Thursday, January 2, 2020

Legal: Why Pyrmaid Schemes On The Stock Market Are One Of The Most Serious Crimes

Pyramid Schemes Are One Of The Most Serious Crimes On The Stock Market
Here is a perfect example of what people are facing in my lawsuit against Sobeys Company, who I caught running a pyramid scheme on the Toronto Stock Exchange, when they tried to steal my work and money.

First, if you work in information technology for a stock market company and you see at your desk that they are not compliant to regulations you need to quit your job and turn them in immediately, if you don't and they get busted later you will be unemployable for the rest of your life in information technology on the stock market and be grouped into the scammers and no one will hire you ever again.

Your resume would be useless having covered for the corrupt business, in order to protect your future career on the stock market it is your duty as a citizen and University graduate to turn them in.  

This is a main point in my lawsuit, the illegality of a pyramid scheme like the one that attacked me in 2008 and tried to steal my work and job promotion is so severe in a stock market environment I don't even have the words to describe in short hand.  

It is one of the most serious crimes you can commit.

They tried to make me "pass my work up" from my degress to someone in a pyrmaid scheme passing work up at the office live on the stock market. They wanted the project finished and documented so they could run them from an illegal pyramid setting where people high in the pyrmaid would be running my projects.

Here is the main point: The work was developed by Project Management Professionals with degrees and certifications, the same as a Phd Medical Doctor.

What that means is if they had got the work they would be posing as a Phd Science Engineer on the Toronto Stock Exchange saying they were doing the work.

That is a scam, the people WERE NOT QUALIFIED to take the Phd Level Equivalent work for a company on the stock market.

You can not transfer a Science students work to someone who has no degrees or courses like they tried to do, that is open fraud by their staff and means they are in violation of stock market regulations.

In my case it was SAP Computer Systems for Stock Market Compliance and Taxation, meaning the people trying to take the work were trying to pose in the company as a Corporate Taxation regulator with no degrees or certifications which is fraud.

If that was a medical degree they would have been posing as fake Phd Doctors using someone elses stolen work to operate their jobs on the stock market.

For example lets say it was a medical pharmaceuticals company doing research for drug and medical development.  

I would have been there doing research papers and lab work for medical research with a valid degree and offering my thoughts and recommendations all regulated on the stock market.

By trying to pass the work up in a pyrmaid scheme they attempted to pose as a Medical Phd and use someone elses research papers posing as a Doctor on the stock market.

Right, they would be using that openly on the stock market in a scam with fake credentials to get their pharmecuticals passed through the stock market and into production for store shelves with no degrees - leading to deaths in the public and massive lawsuits against their company.

That leads to bad medicine being sold to the public through the stock market when they ran the scam and bypassed the stock market regulations - they would have had people posing as the Phd Graduate using their papers, the most illegal thing you can do, then they demoted the student and stole their money and lab research projects to operate on the stock market illegal to pass their scams into products for store shelves.

That is exactly what happened to me but it was in Corporate Government Taxation for SAP Compliance for stock market regulation, then by taking the work they were posing as fake project managers, scientists and Phds to run an illegal scam on the stock market to get their work out fake and take illegal raises and probably attempt to bypass corporate government taxation on the stock market.

A pyrmaid scheme on the stock market like that is one of the most illegal things you can do in a stock market company.


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