Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Diary Update, March 2024

I made it through those odd calendar changes I blogged about earlier.
This year was a leap year....remember Leap Year NOT a holiday Feb 29.

Not only that I was also mentioning several recent price increases in web site fees...I knew companies went broke on that a few years ago, then when I saved money http:///www.thrash-metal.com was available and I bought that "CD Adpage" to promote web traffic for public domain Thrash Metal CD's with the money I saved.

Now because of public domain all these new undernet services like or at Dal, Dalnet on IRC, are all busy with chat rooms etc., with new formats out and music remix file sharing on chat rooms bots.

Like this.

You tag YOUR VERSION of your public domain re-mix cds with "chat room bots" on Underdernet, Dalnet....like this, then share in files hash tags #dalnet, #undernet for the chatroom locations.

That's so YOUR FANS you know from your band concerts can find YOUR chat room on public domain chat room cd tags like #cryptopsy.

So you re-mix Cryptopsy for example, call it some other name for your fans to release on #dalnet, #undernet.

Then your bot holds the chat room on YOUR TAG for the cd like has tag #cryptopsy.

I can keep going...#cryptopsy, #jason   ...like that to show fans I'm #jason,#cryptopsy on public domain of #dalnet and #undernet tags.

Like if you hang out on irc or something, you can my version under #crytopsy hash tag and has tag #jason as a sub section.

Then in the chat room on your server like me, promoting concerts in big cities like Halifax, New York, Montreal and Toronto your can chat about concerts coming up on your irc tags or file sharing networks.

Like this..."hey what's up...I live in Halifax...want to meet at Shubie Park and have Sex...apartment on Main, have booth at big concert?"

Or like this..."I'll be in New York City next week on the tour, anyone wanna have sex in Central Park?"



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