Sunday, March 10, 2024

NEWS: Rumor, Signal Theft Could Be Data Hack, Plays Ads Backwards To Home Users, **Updated**

I was told by rumor that on subscriptions, all other stream pages CHARGE USERS to REMOVE ads. charges users to ADD AD'S that load as an app the same ones on FREE YOUTUBE pages.

No, you pay to REMOVE the ads.

Now people say that may be a data hack.

Apparently, in rumor a gang in Halifax was caught "blocking checkouts" in stores in a theft ring and arrested.

The hack they claim in the rumor could be used to "attempt to block tones on black box recovery from air plane crashes".

The rumor is the hack plays "third party youtube ads" on streaming ad software that BLOCK official NBC tones on the MLB television signal on laptops and devices.

Rumors at the Mall Food Court said this could be used in an airplane crash as a hack to OVER DUB accident noises on airplanes by "pasting over NBC sports sounds with NON-NBC tones that play super loud noises from outside hack pages on the subscription".

That is the rumor, in a plane crash the pasted over tones coming from subscriptions on the black box recovery noises could be used to cover explosion or gun fire.

The noise from explosions or gunfire on the plane could have been masked by fake tones coming from a hack page logged into pasting over the "NBC Sports Official Sound Signal."

Scary, that is a rumor I heard at the Mall.

Then apparently the other rumor is then some group got in a machine gunfight with the Army over selling store bootlegs that were affiliated.

Not a real report, just a street rumor.

Now people want to know if that was on the Black Boxes recovered from the 9/11/2001 terrorist attacks in New York City.


Updated, now think of Youtube videos on subscription pages where you pay to take the ads off.

On those pages FREE non paid videos have ad streaming software...that is where the hack is.

The cheap commercials on Youtube have ads like "has this ever happened to you...?" then when the guy turns on his computer the guy saying that was playing a video of him in the shower naked.

Like for black mail...


They said, the next segment after that "Has this ever happened to you?"

The REAL next event was the FBI Video of them pulling the hacked black box out of the water after the plane crash.

Meaning the switched video, hide the plane crash noises switched with a video of a man in the shower noises, mirroring the water of the plane crash...protentionally, like some kind of video threat.

That's what people said about the rumor.


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