Monday, November 11, 2019

MUSIC COMMENTARY: Venom Guitarist Thinks His Album Sucks

Mantas from Venom
Here is a recent interview with Mantas from Venom and Venom Inc. where he says that his album "Possessed" sucks.

I'll tell you right now that this is bullshit, Mantas says his favorite albums by his band Venom are Welcome To Hell, Black Metal, Prime Evil and I think a Venom Inc album. 

In all fairness I didn't listen to all the Venom Inc. stuff in that much detail yet so I can't comment on it much.

So Venom Inc. was Mpire Of Evil, then the original drummer from Venom "Abaddon" came back and they changed their name to Venom Inc, the same lineup that was on Venom - "Prime Evil". Then Abaddon leaves the band or something again, well I think that Abaddon must have issues with touring or something and can't stay full time in music. 

I think that Abaddon came back to the band so that they could use the word "Venom" in the band name instead of Mpire Of Evil since he is an original Venom member, this gives them the name Venom Inc. and the same lineup up as Venom - "Prime Evil" basically, then he does the record, goes on tour and then leaves to give them the "Venom" name back with two original members.

If you listen to Thrash Metal like Venom what you would know about Abaddon is that people criticize his playing for being somewhat "sloppy" sometimes but all of Venom has also received that  criticism. 

What you have to understand is that Abaddon is a huge drummer in metal, in the early days of Thrash Metal he is the guy that gave metal that "huge" drum sound, he's like the guy "defining" the sound of Thrash Metal drumming, like it's his sound and he knows how to put the original drum beats down to the music, everyone else is just copying his huge sound. 

He is an originator of Thrash Metal and metal drumming, anyway it doesn't always have to be perfect to sound awesome. Abaddon is the guy who "created" the Black / Thrash Metal huge drum sound like by hammering of the drums and showing everyone else how to play drums to the Thrash Metal Guitar, that is why he is awesome. 

Mantas says in a new interview that he doesn't like the Venom albums "Possessed" and "At War With Satan" and he likes the later album which today is Venom Inc. "Prime Evil". Venom - "Prime Evil" is one of my all time favorite records and the first without Cronos on Vocals and features Atomkraft member Tony Dolan on vocals who was also in the movie "Master And Commander" with actor Russell Crowe.

Anyway, for Venom fans this is what you have to understand so don't be too upset when Mantas says he doesn't like "At War With Satan" and "Possessed". He has all his basics covered though...he always likes the first album of each new era of the band, he also said he had suffered a heart attack which I just found out about and also had worked in a hospital in England, and Tony Dolan also had hip surgery, personally I'm glad their playing at all considering all that.

Here is the point...when Mantas says he hates the albums "Possessed" and "At War With Satan" he's just saying that, I'll telling you he's waiting for you to tell him back how awesome he is on them and how great they are.

Like this...Mantas says "yeah, these albums I made suck", you're supposed to stop him man and say "No way man! These records are awesome man and you're god on them". 

They just do that to see if you agree with them or not to test you as a metal fan, then you are supposed to tell them how awesome they are. He's saying that looking for compliments or something you know. 

Never agree with the band Venom if they say their record sucks man, you're going to look like an idiot later. They are just testing you, always tell them how awesome they are...just jump in there in the conversation and say "No Way!" them make sure before you leave the presence of Venom that they know you love those records, those are all my favorite records. "At War With Satan" and "Possessed" do not suck man, Mantas knows that. They are also two other of my favorite albums.

They're just going to go around saying that you think their record sucks, your supposed to correct them man and tell them how awesome they are.

To be fair I understand what he means though, the original Venom only played from 1981 - 1986 as far as album releases go. 

Recording four of the best ever metal album in like four or five years is super hard man, you would not even imagine. 

After recording "Welcome To Hell" and "Black Metal" you would probably be totally worn out, sitting in the studio trying to write and record two full albums after that would be super tiring and frustrating and maybe you just can't do it anymore. 

At the end of all that some things on the records might be lacking like sound production or something from overworking yourself, plus that was the start of Thrash Metal and Black Metal. After that the albums aren't as extreme anymore for many reasons. 

After all that extreme metal and success you might get the feeling of "we already did all that" and then you might be tired and want to play something more laid back or take a break and try something new, like this...they did the extreme metal albums then they might not have the drive anymore since they already achieved it.

That might have been their maximum anger level and drive to succeed level then having achieved all they they don't feel like making the same record again because they already had that achievement, they might have been tired and wanting to get out of there or something then take a break and do something different. 

Now I know a lot of Death Metal or Thrash Metal bands release tons of albums like Napalm Death, Overkill or Anthrax but not every one is Venom - "Welcome To Hell" or "Black Metal". 

Like they are "lighter content" albums and not the classic first records, like Overkill can't release "The Years Of Decay" every time even though their other albums are still good.

What you also have to understand is when a band takes a different direction you might not know what is influencing them personally during their song writing. Like, when you hear their new records you might not have the music background of the band that they are listening to.

I mean, you don't know what music bands are listening to that inspires them to write their new records, you might think they suck but in reality you are just not familiar with the other artists that inspire them, if you heard the other music they were listening to you might "get their new album better". 

At first you might think the record sucks but a few years later when you catch up to the artists tastes of when they wrote the album it might become you favorite record when you start listening to the music later that inspired the record you didn't like at first.

The point here is if someone from Venom says their record sucks, never agree with them!


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