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Corporations: More Info on my last post

Corporate SAP Install
What I was doing specifically on my Corporate SAP Design Projects when I worked at Sobeys Canada over ten years ago when I quite was Data Archiving Systems Design and SAP Systems Installation Design.

When I say that I was told to "do it myself" this is what I mean.

I had designed and developed an SAP Data Arching System and had presented it to my management and was told to go ahead and put it in.

I told them no problem, but I will need several corporate resources to complete the installation.

They told me that that was "no problem" and gave me  a list of people to talk to about this and when I tried contacting them no one got back to me.

Then I was told to do it by myself, with no support. Then other people tried to take credit for my designs and I quit and it was never finished.

The actual resources they didn't have in their Company.

So I had my designs completed and this is what I was asking for to put in the project and was told to proceed.

I needed their company to give me at my job new stand alone SAP Servers for the Corporate Data Archiving. They were going to be SAP Data Archiving Servers, which is what I needed to complete the installation.

I was told to go get what I needed and no one responded and they didn't have the means to get me the servers.

Specifically, I needed clean Development and Testing Servers to install the SAP Data Archiving Functionality in their Company, plus I needed a new team of people on the department floor to do the data entry.

When I tried to request a new department floor and staff assigned to data entry they didn't have that functionality at their company.

They also didn't have the means to give me the new Data Archiving Servers for the project and I was told to "do it myself" so I told them "fuck you" and quit and took my designs with me.

The Data Archiving System would have been several new separate SAP servers for Development and Testing.

What I was requesting was an open development server with full access to company data in harmless "development mode" that would be to realign the SAP Server Information to prepare it for archiving.

If you don't know, Corporations over data storage on their servers on their hard drives is a number one issue for Companies. Too much old out of data data on their servers can slow down the servers resulting in slow searches and reporting time outs.

Companies use reporting or "automatic report generation" to do things like list financial data, business transactions and inventory reports used in business or for CEO Evaluation and planning with their Board of Directors.

Old data on a Corporate Server like SAP can "clutter" the system, the data would be stuff like old product listings that are no longer available and old purchase orders and old financial documents.

Report Generating out of cluttered SAP systems for Company Executives will take much longer with a cluttered system because the computer has to "process" all that old data first before generating the current report.

SAP Data Archiving "removes" the old cluttered data and stores it in separate hard drives on other servers  backed up in case the company needs to review the information. The main SAP Computer System used for daily business functions is then "clean" with no old data resulting in a faster Computer System with more available resources.

This also allows for the reusing of old "invoice numbers" from old documents and purchase orders etc.

Most of the Data Archiving involves removing these old out of date invoice numbers which is usually the main clutter on an Corporate SAP System. Archiving those old numbers means the invoice numbers can be reused over and over freeing up company resources and saving hard drive space.

This also increases company flexibility and allows other new SAP functionalities to be installed when this information is freed up.

In my project I needed several new clean SAP Servers that would be built specifically for Data Archiving, then their would be testing servers and data entry staff on the floor.

The Company told me to "do that by myself" which is absurd and would not pay for it and didn't have the means.

The SAP Data Archiving Servers in the Development System would be for "designing the system" and would have been totally open. Then once fully functional the archiving work would have been completed in testing mode to prove it's functionality.

The company told me to "go ahead" with this project and when I tried they didn't have the means.

The SAP Data Archiving System at my Corporate Department would then have have additional floor staff at my department for data entry which they didn't have they said.

The actual process was the SAP Data Archiving Servers would be designed and custom built in the development system separate from the rest of the Company Servers.

Then the archiving would be first run in testing mode first and then once successful it would be run in the live daily computer system.

What would happen is the Main SAP Business Server for daily operations would be "copied" into the SAP Data Archiving Server in testing mode, the SAP Data Archiving Server then would run the requirements on the copied data as a test to see if it was accurrate.

Once the data archiving test system successfully ran the archiving job it would then access the main daily SAP Server and the "clean out the old data" on a scheduled based and remove old invoices etc. and then copy the archived data into a back up system on the archiving server.

So, the SAP Archiving Server would first run the archiving in test mode and back up the data on a test server, once verified the SAP Archiving Server would then access the live daily SAP server and then "clean out" any old data and move it backup storage on the SAP Archiving Server, freeing up stuff like old invoice numbers that could be reused in the system.

This frees up the system and its resources making it run faster and more efficient and also making daily work easier.

That is one of the top main functionalities in SAP for Corporations. 

I designed that for Sobeys and they told me they were putting it in and told me to proceed. When I tried they had no one in their company to assign the new department floor staff to the project or to help build the Data Archiving Servers for the Project.

Then they told me to "do it myself" with no resources. Then people in the lowest information technology department or "it janitors" in the basement of the company took credit for my test designs so I quit.

To my job any computer programmer in IT is just a  bullet point on my project plan at my desk where this stuff is designed. The IT programs for example all their work would be in writing code for my SAP Software Designs.

All they would be doing is coding a patch if I needed one written for the SAP Archiving Server, then the same group took credit for my work so I quit. 

Plus, while the SAP Data Archiving Server project was being built they told me they would give me $20 Thousand Dollars to Complete my Master's Degree in Computer Science plus I was just completing my Project Management certification hours and I was supposed to be promoted to Project Manager of the SAP Data Archiving Project that I designed and developed.

So, during the installation of my SAP Data Archiving Servers I was supposed to be promoted to Project Manager for doing the Project for them, then during the installation they were supposed to give me $20 Thousand Dollars to Complete my Master's in Science.

When I presented them the designs they told me to proceed and then they had no resources to install the Archiving Servers or Assign Floor Staff, then they tore up my other designs for a French SAP System without reviewing the work in front of the other staff, then they cancelled my tuition funding for my master's, then they told me to "do the work by myself" and then the IT staff to credit for my project design proposals.

So I quit and threatened to sue them, then their floor staff all flamed me outside with personal information and told me they all hated me after I quit because they are pricks.

Then I moved away to play music and did more work experience.

Anyway, I showed Sobeys the actual real SAP System and how it worked and then they didn't have money or resources or Corporate Functionality to install it. Then they wanted me to "do it myself out of my pocket".

The point here is I developed the SAP Archiving Server Project and then I was doing the SAP French Installation for work in Canada. Plus I did other previous installations.

Then after that I thought that they were going to go back and redo their original SAP System and make a clean new one in their "first system" that previously failed and then Archive all the old data out and make a clean new one.

If you don't know, Companies often run several SAP servers like one in each Country etc or they are broken up in divisions and each division has their own SAP server. That is what I was working on.

So I worked on two previous installations and then designed the SAP Archiving Servers, then I was doing the French SAP System. Then I thought they were going to go back and Archive their original failed SAP Server and make a clean new one.

After that when the Company had all brand new SAP Servers and a Functional SAP Data Archiving Server I thought they would then go back and Archive all the old data out of all their Corporate SAP Servers  and then "line up" all their SAP Systems across the entire Company.

So I thought they would then take all their servers and clean them out and then "build" and overall new system for their entire company after all the old Data was Archived and then do a "clean update" and bring all their Corporate servers onto the same company model.

Anyway, it never got there. 

Pus, I was also working on developing Search Module Functionality in SAP to speed up the search and reporting functionality.

After the archiving was running I was then working on speeding up the search functionality for reporting etc. on the new clean system, like with a new SAP Module for faster searches and reporting. This was also part of my Operating Systems Design Work.

So it was a clean system using Data Archiving Servers to speed up the system and then it was going to be working on faster search and reporting functionality in the new more efficient SAP System.

Anyway, instead they scrapped my French SAP Installation, canceled my masters tuition funding and Project Management Promotion, then told me to do the Archiving Project out of my pocket for an hourly wage (salary) and then other people in the basement in IT took credit for my original design proposal so I quit and threatened to sue them and never went back.

The point is they never even saw the rest of my Project Designs because it never got there, they were supposed to give me $20 Thousand Dollars for my Masters Degree and then promote me to Project Manager then I would have installed the SAP Archiving Server.

Instead they cancelled all that and told me to go fuck myself and do it for nothing. So I quit.

I was told they just said all that to get the work done for nothing and then they didn't really have all the corporate functionality to install all that.

They said they have like $5 Billion Dollars or something in their company and when I showed them the real ACTUAL SAP Server Functionality they didn't have the $500 Million Dollars to install it.

So for a company to say they have $5 Billion Dollars and then not pay $500 Million for the Projects I showed them from SAP to save upwards of 80% on cost reductions once installed is preposterous.

I was working for salary and designing SAP Projects and the Company didn't have $500 Million Dollars over 5 - 7 years to put in a real SAP System and claimed to have $5 Billion Dollars and they would save up to 80% in computer expenses once installed.



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