Wednesday, January 22, 2020

SCIENCE: 100% Proof That The Planet's Age Is Not Dateable

Black Holes Prove Planet Not Dateable & Carbon Dating Wrong
Here it is people, undeniable proof that science can not date the age of the ground and planet and proves carbon dating wrong.

Not only is the ground on the Earth sifted, meaning ground samples came from many different varying ages of the planet it is a fact that the Earth came from material swirling in outer space and contains materials from black holes at the formation of the planet.

Here it is...dirt and materials that formed the planet contain materials ejected from black holes. 

What that means is that the Earth contains materials that were also sifted in the actual black hole itself meaning the ground in the Earth contains materials from other planets and stars that were crushed a long time ago in the black hole.

That means that ground samples on Earth contain materials from stars themselves that are locked in the ground in the Earth because the ejected dirt in the black hole was ground up with stars and other planets embedding their materials into the Earth.

So the Earth itself is made up of these sifted materials from black holes and the ground can't be dated ever because it contains dirt and samples from other planets that were crushed in the black hole.

In fact there may be many dirt samples locked in the Earth from other planets and not only that this may be the Universe's was of transmitting data for creating life that may have came from other planets.

In fact, some day when the Earth is eventually crushed by the black hole pieces of it from us will end up being transmitted to other new planets in the future spreading our DNA to other worlds at their inception, just like they did to us.

Many features of the Earth may have come from other planets and people themselves may have been seeded from these other planets and we may be carrying traits of life from other planets that were embedded in us at the creation of the planet.

Likewise there could be many other undiscovered elements locked in the Earth like plutonium and other materials from other planets yet to be discovered because we never knew about the sifted materials from other planets locked in the ground that the Earth is made of.

Therefore it is not possible to date the planet because part or all of it is made from other planets and stars that were crushed in the black hole from other worlds and spit back out to make our planet.

Obviously, a function in the Universe to spread dna and elements to new planets to give them life from other destroyed worlds to imprint our own with life giving materials.


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