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What The Crap Is Going On In Good Will Hunting?

Come On Will Hunting, Get Your Shit Together
Everyone knows the argument but who really won the bar debate in Good Will Hunting?

Well according to the Ponytail Guy did. 

I mean this must be a big issue in bars and stuff especially around Harvard University or something and places like that at the University bar scene. I mean come on, if you're at the bar near the University like in the movie you need to know this material before you get dumbassed by some fist year grad student like this "ponytail guy". 

Come off it man, that guy would have humiliated Ben Affleck if Matt Damon wasn't there with that grad school act. thinks that the Polytail guy won, but why? 

What you have to understand is they are arguing that Matt Damon is resorting to violence to win an intellectual debate, not cool at the grad school at all plus not only that he make a hypocrite of himself by doing the same thing as the Ponytail Guy to win the argument.

Well it's like this...Matt Damon won the argument if he wanted the girls phone number which he got but he made an ass out of himself by resorting to violence to do it.  

Not only that Matt Damon knew the larger volume of material to lay the smack down on him which the Ponytail Guy didn't know yet as he was a new Grad Student. 

In the bar argument Matt Damon actually doesn't prove anything, he actually just discredits the Ponytail Guy and threatens to beat him up at the point being a student he backs out not wanting any physical harm.

According to Matt Damon wins by showing that the Ponytail Guy is only quoting from a book which Damon calls "plagiarism" because he tries to win the argument by not offering his own opinion on the topic and is only quoting from the class material.

The argument is that Matt Damon lost the argument because he did the same thing quoting from a text from a higher class and also did not offer his own opinion...and winning the argument.

Obviously Matt Damon is a prick because maybe he may have just did that on purpose because he won without telling the guy his own theoretical opinion keeping it a secret from him which the Ponytail Guy didn't know.

Not only that, The Ponytail Guy also may have won on other levels I mean he got Matt Damon to reveal the material in the next book in the course which he can now use at the Grad School to make himself look even smarter, not a smart move Hunting telling him what the next section of the material is.

However, he may have just did that to gain acceptance with the grad students to show them he knew his books too when they went later and looked up the text to see Damon's answer. 

The important thing here is Matt Damon didn't reveal his own conclusions on the topic to the Ponytail Guy which he could have stolen from Matt Damon for his Grad Thesis or something.

I can understand why is making a big deal about this, this is a pretty close debate. I mean who is going to win the rich grad student with everything going for him or the smarter guy who can't afford to go to school or something.

All right fine then, the article cites that Damon lost the argument because the rich guy didn't have to resort to violence to get a girls phone number plus he has a better life anyway and is already at the grad school so he just backs out. Again his better upbringing taught him that it's not worth it to fight that bad to get a girls phone number so he just backs out...ouch Matt Damon, you definitely lost that part.  

From the Ponytail Guy's perspective come off it Will Hunting get it together, if you're that smart why don't you come down to the Grad School and argue about it in the class with the rest of us, plus don't be arguing to get a girls phone number man...that's not Grad School material, so are you coming to class or what Will Hunting?

Obviously, that is the whole source of Will Huntings frustrations...he has a bad upbringing and no money but is super gifted...that is probably the source of his "lashing out" on people and arguing at the University Bar. 

Plus, the Ponytail Guy probably knows who he is and is "trying to see what he's about" hanging around at the Grad School , not only that I mean the guy is a new grad student at Harvard University man, nobody else made it...I'd be full of myself too. 

The point here is the Ponytail Guy is going around at the University Bar scene quoting text's from Grad Class to meet girls, totally lame so he lost that part of the argument but you gotta start somewhere if you wanna meet girls I guess. 

So who won the argument? Well I say that the Ponytail Guy probably did because he's doing Will Hunting a favor to "set him off" so he can make the right decision to leave and go get his life together and be more like the him, the Ponytail Guy, which is what Will Hunting want's anyway and he runs away at the end of the movie.

Come on Will Hunting, get it together...if you want a rematch get your shit together and meet me down at the Grad School next year and debate me in the classroom if you want to win the real argument and then hang out with all the Grad Students at Harvard. 

If he's that smart he should be in the Ponytail Guys class next semester if he can get his shit together. 

The point here is what is the argument anyway...well it's something I'm also familiar with...The Economy Of The Southern Colonies Before And After The American Revolution.

Let's take a look...and yes Will Hunting I like them apples very much, see you next semester dumbass.   

Ponytail Guy stats that the Market Economy of the Southern Colonies before the American Revolution was Pre-Capitalist Agrarian meaning....Farming run by slavery for cotton picking etc. and not a capitalist economy with financial markets which is correct. 

So the answer is farming driven by slavery.

Then Will Hunting interrupts and then says he be studying the "entrepreneurial and capitalist" economies of some colonies in the 1740's later next month.  

Obviously, from the look on his face Ponytail Guy is impressed with this debate and the knowledge of Will Hunting who just totally burned him in the debate and stands there looking for more.

Will Hunting then says next year in Grad School he'll be learning about "Pre-revolutionary Utopia" they envisioned before the Revolution...thanks Will Hunting, I'm gonna go read that for this blog and fill you all in later because just like Ponytail Guy I'm not familiar with all the either.

Will Hunting burns him again and me as well because I needed to go look it up, we're probably both thinking the same thing..."What is this man, some kind of street smart grad program? I gotta get in on this right away". 

Then they discuss the effects of the Military Mobilization on Capitalism in the United States meaning how the Military effected the Capital Economy to launch in the United States, which is one of my main topics on this blog.

Ponytail Guy chimes in saying he knows the material, but he didn't and gets burned again by Will Hunting on the effects of inherited wealth in the British Colonies, like the land owners family money from England and the Colonies European settlers.

Then Will Hunting totally lays the smack down by accusing him of Plagiarism to win an argument, when he did the same thing from a higher level university textbook to discredit him and he didn't know because he never read the material yet...ouch, that is the worst burn I even seen in a University bar scene argument.

Will Hunting then burns him bad because he says he wasted $150 Thousand Dollars to learn all that for stuff you can learn at the Library for free.

Unfortunately for Will Hunting he is then burned bad even worse by the Ponytail Guy...which is Will's whole problem...Ponytail Guy will have a degree and a good job later, no one is hiring from a free education at the public need the degree to go with it, meaning get it together Will man, if you wanna come down here to hang out with us at the Grad School.

Ponytail Guy then backs out of the fight taking the higher ground because he knows Will Hunting has had a hard life and is smart and wants to come to class but has no money and gives him some space because he comes from a good background.

Obviously, Ponytail Guy was impressed with the whole encounter and knows Will is going through a hard time and says everything is cool and probably loves them apples because he's motivating Will to get a good job to pay his tutition and will be down there next year to debate them in class at the Grad School.


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