Tuesday, January 14, 2020

LEGAL: Is "Corporate Collections" At Student Loan Five Star Bailiff?

This begs the question...is "Corporate Collections" at the Nova Scotia Student Loan office on Barrington Street, Halifax "Five Star Bailiff"?

I just fucking got rid of them in September 2019 after they tried to hold me in a real court hearing with a fake summons, then they made me prove I was not working three fucking times.

The lawyer just got rid of them, it's not even cooled off yet.

Now are they back with the new fake Government Document from "Five Star Bailiff" posing now as revenue Canada following me around trying to catch me working under the table, this time not paying my student loans?

That's what they said...that they were a private business that was the government at Nova Scotia Student Loan and issues me papers again posing as revenue Canada at Student Loan which is not real, then they tried to garnish my GST Rebates.

The garnishment I am saying is they are trying to catch me working under the table to cancel my GST with a lien on my tax return.

When I called the government they had lost my student loan information and now there is an illegal lien on my tax returns from the same office. 

In August they sent me a fake summons in real court and tried to hold me in an illegal eviction hearing, after I beat that they came back this week following me around Halifax trying to catch me working and trying to garnish my GST rebates with a fake lien on my tax returns.

I am going to find out like next week hopefully if that's them again.

There is also no such thing as a private bailiff, but that's what they are calling themselves....now they are "Corporate Collections" at the Nova Scotia student loan office and came back down to my house posing as Revenue Canada from the Student Loan office which is not real trying to illegally garnish my GST Rebates with a fraudlent lien on my tax returns.

Now they are trying to get back in to my apartment again to steal my GST rebate money, the point is the government has all my financial information so I don't give a fuck, now when I get to court I will find out what theirs is.

If that is them again then they are illegally investigating me from a collection agency posing as a fake sheriff while posing as revenue Canada agents.

That's quite the effort they are making to investigate my bank account isn't it from a dirtbag fake bailiff, now you are the one who will be investigated.

Came right back down did ya? We'll see about that now won't we cunt at the Civil Courts this week.


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