Tuesday, December 17, 2019

About My Constitutional Court Case

This is super important information that people want to know or ask me about. 

Right now, to my face in the public people who had worked at Sobeys Office when I left in 2008 are facing life in prison in my lawsuit against Sobeys when it is brought forward to Canada's Constitutional Government. 

My case in NOT proceeding in the Unconstitutional Government that changed the Sunday Shopping Referendum and none of my proceedings will be held there, my case is in Canada's Legal Courts under the Constitutional Government NOT the one being proclaimed by Sobeys Company in Atlantic Canada and the so called UCP of Premier Jason Kenny in Alberta. 

The people who flamed me starting in 2008 that tried to steal my work and music stuff are facing life in prison in my lawsuit which they have pressured me to defend myself in public to them on this blog so I have.

I graduated from St. Francis Xavier University in 2005 with extra credit and I am only 2 classes away from having a second degree in History as well as 18 months work from finishing my Master's in Science.

As well, I did the Software Design Program for my first Degree from St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia with a concentration in Project Management .

After my graduation I was employed at Sobeys main office in Stellarton, Nova Scotia next to my hometown of New Glasgow where I completed my Certification In Project Management which is a $150 Thousand Dollar a year position.

Sobeys had also promised my funding for compete my Master's Program while working at their office to finish my certification hours, which I did for a lower rate to get the work experience.

After my certification hours were complete Sobeys staff tried to cancel my accredited Project Hours which they did not own, then they tried to take my un-completed work and steal it for their other staff to get promoted and cancel my Project Manager promotion and credit hours so they could get their SAP server built for free, with the other staff they picked that got promoted over me, they then cancelled may $20 Thousand Dollar Master's funding and I was assaulted at their office by their staff. 

I quit my job and told them I was suing them knowing I would get millions of dollars from them in settlements.

They then flamed me to death from New Glasgow and the North End of Halifax in the music community and tried to make me quit music and at my home and on the internet. 

After that my landlord who I was renting a house from was a local Police Officer.

The police officer I rented the house from FORCED AN EVICTION on me with THREE DAYS NOTICE and is illegal.

After this they issued me a Restraining Order from my returning to my house, which I did with permission of the courts.

The same police officer then ARRESTED ME after wrongly evicting me from my home for breaking the Police Order. 

The police order was THROWN OUT by the courts and was NOT VALID.

When I could not return to my home my possessions were LOOTED by people from the local music scene and from the North End of Halifax, items such as rare autographed Misfits CD's I found out later were then sold on ebay.

After that I had to leave, move and buy new possessions and get restraining orders against them all.

Now I am going to give them life in prison for assaulting me, robbing my home, wrongful arrest and multiple constitutional breaches against me from the police department.

Since then I have moved myself and music stuff to Halifax where I have been UNINTERRUPTED with false court notices until this past August when I received one  from the tenancy board which was again thrown out.

You people trying to fuck me over are getting life in prison from the testimony in my lawsuit against Sobeys Company, I guarentee that you will leave my property permanently in the Country and NEVER RETURN to my residence when I am finished.

I already have the evidence to sue Sobeys and the Police Department which is progressing.  

In advance when I get lawyers to take statements from the people who tried to steal my SAP Computer Designs at Sobeys in 2008 who also flamed and harassed me, as well as the people with them from the local "music scene" at the time who also flamed me and tried to ruin my band in advance of my lawsuit which I am using as evidence against Sobeys.

As this was done to me in public on the record in Canada's Courts.

That testimony is a confession to what had happened, I am using that testimony to prosecute them for life in prison during my lawsuit for thier assault on my at home in 2008 from Sobeys Head Office which was done by their staff and others they knew outside.

You can all guarantee that you did not get away with anything and that this case is a Constitutional Matter that never expires in the Courts for robbing me at my home and trying to steal my SAP Computer Designs at your offices. 

If you approach me with this matter in the public I will press charges against you and you are already facing life in prison from your "white collar crime" with Sobeys office staff, then you will get like 20 years if you assault me again when you are facing a life sentence from Canada's courts for you other crimes with staff from Sobeys.

You got that yet or what? 

Plus, people say that is treason...we'll see what the courts say then in the future when we all get there together.

Got it or what?


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