Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Treason: Tales of Treason in Atlantic Canada - How They Disconnected The Government Branch (Potentionally)

Traitors on the Move as Illegal Government Arms Exposed in Canada
This is not a long or complicated topic, but first I just wanted to say that I don't take crap from some crooked gas station or some crappy grocery store.

Back to when I was flamed on the internet about ten years ago that was just after my incident with Sobeys Office. I'm just going to come out and say that the office staff flamed me because I told them all off and quit my job.

Then all their friends on the floor came out in the town and flamed me, then I fired my old band members and the Trench Coat Mafia flamed me in my hometown and from the North End of Halifax.

So I had the incident at work and then I told them off and took my work back and quit, then I fired my band members at the time and moved away to play music.

Right away when I quit my job the office staff came out and started flaming me, joining in was the Trench Coat Mafia after I fired my band to move away to play music.

I'm saying that all those people that started the flaming of me are the Trench Coat Mafia and what probably happened was when I quit they flamed me because their parents are all Traitors at Sobeys or something.

Then all the traitor kids in the Trench Coat Mafia came out defending their parents or something for quitting my job and telling on them. In fact,  when that happened about ten years I turned them in to the Government and Nova Scotia Supreme Court and the Toronto Stock Exchange.

However, I don't know what happened after that but Sobeys is a different Company today with all totally different executives.

After I turned Sobeys into the Government as a public complaint and took my work from them I was flamed on the internet about my Death Metal Band Collapse (www.officialcollapse.com)  in my home town of New Glasgow, Nova Scotia and on the internet.

The point is I put the run to them all.

Now I don't care if this is even true or not but it has to be for some of them.

I'm saying the people who flamed me from the office floor are traitors or their parents are traitors. I don't know who specifically.

Then when I quite and took my work back they flamed me outside, THEN  I turned them in to the Government.

I'm just going to say that all their traitor kids came out flaming me with the Trench Coat Mafia and tried to run my band because I turned them in. Then after I fired my band members and moved all the Trench Coat Mafia in the North End of Halifax did it.

Don't be too alarmed though here people they only flamed me from one neighborhood and it was only in a town of 9500 people.

We're not talking downtown Los Angeles here people, it's a butt fuck town of 9500 people and an old Irving gas station in the middle of nowhere.

Then they came out and started smack talking me to face face knowing how awesome I am in advance because of my huge Death Metal band and I'm great anyway. I'm also saying that's that actual reason they started annoying me with this crap is because I'm so great the Traitors in Atlantic Canada got jealous and wanted a piece.

Then they tried to take my work for nothing, then all the Trench Coat mafia did the same thing and all came out bumming me for stuff and flaming me on the internet.

So Sobeys and the Trench Coat Mafia both tried to get money out of me then they all started fighting with me when I quit all that and took my stuff from them then I turned them in. Then they were all there bumming money and annoying me all day in my yard.

I'm saying that all you Trench Coat Mafia people annoying me are friends with the office staff from Sobeys, then a bunch of your parents and friends are Traitors from the disconnected Government Branch in New Glasgow and Halifax.

Then you all flamed me when I quit my job because I wouldn't give your parents my work for nothing, then you can't get your new Christmas Presents now because I wouldn't let your parents and their friends steal my SAP Data Archiving Server ten years ago, and they wanted to make money off it.

Then when I quit my job and turned them in they got you to flame me on the internet because I wouldn't give you any money.

Then when I fired my old band members you got all them doing it in the Trench Coat Mafia and they all tried to ruin my band and they were bumming me for money just like the old Sobeys Office Staff.

I don't know if that's true or not and I'm just smack talking, but that's how I'm putting it. So, I don't know who all the kids were that are traitors in New Glasgow and Halifax with their parents from the disconnected Government Branch but someone has to me.

I mean chances are even traitors have families if you can believe that or not, so someone has to be their kids and parents etc. I'm saying it's the people flaming me and bumming me for money because I wouldn't let Sobeys old staff steal my SAP Server Designs.

Again  that's probably not everyone who flamed me, I'm saying that that is where it started though and that it is a fact that it started at Sobeys Office. Then when I fired my old band members then over ten years ago they all started flaming me about that from the Trench Coat Mafia and Sobeys Office staff, anyway that is just the same group I have always said it was I am just explaining the bigger story.

So if you flamed me from music and were around the Sobeys office thing, I'm sure not all of you were real traitors in the Governments viewpoint but some of you have to be, the rest of you are friends of the Traitors flaming me on the internet and that is the same thing to me.

If you come near me from your crooked gas station or grocery store I will turn you in to the government again just like I did ten years ago.

So if you start annoying me again now and saying I'm giving you money, I'm going say you are a traitor from the Sunday Shopping Group where this all started and then report you to the government. You're not getting anything from me geeks and traitors, I will turn you into the government and say it's the people from the disconnected branch of the government who overturned the Sunday Shopping Referendum.   

I'll report you to the FBI and the Federal Government just to see if they file it. Last time I turned you into to the courts and the Canadian Senate just as a tip AND I even reported you to the United States Senate in Washington D.C. by email just to be a prick to see in the Secret Service will follow up on it.

I hope they have files on everyone of you there now in the Trench Coat Mafia in Washington D.C., then you'll know when you find out now on the internet from me, that I keep turning you in to the government in public while I tell everyone what you are doing.

Some day you will get the hint not to annoy me, every time you flame me I turn you in to the government as a public complaint, just remember that is what you are up against when you come here looking for an argument with me.

Finally on that, about ten years ago I turned Sobeys into the Government and the Nova Scotia Courts - TO THEIR FACE and notified their Board Of Directors on King St. in Stellarton NS, that's just New Glasgow,  when they wrote me back they didn't say anything and just "dismissed" my claims.

Then I even turned them in to the United States Congress by myself.

I just wanted to give you political wannabe's some advice here if you're trying to make it in politics. Find and issue like this Sunday Shopping thing that no one is talking about and then as a citizen make a resolution and take responsibility for the government failure and run for office off it or something.

Like myself for example, the Illegal Sunday Shopping Referendum Overturning landed on me. No one knows anything about it now my civic duty is to take responsibility for knowing about the issue and tell every one what is happening with it.

So the government doesn't know and no one else knows about the illegal laws they made in Nova Scotia. Now, I have to take responsibility to tell everyone because I know about it.  

There are no government statements or knowledge of this on the internet, so on my page I will have to be the one to tell the public or something, making me Canada's George Washington  now.

Now I will have to represent the government from the public to the other members of the public and tell everyone what is happening with the Sunday Shopping Laws on my page. I am not the government, I have just decided to take it upon myself to represent this issue since the government has failed to report to the public on it.

Apparently, I am the one who found the problem so I will have to tell everyone in Canada what is happening on the issue. What it is is an illegal law, now I am describing the circumstances to the public since I was around that when it happened.

How this issue will be resolved I have no idea, but since the government has failed on the issue and I know all about the issue I will be the public mouth piece on the issue and the public can now check my page to hear updates on failed government procedures. 

Since there is no government branch assigned to this I will resolve it for the public on my blog. How other people will resolve this I have no idea but for now I know all about this government issue so you can read about it here as it has been assigned to me by default through a failure of the government. This may take years to resolve through the public. 

Also, I don't care if we have Sunday Shopping or not I'm just not allowing these illegal laws and flamers to pass through my residence as a citizen without turning them all in. 

So until the failed government has a representative on the illegal Sunday Shopping Law you can read about it here instead for public support at my blog.

So everyone read my page to find out what's happening with the illegal law since the Canadian Government has no representation. All this stuff happening makes me feel like George Washington or Ben Franklin in Colonial America, exciting.

This Summer the Traitors are on the move because their disconnected branch of the government has been exposed, where they will go who knows. 

I know where they won't be going, that's the Toronto Stock Exchange, which has also been exposed. 

Jumping ahead, I'm just going to say if it's at the Toronto Stock Exchange then it's probably at the New York Stock Exchange as well.

What will probably happen is since I am the person in the public who knows about these issues and they have "landed" on me so I will probably end up representing the Toronto Stock Exchange and New York Stock Exchange issues on my page.

After I do the Sunday Shopping Law for the public to read I will also do the Toronto and New York Stock Exchanges. You will be able to read about these issues here as I study them and inform the public on the status of the issues since the Government has failed and abandoned the topic.

I am the one in the public who knows about these things so I will represent them for the public, on my internet page. Read about them here, it is on going and will be long term.

Other people should also take these public responsibilities on for themselves and represent them to the public on the internet like I am. For example in the United States someone should take on the un ratified  Constitution Amendments and start resolving them for the public as private citizens. The Truth Movement in the United States would be a good place to start for that as a real Political Platform since they seem to be the number one source of public knowledge on the issue. 

I guarantee taking on issues like these from the public will guarantee you a future in politics anywhere.

Lastly, how they severed the government branch was probably the same way the snuck in their fake companies.

I think the politicians probably went in to the government and the "stole" one file at a time form the government and them transferred them to a secret location. Then they hid the files from the original source. That what it looks like, I don't know for sure but it does seem to fit what happened.

Then over time they secretly transferred files out of government buildings and then resembled them in a separate location, once complete the files were probably "disconnected" from the real government building then moved to a fake one.

Once reassembled they probably began falsely representing the actual government on the issues they got from the files.

For example, over time they slowly transferred out what became the Sunday Shopping Law locations.

So they secretly transferred out all the files on what is the Sunday Shopping Law, this probably disconnected the Provincial and Federal Governments, then after a change in Government the next elected party never new about the files because they were moved before they got there.

Then after a new government was elected, the fake government knowing the new government didn't know what happened began falsely representing themselves as a Government Branch and began passing fake laws...to the public's face and they were caught in public with no Federal or Provincial Oversight.

This theory also also fits the Sunday Shopping Law change as a new Government was power then with a new Premier under the Conservative Party when this took place.

Much more to come on Tales of Treason in Atlantic Canada!


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