Monday, March 18, 2024

RE: MLB Yankees, Spring Training '24, Carlos Rodon Ties / Beats Ron Guidry With Garret Cole

In MLB Yankees Spring Training, watch out for those burn marks on those new no tan lines bikini's...the ballpark says those are too keep you warm in the cool and sun at the park with all the new seat material or something...I mean winter vs. summer clothes not the same purpose...bikini's keep you hot and cool in both types of Summer conditions at ball parks, now two Yankees pitchers have beat " '78 Champ Ron Guidry."

I'll just say '78 because that's what I promote...they sucked in the '70's and won in '78 the year Action Park opened in New Jersey...places, my family used to visit when I was a small gifted child in the South Bronx...from here in Nova Scotia.

My point...

Carlos Rodon wins a no hitter in 5 and 2/3 inning in Spring Training to beat or tie Ron Guidry.

Garret Cole also just beat Ron Guidry LAST season and won the Cy Young he and Aaron Judge may be both late starting this year after all those team and league records in the last three years.


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