Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Trench Coat Mafia: Ok, Here We Go Again.

As Info: Suck Dick
I am trying not to rant too much about this topic but again don't ask me for money or anything because I hate you.

Stop saying that I am giving you stuff if my books make $800 Billion Dollars or from my Degree etc.

Now I will set you straight on your mouth in Nova Scotia in the Trench Coat Mafia flaming me about who I am which is nothing to do with you ever.

About ten years ago I got in a fight with these the Trench Coat Mafia pricks and they were flaming me on the internet and stuff and they still saying that if I get money I am "coming back to buy their friendship" and stuff like that.

How to tell if you are in this group that is not allowed near me on Earth.

Well besides the North End of Halifax group it is also the group of staff from Sobeys and Michelin in Pictou County.

You are also the Trench Coat Mafia, some I worked with when I was at Sobeys and you and your friends who all work and probably live together are friends with the North End Halifax group.

So when I quit my job at Sobeys ten years ago the office staff (not all of them) is also in the same Trench Coat Mafia group with their friends in the North End in Halifax as well as your other friends are from the Michelin Tire Plant in Pictou County.

So, if you are from The North End Halifax group or their friends at Sobeys office who worked there ten years ago when I quit and their friends who worked at Michelin with them and you bad mouthed me or "made up false stories" about me and worked at Sobeys you are the Trench Coat Mafia. 

If you opened your mouth about me and bad mouthed me and knew me from Sobeys then I fucking hate you and you are a cunt.

You are the Trench Coat Mafia with the North End Halifax and are friends with them in their group and all were flaming me. 

You are all banned from my presence for the rest of my life so never approach me. Now I will explain why.

Back then after I quit my job I was interviewing at other places like SAP US and Canada as well as Accenture and Bombardier.

You people from Sobeys were going around saying that my "interview wasn't real" and that I "really wasn't getting the job."

Then you all said that the job I was interviewing for at SAP and Accenture was not real, and then when I applied I thought my rejection letter was a job proposal.

Then you said I didn't really have it.

Then you said that the "rejection letter" was "something that they send everyone who applies and if Jason Mackenzie says he was applying there not to believe him".

That's because you fucking hate me because I was going to sue Sobeys which is still unresolved and you all worked there.

So Sobeys staff came out in the town with the Trench Coat Mafia (it's the same incident as the flaming, some worked at the office with me) and started saying that I "didn't have the work experience I was claiming" when they were also trying to ruin my band in the North End of Halifax.

Anyway, that is just the same group. Some of their friends worked at Sobeys and Michelin in Pictou County.

What brought this up today is people are saying that I am trying to buy back the friendship of the people I knew at Sobeys office when I have $800 Billion Dollars, but that is not true That is the same Trench Coat Mafia making that up.

The Point:

You said that when I was interviewing at SAP and Accenture several years ago during the band flaming of me on the internet that my job interview wasn't real.

Then you said then my correspondence from SAP and Accenture was actually a "rejection letter" that everyone gets for applying and that I wasn't really doing that. 

Then you all worked at Sobeys and Michelin as staff and all know each other while I was flamed on the internet.

Then you said I was a loser and didn't have anything.

Then you said you were all better than me and not to talk to me because I was a dirt bag.

Then you said I had weapons and was a criminal.

Then you told everyone not to talk to me because you hated me and I was lying about my job interview at SAP and Accenture.

That was after I left Sobeys, then the office staff was all saying that about my new interviews after I quit.

To put this into perspective this is what they said at Sobeys office after I left:

 "Jason Mackenzie just quit his job at Sobeys Head Office in Pictou County  and now he is saying that he is interviewing for a Project Management position at SAP.  However that is not true because we know from being here at Sobeys that that is just how they send people rejection letters and everyone who applies gets what he says he has so if he tells you outside of work that he has that job that is not true so don't believe him. What they mean at SAP is that there is no job there at SAP for him but he doesn't know the difference."

Right so they all said that AFTER I quit my job and left, then they started saying that to their other office staff and at Michelin.

In summary you are banned form my presence permenantly, and two stay out of my fucking business.

Well since this has just come up Sobeys Office Staff from ten years ago allow me to retort.

First, stop following me around after I quit my job at your shitty office talking to people about me new job interviews.

Second fuck face, I want to clear up your mouth on your opinions on my private work interviews.

You said that "everyone gets from SAP what I got and it was a rejection letter"

Well fuck head did you realize at Sobeys when you said this that you need to qualify for a $150 Thousand Dollar a year position just to get a rejection letter?

No, you are not correct pricks. 

I had interviews at SAP, Accenture and Bombardier for Project Management after I left Sobeys, you know nothing of it so stay out of my business and stop telling people in the town that it wasn't real and everyone gets that letter.

In fact you are not qualified to receive the rejection letter. 

To receive the rejection letter you first need to get the Project Management job interview at SAP America, which I did.

That minimum requirement is a $150 Thousand Dollar a year qualification, just to get the interview.

That means contrary to what you believe that no, not everyone gets the rejection letter.

In fact no one gets the interview, no one from Sobeys staff that I knew was qualified for the interview from ten years ago.

Now, stop saying from Sobeys Office staff ten years ago that I don't have the qualification I received or the job interviews I get.

You are the Trench Coat Mafia, you are lying and saying that because I won't give you money. 

When I worked at Sobeys you were just a bullet point on my Project Plan at my desk.

All of you know this. 

This is why I was going to sue Sobeys and it is still unresolved.

Now, this is the story.

No I had the actual interview for the real Project Management job at SAP and Accenture losers not the fake one in your life.

My work is real, you are losers.

So, first you need a Project Management Certification which I have, that is a $150 Thousand Dollar a Year position.

After you get that you get the interview, then you might be turned down later.

You all said I had no chance of getting the job because they say that to everyone and you said you knew that from working with me at Sobeys and then you said that I didn't have any of those qualifications. 

Then you said everyone gets the rejection letter for the position at SAP.

No fuck face, you need the Project Management Certification in SAP Design to get the interview assholes.

That is what I interviewed for. The real one not the fucker one from Sobeys old staff where they hate you are start lying about you when you quit.

You are cunts and I hate you anyway.

So you are wrong, no you only get the rejection letter if you already are in the $150 Thousand Dollar  a year position.

Then, it wasn't even a rejection letter it was "follow up materials."

Essentially I was placed on a waiting list and had to do follow up work all the time waiting to hear back.

I was not "rejected from SAP and Accenture and lying about my work experience."  No that is the old staff from Sobeys making that up because they all hate me because I won't give them money.

No Cunts I have the actual degree and certifications and get the real interview.

Now if you're writing a book about me because I'm so great grab a note pad because I am revealing personal information.

After I left Sobeys ten years ago I went to play music and do records.

The tench coat mafia who worked at Sobeys and Michelin all went around saying I was a bum and had weapons and stuff at my house like shotguns and crossbows and that I was a dangerous criminal because I wouldn't give them money.

In fact, while doing my records after I quit Sobeys I was also doing Non Paid SAP Project work and working on my Master's Thesis in Computer Science for work experience.

Sobeys had previously agreed to pay for my Master's Degree in Computer Science but while I was doing my Project Certification Hours but they "pulled out of the deal".

My non paid SAP project work experience I did was while I was doing my Collapse albums. That work was  part of my research projects for my Master's Thesis in Science.

So when they said I was a criminal and lying about my work experience from old Sobeys staff I was actually studying and doing unpaid project work towards my Masters Thesis.

My Master's Thesis in Computer Science thesis is on Computer Operating Systems applied to SAP Design.

So having a Project Management Certification and being an SAP Designer anyway I decided to do my Master's Thesis on Computer Operating Systems Design.

That way I was designing SAP work with a Masters in Operating Systems Design.

The Master's Degree in Operating Systems Design means I would be able to write Computer Operating Systems Designs specifically designed and built for SAP Installation and Management.

What I am saying is I was working on designing SAP Systems with a Masters Degree in Computer Operating Systems Design to tailor the Operating System to the SAP System, that way you can alter the Operating System to program it to your SAP need and in turn SAP would be designed to the Operating System directly.

So that is work from my Master's Thesis for Computer Science for Project Management and Software Design. That is why I know all about the Android Operating System on Smart Phones.

Sobeys or "New Glasgow's Enron" never received any of my Masters Thesis work in Operating Systems Design for SAP because they backed out of paying for my Masters Degree.

Doing this research work after I left Sobeys led me into Operating Systems Development, so although I am into all this awesome stuff that is my main degree program.

For that I designed and installed an SAP R/3 Server as well as as a lighter SAP Business One Server. These volunteer projects were not installed in a business but were just built for design and Masters Thesis research.

The we did a full load of it as a running Corporation and this all took about three years work.

During that I began interviewing at SAP and Accenture for Project Management, so to get my job interview you need to have all that which is a $150 Thousand Dollar a year certification and no, they don't send anyone who applies a rejection letter. You need the actual work to get the interview.

So I took all my work from Sobeys and my masters research and showed them at SAP America in Texas and I was trying to get on for positions in Canada in Project Management.

What happened was I was told I needed more experience in "Financial Budgeting" and was told to wait around and keep applying and working on the job.

In fact, all companies told me I was all set and had the position but need more work experience in Corporate Financial Planning .

Then they wanted me to "hang around" and keep applying for other positions it turns out are 80% travel which is fine but I have decide for now now that I am working on books and stuff.

Also, at the time I was interviewing I was deciding if I wanted to complete my Masters in Computer Science or take off and travel for some Corporation.

Anyway, I decided in the meantime to work on books and stuff and live in Halifax.

What happened at Sobeys was I developed SAP Projects for them and they said they would pay for my Masters Degree to install it for them, then they backed out.

Then their floor staff started harassing me with the trench coat mafia and flaming me on the internet.


I did work on Data Archiving in SAP and also SAP Installations which I showed Sobeys Office ten years ago.

Sobeys staff told me to "install the project".

When I told them what I needed to do that, they "didn't have it". 

Then they told me to "do it myself".

I said to them "If you want the Data Archiving Project Installed then I will need several Corporate Resources to complete the task."

I was told that this was "no problem" and was given a list of names of people to talk to.

When I contacted them at their Corporation no one would respond.

Then my supervisors, just under the Board of Directors  told me to "do it by myself" and I told them I would but would need access to Several Corporate Business Functions, which they said "yes".

Then later one of my other Project Designs was a French SAP Installation Design for Quebec, I had previously developed other English Installations.

When I presented the SAP Designs to Sobeys Executives from my Corporate Development Desk they "ripped up the paper and tore up my project designs in front of the other staff " and stated in the meeting in front of the other staff that my designs "were wrong from the diagram" and wouldn't listen to my presentation on the Data Flow Chat to show that the executives were in fact not correct.

In return I told them to "go fuck themselves" in the meeting and that they were "not correct in rejecting my corporate business diagrams."

Then my proposal was scrapped for the French SAP System Installation without them hearing the Project Plan, which is what they asked me to develop.

Then, they took the project and gave it to Information Technology staff who work in the basement in the corporation when I work a the top and told them to do it. Then they made a failed SAP Installation Project Design that I had rejected at my desk in the top department.

My proposal was scrapped by the executives and they did theirs.

Then the Data Archiving Project was given to the basement on the bottom rung of the Corporation when I work at the top for the Executive Level and they took credit for my work saying they did it.

So I pulled my work and then I quit their Company and threatened them with legal action.

After this the floor staff started flaming me and saying that my new job interviews at SAP America was just a rejection letter  and anyone gets it trying to discredit my work.

Then they all started talking about my medical claims for my medical insurance and then people came back and threw my medical history in my face from my medial forms for sick leave when they were confidential and no one knew about it.

However, what they said was not true.

Apparently, Management staff or Executives after I quit revealed my medical claims for medical insurance and they came out in the town and threw my medical history for sick leave in my face and arguing with me from the old Sobeys office staff form ten years ago.

Their claims were not correct, this is why I am still threatening to sue them.

The other office staff was never supposed to be aware of my medical files or medical history, then they began saying that my later interviews at SAP America and Accenture were not real and I was not qualified and thought their communications were a job proposal because I was stupid.

This was during advance unpaid SAP Project work to prepare for my Master Thesis in Computer Science, then my job interviews were a part of the same work.

Essentially, they came out of the office and interfered with my private studies and project work during my employment and after I quit and started flaming me.

Saying that, I was lying about my work experience and had no other job offers and that I was an idiot and lying.

That is what people were saying from Sobeys and Michelin after I quit while I was doing research for my Masters Thesis in advance.

That is why people are saying they think Michelin will also close and Sobeys because of the same crazy staff behavior.

The Original Project the Data Archiving Project was not finished at Sobeys and only in development when I pulled it so they never got it.

To understand what they said to me was its a computer systems design but to get the point you need to see it in another example.

It's like they asked me to go into the store and design their front checkout system, when I went there I told them I could proceed.

Then told me to "go ahead and install the checkout system."

I told them that I needed the Company to go purchase the actual cash registers and checkout equipment and they told me that "didn't have it."

So they told me to install the checkout system, then when the company had to buy the equipment they told me they didn't have it.

So Sobeys didn't have the resources to buy my Project.

Then they told me to "do it by myself and install the checkouts."

Then they wanted me to buy the cash registers and equipment out of my pocket and give it to them and install it for an hourly wage, so I quit.

So they wanted me to buy the cash registers for the store myself out of my pocket because they didn't have the means.

Then they told me to install it and give it to them out of my own pocket and work for an hourly wage. I was told that they didn't have the resources they told me they had and then they wanted me to "do it on my own so they can have it" out of my own pocket for an hourly wage.

But it wasn't cash registers it was SAP Software Designs. 

Then they didn't have the means to buy them and install them in their Corporation and wanted me to do it by myself out of my own pocket and give it to them for nothing on an hourly wage.


This was after they ripped up my French SAP Installation Design Diagrams.

So I told them to fuck themselves and I quite and threatened to sue them. Plus, Information Technology in the basement tried to take credit for my SAP Design Installations.


Then all their staff on the floor flamed me with private information from my medical files and with their friends at Michelin.

So fuck you. I never talked to them ever again and I never will and I never went back to find out what happened and I never will.

Then they said recently that I would "probably come back and try and buy their friendship from the old office staff" but I fucking hate them all I never will.

You are the Trench Coat Mafia.

Suck Dick.

PS. I am not giving you anything and you are not living for free off my Corporate SAP Designs at your shitty office for an hourly wage. Fuck you permanently



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