Friday, March 22, 2024

Diary Update, March 22, 2024

While loading my server pages recently I noticed a quiver in the force on the internet, not only Star Wars on public domain now.

Here is my point to the fluxulation in the force...

Years ago people I knew left music, later they keep saying as third parties about "I'm still doing all this stuff working out etc, when other people quit and don't."

It turns out that almost decades later the guy who said that has an older wife and as she approached old age SHE didn't care if she let herself go and not workout etc, anymore...the younger guy to keep her COPIED her and did the same thing and his teeth fell out.

Now she's in an old folks home and everyone else is still not 50, and the guy has no teeth and looks like a geriatric telling people his age to be like him when they kept their teeth and workouts.


No thanks.

Blockbuster Video staff the girls used to hang out in my apartment bedroom while on their lunch break with my girl friend is true.

I had a United States television signal and they used to take turns watching it with me in my bedroom during the work day because I was on the same block, character above never knew that or was invited...came down after the  divorce at the home asking why no one let their teeth go with him.

Blockbuster closed and I moved away to play music, this page etc., Blockbuster closed....that same party is now at my bedroom in Halifax with new girls.

Death Row Records second office name is now owned by me, on public domain and promotes Compton for FREE on NWA and Ice Cube titles etc., from their old second office in Halifax.

I mean to the guy and those people above, do you really think that Suge is gonna back you or support my public domain Compton NWA links page on Urban Sound Exchange?

What are you looking for a fight with NWA, Suge and them or what?

I mean, I have have money and am from those areas...the first thing I did was start promoting them for free.



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