Thursday, January 16, 2020

Feed Nova Scotia Update: Still No Bread At The Food Bank

Well it's January and there's still no bread at the Food Bank and everyone is used to getting like ten loaves of bread, plus there was no potatoes.

On top of that they have no plastic bags because "Sobeys" stopped carrying plastic bags in all their stores and they have no new bag donor yet. 

It's feels like the great depression outside times ten million, now you have to take your own bags to the Food Bank and they have to fill them up with vegetables and stuff, so make sure to bring your own cloth bags.

So no bread, potatoes or bags at the Food Bank...pretty soon we'll be back to horse and wagon.

You just buy a horse right and get some grains to feed it and all you need is like $400 for a wagon and we'll be all set, then you can just take your horse and wagon to the Food Bank and they can just throw the stuff right in the back finally.

Edit- Oh yea, when that happens a horse will only cost like $20 because we'll just be breeding them out in the yard, plus they can just eat grass probably. 

Not only that if the roads aren't working out because there still may be cars left we can just make new dirt roads out through the woods for the wagons and just start going around them and make new towns and Food Bank's and stuff just a few miles over from the cars and stuff.


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