Thursday, October 18, 2018

Weed Is Legal

NSLC Cannabis Store
They just legalized weed yesterday in Canada and I have to say it is pretty exciting, I got up early yesterday to go down to the NSLC Cannabis store on Clyde Street in Halifax to get in line for the grand opening of weed. 

I got their kind of early expecting their to be lines but their wasn't any, there were just a few people down there so I got in line and I was in the first group to buy at the Weed Store on Clyde Street, although people ran right up to the counter while I was looking around at their displays, so I was one of the first customers at the Clyde Street Store to go in and look around. 

Then their was a small group of people there including myself out front and the news was their from Global, CBC and Newspapers doing interviews with customers about 9am. Later their was a huge line that went around the block.  

They were filming that for the news and people around me did interviews for radio and television about legalization day but I didn't want to participate in the that because I was just their to go to the store and be one of the first customers. Anyway, other people did the television interviews in the lineup outside at Clyde Street but I was trying to hide in the background a little bit, but they showed everyone going in and stuff.

I'm not sure what was actually on television but people around me at the front of the line on Clyde Street got their pictures on the CBC Website. I'm not really into that, other people like being the person they interview for the news, I just wanted to see the weed and stuff in there. 

This is the CBC article and I was in the background hiding from the camera, other people form the front of the line got on the website though.

If you read the page the singer Ashley MacIsaac did an interview in Cape Breton and he shows the boxes of weed products to the news on the video.

Clyde Street, Halifax is the only all weed store in Nova Scotia that's where I was at, it's like their main location. Over all it was pretty alright waiting in line with the news and stuff there. 

Here is the scoop and right to the facts:

Weed is legal in Canada now, so you don't have to worry about anything now when you're getting it. 

First though here is an article is claiming that Nova Scotia is breaking Federal Law by glamourizing weed with their store slogans "relax, unwind, center, enhance".

First the article is wrong about the weed, but you have to give them a chance to adjust to what's going on because weed just became legal and it's super crazy and it's a large law that just changed so you can expect an adjustment period until people get what's going on. 

The words RELAX, UNWIND, CENTER, ENHANCE are signs not an advertisement that glorifies weed. 

When you go to buy weed on Clyde Street at the main location you need to know that. Those signs are at all weed locations I believe. 

Those are the "brands" of Marijuana, you need to know that because they have so many strains they are all categorized like 200 or something but they are not fully stocked yet with only like 50 strains. 

For example, "Relax" means when you smoke it you will relax, then "Enhance" means when you get baked and listen to music it will "enhance" the music. So that is the classification of the strain, so if you want to just chill out you get "Relax", then if you want yo listen to music you get "Enhance" and you'll trip out or something when you play music. 

So those signs are the types of "buzz" you get, then underneath each category there's like 50 strains to choose from or products. 

So it's not glamorizing it's just the category, and the Nova Scotia Liquor Stores that sell weed are setup like Herbal Medicine shops, so it's feels like you're in a Herbal shop buying herbs or something and it's right relaxed.

Personally, I thought they did a great job setting up the store it's got the vibe of a herbal medicine store, then the strains are in four buzz categories "Relax, Unwind, Center, Enhance" that you pick from depending on the buzz that you want to get. 

Really thought this is like a joke it's so regular down there. Don't even worry about anything because it's legal plus it makes buying weed super safe and anonymous. 

Like this, you don't have to go down to a shitty area to buy weed now because you can just go to the Liquor Store, then it's super anonymous.

Meaning, no one will follow you around from some crack house when you're down there buying and banging on your door looking for weed at 2am. Plus, it's anonymous so no one knows you have it. 

People won't know that you have weed in your apartment and their will be no one following you home from the slums bumming weed from you all the time, that's one of the most annoying parts. Now you can just get it anonymously and no one will be following you around bumming making it way safer to smoke weed.

Plus the weed is super clean, they have it clean like cigarettes so expect to get used to harsh cleaning chemicals when you first smoke it, this may cause a headache or mild nausea. You just have to get used to it just like smoking because it's a government product. It's fine right away though but you may need to get used to the effects of it because it is strong like alcohol and smokes. 

Meaning the first time you smoke a cigarette you might through up, that's the same idea. You just need to get used to the clean weed. Then it's like fucking nothing, you can just sit there all day now smoking weed and no one can say anything.

Here's "the heavy" their calling it. Now you can say at the grand opening on Clyde Street the government was down there treating people like criminals for doing weed when it's legal with cops and news reporters there and stuff. 

I'm just assuming the government was down there because it was a liquor commission grand opening and they had security. 

Here is the point to that they had one Police Officer outside and there was no guy down there with a loaded machine gun or anything standing on the sidewalk or anything and they could have did that. 

That's the actual government down their people, I though their would guys outside standing there with machine guns but it was just one Police Officer. The government is allowed to put a guy their with a machine gun on the side walk for security, you can't say nothing about that. 

The point to that is you just always have to do what he says, because if you don't he might shoot you. The rule there is always listen to a guy with machine gun, because they could have done that because it's the actual government setting up marijuana. 

They didn't have that though, just one Police Officer watching the intersection and one security guard outside, I didn't see much of a ruckus outside but their were a few hecklers going by saying stuff, I think that's what the police were watching for, stuff like that and crazy people. 

No one was their with a machine gun or anything, and as much as you hate to see that stuff outside, it still looks pretty cool when your down there, just always listen to those guys if they tell you to do something. 

As far as people saying they were being treated like criminals with the police their and news reports and stuff this is why, the news was down their asking people if they were still buying weed from an illegal dealer right in front of the cops. 

I couldn't even believe they were asking people that in the line, they were going around asking people in the line if they were still doing illegal marijuana looking for a story, that's what they mean.

Don't tell the news anything like that holy fuck, then they wanted to know if their drug dealer was mad because they were buying legal weed. 

Holy fuck, heavy or what. The news was going around asking people if their drug dealer was mad at them for buying legal weed and asking them if they were still buying from a dealer. 

Fuck the dealer, why you buy from him when you can get it at the store with no hassle. The price at the store is worth it just to take the hassle out of buying weed. 

What are these people being whipped by their drug dealers or what, that's what the news was down their asking. 

Anyway, that was just the government probably down their staring at everyone with police and reporters and stuff, if you think the government it treating you like a criminal by asking you all that shit with news just tell them to get out of your face if you're not doing anything and they'll leave you alone. 

That's the government people on legalization day, I'm surprised they didn't have a guy there with a machine gun, anyway it got pretty relaxed fast down there after it going and I only seen a couple hecklers.  

Here's what you need to know, Premium Weed does not mean higher THC content or stronger weed.

What I noticed was premium weed was less strong than cheaper weed, meaning they are "creating a premium buzz" meaning that it's lower strength with a fancier buzz.

Then the regular price around $9.30 a gram is the strongest with the most THC. 

However, premium make also come in higher strengths. 

The weed goes up to approaching $15 a gram for premium but that doesn't necessarily mean stronger, it means quality not strength or for people who want a lighter buzz. 

So premium from what I get from it is for a better buzz that not as strong. 

I started with "relax" and  bought four grams of "AUROA MK-ULTRA" at about $39 Canadian. 

That's about street value and it's the strongest at about 20+ % THC or whatever for $9 a gram, and it's super good and strong and it does create the "relax" effect as stated on the sign. 

However the weed did have a few stems in it reducing it's value slighty and  I thought the gram looked a little light but it may have been packed tight and looked smaller.

Auroa MK-Ultra would be about a good street value weed for under $10 and it's the strongest one and it's pretty good. 

You're allowed to buy 30 grams at a time, but that will cost you $300. That's like an ounce, so they are only selling it one gram at a time for about $10 a gram, not bulk.

That's about $280 for an ounce which is a $100 street value markup. 

They said the price will come down later when they get fully stocked but for now no bulk sales on ounces, plus no hash or hash oil. They did have cannabis pills and stuff though which I have never tried yet, and I don't know what it is. I don't know if that's hash oil or not, but it was some kind of pill or something. 

So their cleaning up right now on sales and making a +$100 on every ounce over street value, that's supposed to be until they get going and their were also no "large packages" to buy like for an ounce at a time when I was there.

If you want 30 grams it'll cost you $100 over street value at a full $10 a gram for high THC but it's legal so it is worth it. 

Anyway that all comes packaged in boxes in medicine bottles like herbs or something so it's a little bulky so if you find that price high just get a few grams at a time at $10 each or so until the price comes down and they get more strains of weed, still though a full $10 a gram legally is better than saving $100 on the street and safer. So it is worth it. 

Finally, you just a bunch of grams of  Auroa MK-ULTRA at $9 a gram and that's super strong to relax.

Then you get a bunch of premium of the different categories and smoke them all the same time, so you get a gram of "premium enhance", "premium center" etc. like that.

Then they have like 200 weed strains coming out. 

So you get a lower THC premium weed like "enhance" and then you smoke that to the get premium lighter buzz going at like $15 a gram. 

That's a lighter but more fancy buzz. 

Then after you smoke that you smoke a whole bunch of Auroa MK Ultra at $9 a gram to get the stronger buzz and "relax". 

So you look at all the categories and then you smoke the premium to get the expensive buzz, then you smoke a whole bunch of cheap MK-Ultra to get a super good buzz going so you can get both effects. 

So you go get grams of all the different varieties and them mix them all together to make different buzzes. 

For example, you smoke a bunch of Mk-Ultra to get super wasted then to start smoking premium of different strengths and strains and mix them together to get different buzzes and stuff,.

So mixing all that in different orders when you smoke it will create different "stones" they call it. So 200 strains is a lot to choose from so it would take a while to try them all but it's not out yet. 

The stand out to me was the premium seemed to have lower THC, then it has a more expensive buzz, then just smoke a bunch of cheap MK-Ultra at the higher THC level to create different "effects" , this is basically harmless people and looks super good down there. 

Just remember, things are strict in Canada right now because of the law change, plus Halifax issued a smoking ban and you're not allowed smoking anything on sidewalks now, that's the trade off for legal weed. 

So no smoking anything outside during the law change in Halifax, then the City made "smoking areas" in it like back in High School so if you're downtown smoking you have to go to an outside smoking area to smoke cigarettes and stay off the side walk. 

I'm sure that will calm down later, so for now no smoking on the Halifax sidewalks and you have to smoke at the outside smoking areas, anyway the smoking area's great if you want somewhere to go socialize when you're having a smoke in the City.

Then the trade off is legal weed, and it's super strict right now but there's no one out with machine guns or anything so it's looking pretty good out. 

Just don't be bothering officials or anyone about the strict rules in Halifax right now and just go socialize in the smoking areas because of the cigarette ban.

That's just strict right now because they just made weed legal, just stay out of their way and go buy your weed and go home and smoke it as much as you want now, then if the government starts bothering you downtown asking you questions just tell them to stay out of your face and that you're not doing anything. 

Then just go home or go hangout somewhere and smoke your weed, I'm sure all that stuff will calm down later after the Government has all the new rules in place and stuff and it will calm down when they get used to all that. 

My advice is to just stay out of their way and then go home and smoke your weed and not worry about it and I'm sure it will calm down later.

As a side note Uruguay in South America and Canada are the first two Countries to legalize weed. Hopefully, we will be able to establish new trade ties with Uruguay to trade weed products or something and this will create a new "trade zone" between Canada and Uruguay to make some kind of new economic deal off the new weed regulations to help both countries economically etc.

Good times.


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