programs in Nazi Germany.

These people would have been distributed throughout the world by Germany and then pop up in random places to restart the European bloodlines while they eliminated the unwanted bloodlines from the gene pool.

This created extremely intelligent and strong Nazi Super men with concentrated white European bloodlines.

That would not have been inbreeding, Germany and Adolf Hitler would have scientifically cataloged all the children and distributed them in a scientific manner and they also invented the Machine Gun and the Missile, the V2 Rocket at the same time creating the future of planet Earth.

Not only that after they separated all the people they made the white people breed scientifically in baby factors who were the adopted children of Adolf Hitler, hence the Hitler Youth, who Hitler and the Nazi's donated their genetic samples to in baby factories.

Like on Star Trek which is what everyone was talking about back then in the early 1900's when Science Fiction first began the Nazi's donated their genetic samples to planet Earth to imprint the gene pool in the world with concentrated European blood from the most intelligent Europeans to become the founding fathers of Earth's future genetics, for real.

At the same time they eliminated unwanted bloodlines of core Jewish and Gypsy populations to "cleanse" the bloodlines of planet Earth.

Not only that again, they also "separated" the blondes and white Europeans from other races they did not genocide like white people in other countries like in Croatia and the Balkans who they isolated and let them breed without an Aryan genetic influx.

This is all documented in mainstream history textbooks.

They probably did that for at least fifty years, meaning most European descent people today would be the bloodlines of the Nazi baby factories and breeding programs, while other whites remained separate in a scientific fashion.

Obviously today everyone is affected by the Nazi breeding program and it needs to be studied by the generations after they changed the bloodlines in the European gene pool.

Today, many people must be suffering from the effects of the Nazi baby factory program and we need to be nicer, more sensitive and help each other more because we don't know the full effects of the program yet because it's only been a few generations since they did that.

The impact of the Nazi breeding program:

After they did that they taught them all Science now today we have all these nerds and smart people and gifted athletes because of that so Hitler was right.

What happened is they ended up building the future as designed by the United State and the Germany under the Nazi's, after this point we have professional sports with super huge athletes, computers, video games, electric guitars with virtuosos who never existed before, advance engineering, artistic creations and space travel.

Probably because of the Nazi breeding program and the cleansing of European bloodlines.

Then what happened?

Now we have female super models who only care about breast implants and makeup and beauty stuff that never existed, huge professional wrestlers and advanced mathematical brains.

That is probably all coming from the influx of Nazi Science Genetics into the European bloodlines.

Not only that the Nazi's studied the occult, that re-invigoration of pure European blood lines may have brought back past bloodlines and genetic body types from the past which did not exist anymore.

Re-concentration of the European bloodlines would make geneisus and virtuosos emerge from the past like the Goths, people like Dracula and Elizabeth Bathory, who would re-emerge from the past by restarting their genetic blood types in a research lab at baby factories, thus creating super babies from the past from the Dark Ages and Gothic times in a futuristic setting.

The ancient virtuosos and artisans would come back because they randomly by creating the genetic profiles by concentrating them and mixing them in the lab. Now we have to watch the future generations come out to see what types they will be and examine their conditions like the Gothic blood types which is popular today with the youth in culture, vampire stuff.

Someone my age would be around the second generation from the Nazi baby factories but future generations like 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 etc. other profiles may emerge. Like you do not know in what future generation the body profile that will come out so you have to watch the babies that are born as it happens to see what they will be in later generations of these Nazi Super Babies.

Not only that all these people or everyone in the world could be suffering from mental effects of this breeding program so we need to be sensitive and nicer to each other because everyone is affected.

At the same time as past genetic profiles emerging from the Nazi Baby Program they may be "pulling" genetic profiles from the future by concentrating the genetic profiles in the research lab, this will case "new" blonde and European bloodlines to be forced out early in the planets biology and genetic body types from the future may be pulled out early in some of the generations so we have to watch for that.

The terrible part again is that Adolf Hitler then blocked the other whites from mixing with pure Europeans leading to a "negative decline" in the lower genetics.

What that means is that people who were left out of the new gene pool may be "eroding" as the generations go by and becoming sick with negative mental health effects because the result of that means that sick and poor people were left to breed on their own creating a future health crisis of eroding genetics from the "collateral effect" or "ricochet effect" I like to call it of the negative breeding of the other people who were left out.

Those people would have advanced mental health and physical problems as their genetics erode over the future generations while European descent gets stronger and smarter.

As the other people who were handicapped or mentally ill breed on their own who were left out this will cause future mental health and physical health erosion as their genetics decline over their future births.

New physical and mental health illnesses will arise of those future generations as their genetics decline by being isolated by the Nazi's, that will create a future health crisis.

In fact that may be the cause of conditions like down syndrome, ADD and even HIV/Aids which arose suddenly in the 1980's perhaps as people's immune systems declined after Hitler separated the gene pools.

Right away you can predict a rise in jobs in health care treatment and new hospital programs and more hospitals and care programs are needed to help these people who of no fault of their own have "bad genetics" meaning really though that they were born sick by having their past generations forced to breed with other sick and ill people, creating new and terrible medical conditions that have to be treated.

In fact, everyone in the world may have some kind of "concussion" from this, and it's no one's fault and everyone should be treated and be nicer and more understanding to each other.

Countries in the Middle East, Africa, India and Asia would probably be less affected by Adolf Hitler's Eugenics Program as they were further away and mostly not mixed race anyway.

What Hitler means for example is that in Japan if they ran his Eugenics program today by breeding intelligent and physically gifted people that the re-invigorating of their blood supply may bring back body profiles such as real Samurai types as the generations grow that no longer exist today that will come back and also create new body profiles from the future that have never been born yet, like gifted people from the future, who don't exist yet.

Of course the negative effect of pulling the gifted profiles out for breeding would also create a negative effect that would cause new mental and physical illnesses in the other people by excluding them from the gene pool that would get worse as their generations advance while their "negative genetics" decline and body profiles die off.

All this is super terrible and disturbing but it's something we should all know and deal with in a nice manner helping each other and being more sensitve to everyone.


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