Sunday, March 24, 2024

RE: Record Company, Public Domain Rebranding, Metallica & Dying Fetus

Now that many songs are public domain companies are planning to rebrand bands and next versions.
I got all this garbage a few years back, it turns out that on Metallica songs from "Blitzkrieg & Diamond Head" might actually have been James Hetfield auditions before Metallica.

Catalog errors on old albums in archive records show that bands like Iron Maiden might have did the same LP as several different bands and version on demos and early releases, hence several versions of Iron Maiden records with different singers actually the same albums.

They changed the keys and singers etc., then they all went out and got cancelled on the Montreal, Canada Polygram label Banzai Records.

So they just made Metallica, Neat Records "New Wave Of British Heavy Metal" may have INCLUDED James Hetfield appearing on Blitzkrieg releases and Diamond Head releases VERSIONS uncredited on demos, practice or early material.

My research shows this was CHANGED to Los Angeles and branded METALLICA which was signed AFTER James Hetfield was CANCELLED on Blitzkrieg and Diamond making them HIS actual songs that were rebranded British releases and then cancelled in 1983 to promote Metallica, Slayer and Exodus and the songs may have been changed to cover songs, James Hetfield uncredited on the originals from old audition tapes...making him really those bands in reality, without Metallica.

Other acts like Dying Fetus on public domain have been rebranded "Covenance" on the albums "Stop At Nothing" , public domain, "War Of Attrition" where only the singer from Dying Fetus appeared on those two albums.

Now the companies are saying:

Covenance - Stop At Nothing
Covenance - War Of Attrition

Instead of Dying Fetus on those two albums and crediting James Hetfield as being on "New Wave Of British Heavy Metal" releases where his vocal tracks may have appeared on the original records then later changed to be NOT Metallica.

Meaning before Metallica James Hetfield was in Blitzkrieg, Diamond Head and others on New Wave Of British Heavy Metal albums later making them commercial heavy metal songs on Metallica.

Just rumors with facts to them.


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