Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Racism: City of Halifax and Welfare Office to Issue Racist Buspass

Here we go again with the Halifax Welfare Office attacking the income assistance and disability transportation.

Apparently, the City of Halifax is cancelling transportation allowances and forcing recipients to take a "racist" bus pass I am hearing.

Instead of a monthly transportation allowance, that I have heard people use for bus tickets and taxi's and other transportation other than a bus pass, they are now planning to force recipients to take an annual bus pass.

The City of Halifax is then forcing income assistance and disability patients to identify themselves on City Buses with a special "Community Services" bus pass and a forced photo id.

Halifax, is then making all transportation recipients come into the Community Services Office to get a "welfare recipient photo id".

The "welfare recipient" photo ID will then be issued on a "welfare" or "community services" bus pass. Meaning, that starting this fall you will have to show the City Bus Driver that you are a welfare recipient to use public transit.

The special bus pass will have a photo id on it and says "community services " on it.

Then you will no longer be allowed to buy bus tickets or taxi's with your transportation allowance and you will not be allowed to buy a regular monthly bus pass.

Instead, the City of Halifax has cancelled the transportation allowance and is forcing income assistance recipients to use a yearly welfare bus pass with a photo id.

I am being told that this is illegal and the Community Services is not allowed to take your picture in their office for a special "welfare id card".

I am told that the "welfare id card buss pass" is not legal and they are issuing it as a form of identification like a driver's license (not really but like that).

I am told that this is unnecessary because everyone already has a government photo id, now the City of Halifax wants to add a new photo id to welfare and disability recipients and force them to identify themselves to bus drivers in order to use public transit.

I am also told that this is an Auschwitz tactic by the City of Halifax to make welfare recipients carry a separate photo id and people are saying they are using this to identify (not my words) "black people on welfare".

Apparently, people are saying that this is also to identify minorities like black people on welfare who ride city buses.

Then the driver will know who minorities are on the bus who are on welfare and then can identify them on City Transit Bus Camera's as "welfare recipients" , just terrible.

So if you use your transportation money for bus tickets and then use taxi's for getting groceries, apparently they cancelled that.

So when you go get you food they are making you take the bus home now and not allowing you to use your transportation money for a taxi with your groceries, I guess you'll have to carry all those heavy bags on the bus now. 

This begs the question, how many City Officials are getting arrested this Summer anyway at City Hall? 

That apparently looks quite large to the public.

I am told but I don't have of scan of the letter that they sent out but everyone thinks that the letter is fake.

The letter I saw was dated and sent out on "Friday the 13th" from Halifax Community Services an insult to assistance recipients.

In the letter they tell you to come into the welfare office like in Auschwitz to get a photo id from Community Services for a "special welfare bus pass" so the bus driver will know you are a welfare recipient on the bus, and so will everyone else there which is an invasion of privacy.

I am told the welfare bus pass is racist to minorities, looks like an Auschwitz Id Program and also an invasion of privacy by forcing income assistance recipients to identify themselves on the bus in front of other citizens.

I am told and also understand that this is demeaning and humiliating to the public to be forced to do this on the bus in front of other people and the bus driver.

Now the whole city and all the transit bus drivers will know you are on welfare, great.

Great work City of Halifax, a job well done yeah right. Looks more the biggest City Hall failure in the history of Halifax brewing.

I didn't find the racist and apparently fake letter they sent out to welfare and disability recipients on the internet but I found a page with a similar program.

That potentially "fake letter" says to "respect people's privacy and not take photos inside the welfare office when you come in to get your picture taken."

Right, while they invade yours and force you to identify yourself as an income assistance recipient.

Also apparently, the City of Halifax is offering a half price buss pass to the poorest 1000 families in Halifax.

A similar program the "low income transit pass program" will offer 1000 half price bus passes to qualified Halifax residents.

1000 half price passes? Who's that going to help in a City the size of Halifax? Thanks for nothing or what.

To get the bus pass discount you have to be in the poorest 1000 people in Halifax, just terrible to say that to City Residents and is actually making me sick to my stomach reading that, also a rare incident.

Good luck with this one Halifax residents, just terrible and probably not legal.

Totally Aweful!


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