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Lords Of Chaos The Movie
This movie the "Lords Of Chaos" is super taking off right now, I am telling you this is one of my favorite movies. It makes you feel like you are right there in the record store with them in the Death Metal scene, like it's like walking right into a record store and seeing all this Heavy Metal stuff up on the wall.

The Director Jonas Akerlund  says he was in the Black Metal band Bathory and was their original drummer. What they mean is Jonas Akerlund played "additional drums" on the first Barhory demo from 1983.

Obviously, as everyone knows the original Bathory albums were a one man solo get started they did the band as a solo artist who performed all instruments. Then apparently, they used Jonas Akerlund with his "hollywood connections" of today along with an additional bass player to add "extra drums and bass" tracks to the Bathory 1983 demo.

What they are saying is that they hired a producer to help finish the demo from the music business and the guy they used was Jonas Akerlund who put additional drum tracks on top of the actual Bathory drums to give it a more commercial sound.

After this, Bathory was signed to Polygram in Canada and released on the original Banzai Records from Montreal.

Of course, in other countries the Bathory albums were released under smaller record labels but in Canada all the small labels were released directly through Polygram a way larger record deal than in other countries and where the music hit the "MTV category" playing videos like Celtic Frost and Venom on Much Music and in the United States on MTV. 

Now this is super important information about Mayhem from "Lords Of Chaos" the Movie.

Mayhem from "Lords Of Chaos" is the 1980's band Mayhem that came out with Bathory.

Like this...Mayhem came out in 1987 with the band Bathory, their style is like Bathory but faster drums and they added the blast beat.

That is a different band than Mayhem today, except some members of their lineup played on some of the releases at different times in the past...that line up is after 1995.

That is like saying Bathory in 1995....the band had broken up from the 1980's, that is the same thing as Mayhem from the movie only after 1995 Mayhem was a different band now.

Mayhem played from 1984 - 1994 and their last and biggest album was  "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas", however...the band had an extensive catalog before that record came out of smaller releases...that band never got signed to Polygram like Bathory did...that is the "invention" of Norway Black Metal.

What they mean is it's like Jonas Ackerlund who played additional drums on the first Bathory demo kept using the name Bathory later when Quarthon died who owned Bathory, like Jonas Ackerlund could have kept going and keeping the name, that is what Mayhem playing today is.

Here is a sample of Bathory - "Demos 1983-84" which is the recording with Jonas Ackerlund on it...what they are meaning about this is Bathory hired a producer to finish the record and get on Polygram. That is where Jonas Ackerlund takes credit for being in Bathory, like from thier "studio produced" demos to first get started - like they went out and spent money on it.

BATHORY - DEMOS 83-84 featuring Jonas Ackerlund director of "Lords Of Chaos":

Mayhem - "Deathcrush" was released in 1987 at the same time as Bathory's "Under The Sign Of The Black Mark".

So Mayhem from the movie "Lords Of Chaos" is the 1980's Black Metal band......that band is like Bathory from Sweden and Mayhem which was from Norway.

Euronymous like Quarthon from Bathory ran the band himself and was their record label and released his own albums. That is the "invention" of the Norway Black Metal sound from Euronymous band promotion that he ran releasing his own albums directly from the band Bathory.

On top of that, Necrobutcher from Mayhem has come out and said that he was also going to the apartment to kill Euronymous and take his band promotion with Varg Virkenes and them.

This opens the question...what else is the "Black Metal Inner Circle" hiding and are they responsible for the murder of Dead or was it really suicide?

That group of people burned down like fifty churches in Norway and are responsible for like ten murders or something. Then they said that that was all run by Euronymous out of his record label with a bunch of band members. 

They said that Euronymous set up the "Norway Black Metal Scene"...and then they ran the inner circle out of his record store, burned down fifty churches and murdered ten people. 

Now in question is did they lure Dead out into the woods and hold him hostage and force him to kill himself with the Black Metal Inner Circle so they could become famous of his death and then using a photo of the suicide as an album cover that was distributed on a Bootleg Mayhem Live Album starting in 1995.

The Black Metal Inner Circle is in an oath of secrecy about their activities and they may have set Dead up to kill him also using Euronymous and then also kill Euroynmous who ran the operation out of his record label and take his record label stuff, after this they launched Black Metal off it from Norway with bands like Emperor, Darkthrone and Thorns.

Not only that TWO PEOPLE not one by himself Varg were convicted of killing Euronymous.

Snorre W. Ruch known as Blackthorn was also convicted of killing Euronymous along with Varg Virkenes and served eight years in prison.

Necrobutcher has also just come out and said he was also going to kill him along with Varg and Blackthorn.

Is that what they did to Dead and make it look like a suicide?

Mayhem - "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas" was the last album of the 1980's band Mayhem that came out with Bathory.

Mayhem's 1987 album "Deathcrush" you can tell is running a huge music production or label on the record which Euronymous ran himself, that was why they killed Euronymous - to take his heavy metal label.


Not only that Euronymous says in a radio interview something like Varg said it was worth it to do the jail time to get the band out for committing a crime to get in the news, then he was murdered by Varg and they tried to take his record label material.

Now listen to the time of the murder of Euronymous Blackthorn was the Guitar Player in Mayhem along with Varg on bass.

So by the time Euronymous was murdered Blackthorn was their new guitar player...then Blackthorn and Varg murdered him to take the band.


Like this...Euronymous ran a huge metal promotion and knew Bathory and them in Sweden at the same time and then they may have lured Dead out into the woods to be killed by the Black Metal Inner Circle to make it look like he killed himself.

Then after this Varg and Blackthorn took over on bass and guitar in Mayhem and then they murdered Euronymous to shut him up about setting up the record business for the inner circle, which they stole from him to launch the other bands, and stole his music and band stuff...which is the invention of Norway Black Metal with Quarthon from Bathory in Sweden.

That means that Quarthon invented Black Metal in Sweden then Euronymous working in the music business invented Norway Black Metal, where they were real satanists burning down churches and killing people.

After this the Black Metal Inner Circle owned the invention and the business that invented "True Norwegian Black Metal" which was created by Dead and Euronymous.

Mayhem's original material is pretty extensive about six releases between 1986 and 1995.

The best recording of the original band Mayhem with Euronymous and Dead on the album is supposed to be the two song single Mayhem - "Freezing Moon / Carnage" recorded in 1990.



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