Wednesday, March 13, 2024

RE: WWE New Fake "Scott Hall" Character LWO Brooks Jensen

I think it looks big that WWE on NXT character development event for RAW that they are using a specter like angle to break in a new "Scott Hall / Razor Ramon" character "Brooks Jensen" using LWO signs etc. from newly dropped "Rey Mysterio" to "Escobar Wrestling Camp?" or something.
Rey Mysterio comes back defeated with that new LWO character angle, official from WCW / NWO line using Rey Mysterio.

Note, Dominick Mysterio also big on NXT development on NXT (WCW) Halloween Havoc return on WWE NXT Pay Per View.

Not that NWO Scott Hall / Rey Mysterio ever left.

Now WWE has a BRAND NEW angle on that with this.

New second and third fake Ultimate Warrior, Razor Ramon etc. character development on WWE NXT.

Brooks Jensen stepping into the Razor Ramon / Scott Hall role for LWO Rey Mysterio signs and t-shirts


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