Thursday, March 28, 2024

BALTIMORE: Governor Takes Charge Of Singapore Cash Disaster

The Governor of Baltimore was at the first responders site of an expensive Singapore newer mega cargo ship, now stuck in Baltimore in Washington D.C.

This closed the port a Baltimore and now ship traffic has been diverted to other ports, like Boston, New York and Halifax.

Then the Governor of Baltimore is on the ground in disconnected neighborhoods because of the accident, on opening day of MLB.

Now this disconnected bridge is a big deal to the slums in Baltimore giving them an insight into the city like it was in the same neighborhood's in Baltimore during slave times.

Hopefully, the MLB people will be down with hot packs for mittens and snacks from the game as they wait for Singapore to arrive and pick up the ship in a new huge PR campaign with the Governor going on in the poor parts of Baltimore at the accident site.


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