Friday, January 17, 2020

LEGAL: I Started Suing

I started suing everyone, I'm all set. This will still take some time as I get my forms and stuff together.

Here is some information I found out.

Collections Agencies are not allowed to share information with each other, it also turns out that Nova Scotia Student Loan Collections is a Private Collection Agency I think for RBC.

That is under Service Nova Scotia for Private Student Loan collections, the other collection agency is Five Star Bailiff at the Tenancy Board at Access Nova Scotia who I am also suing.

Here is the deal, they are not allowed sharing information however they are both Private Collection Agencies that both work for the Nova Scotia Government so they have the same boss.

The tenancy board is not actually the court or the government, but reports to it through Access Nova Scotia and has some court power to determine rental evictions that can be appealed to the Courts. 

In my case they both acted fraudulently as the courts with fake summons and documents and my opinion is that they shared my information with each other while both working for the Nova Scotia Government and then harassed me to death representing themselves as the courts and revenue Canada and put a fake lien on my income tax and then tried to evict me from my apartment with a fake court hearing through the tenancy board.

Now I am suing but I have to take the time to go through the proper channels etc, with the paperwork and have all the legal stuff covered with laywers etc. who are helping me prepare my case.

Not only that I was also harassed at the same time at the National Student Loan center and I know they all talked to each other and shared information because they all did it to me at the same time in one plan and it all goes together.

They investigated me with Five Start Bailiff  and them to see if I was working and not paying my loans they they tried to get me to get a job to pay my loan debts when I don't have to, then they tried to illegally evict me from my apartment then put a lien on my taxes and tried to garnish my GST rebates.

So how it looks is that they tried to force me to go back to work, then cancel my GST rebates and evict me from my apartment and ruin my credit and then make me use my wages to pay my loans so I would be bankrupt to cancel my music stuff with my band.

That's because if that happened I would have to work and be broke with no credit and then use all my money to pay my student loans to bankrupt me and then ruin my music promotion at and ruin my band which is the same target as in 2008 and this time I caught them and sued them.

Fuck them.


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