Thursday, February 8, 2018

The Halifax Valley Girl Mystery Solvers Team: The Incident at Shubie Canal

Fresh off the tip that there is a mystery to solve in the Halifax area the Halifax Valley Girl Mystery Solvers Team has been dispatched to Shubie Canal to investigate.

Valley Girl 1: “As soon as we heard that there was an incident at Shubie Canal we went there right away to investigate. What we found out is that the Canal just opened in the Park Area and there is a new small bridge there. The rest of the Canal is still being constructed and is not open yet but they are digging up the area.”

Valley Girl 2: “Right away we thought that is was a little excessive for the Trench Coat Mafia to be down there bothering people at a Canal that just opened.”

Valley Girl 1: “Obviously that kind of behavior must be from Heroin Addiction, apparently it may be the only explanation for that kind of bizarre behavior.”

Valley Girl 2: “What we realized is that Canal’s have nothing to do with anything taking place with the Trench Coat mafia so that is a real mystery. Why would the Trench Coat Mafia be hanging around a Canal bothering people for money other than that they are looking for money for Heroin or something.

We thought their psychological behavior patterns were a little bizarre because of their over exaggerated fixation on a Historical Canal being built so we got our expert who has a Degree in Psychology to make an evaluation. Why would the Trench Coat mafia be hanging around a Canal, it makes no sense whatsoever.”

Valley Girl 1:  “Since the behavior at the Canal was so excessive and their fixation on a Historical Location so exaggerated we thought that there may be a larger mystery taking place. We thought they may be covering for something else like a methamphetamines lab or something.

We got our Psychological Expert to Investigate.”

Valley Girl 3 is an expert in Psychology and has a degree from a prominent university.

Valley Girl 3: “Right away I thought they were covering for something else because of their exaggerated behavior over a historical landmark. The deal they made was so large and exaggerated at the canal that I knew immediately that they must be covering for something else, possibly a methamphetamines lab.

Heroin and Methamphetamines cause this kind of bizarre behavior and I think that they have this fixation over the new canal because they are engaging in some kind of criminal activity and people entering into the area around the canal are setting off this bizarre behavior. Plus, we know they are looking for money for Heroin and for people to feed them because everyone knows that heroin addicts have no food because they are on heroin.

The evaluation of the events had led me to the conclusion that the Trench Coat Mafia believe that something else is going on at the canal other then what is really happening due to their excessive drug use and lack of formal education.

Then when people entered the area when the canal opened they ran out to harass them thinking something else was taking place, when they got there everything was normal outside and they were totally exposed. 

People on these harsh drugs and chemical substances often believe that something else is taking place other than what is actually happening. People visiting the new canal must have triggered some kind of psychological reaction which led them to lash out at the public acting on their false beliefs. Thus, exposing the larger situation.”

Valley Girl 1: “We think they are yelling at people at the canal on Heroin because they are trying to scare them away from their larger criminal activity, possibly a methamphetamines lab.”

Valley Girl 2: “We surveyed the area around the canal and this is what we discovered. The road near the park was recently blocked off for several months due to construction of the canal. The road area of the canal has just reopened and there is a small bridge there now where the canal has been finished at the lake. 

Across from the lake there is a small education center and a local theatre there for stage acting we believe.”

Valley Girl 3: “I later realized that this has to be the Trench Coat Mafia because of their exaggerated behavior, because that is what they do every time. Every time there is an incident with the Trench Coat Mafia their reaction is always over exaggerated that’s how we know it must be them.

Plus there is a local theatre there for plays I believe and a Historical Canal being built.  I think that their bizarre attachment to the local art, music, and acting community has also led them to be attached to Historical Recreations. This may be coming from their attachment to the acting community because they perform “Shakespeare in the Park” on the other side of Halifax outside during the Summer months.

I have diagnosed them with some kind Attachment Disorder, due to excessive heroin use. The exact disorder will be determined later.

We think that Shakespeare in the Park combined with the local theater at the Shubie Canal has led them to enact scenes in the Park thinking that they are inside some kind of play or something and performing on top of the new canal that just opened while they are on massive amounts of Heroin and methamphetamines. Just like they were doing in downtown Halifax.

I believe they are trying to scare people out of the area to protect some kind of other criminal activity by performing scenes from a play in front of the theater at the new canal.

What I believe is that while the canal was being constructed the road was blocked and criminals from the Trench Coat Mafia went in and set up some kind of illegal operation. Now they are infuriated because the road has reopened and the public is now travelling through the area and is interfering with their criminal operation. 

Now they are trying to scare people away from the area, but their excessive behavior has exposed the larger activity because of their overreaction to such a small event. The reaction was so large to people visiting the canal that I think is was some kind of hot button with them because of the larger criminal activity, possibly a methamphetamines lab , that they were trying to cover but it has now been exposed because of their over reaction to people visiting the canal. This lashing out at the public has exposed a larger mystery. 

I also think they may be trying to use water from the new canal in an attempt to run a methamphetamines lab which may be the run off water from the canal.

Valley Girl 1: “We surveyed the area and think the methamphetamines lab may be at Shubie Park which is a large wooded area at the top of the lake above the canal near the local shopping area. We think they may be also using the local shopping area to buy supplies to run a methamphetamines lab in the wooded area at Shubie Park and using run off water from the Canal to manufacture homemade methamphetamines.”

Valley Girl 2: “We are proceeding to the large wooded area at Shubie Park to investigate and look for clues, anything unusual at  Shubie Park is probably being caused by the bizarre activity of the Trench Coat Mafia and won’t match other events in the surrounding area.”

Valley Girl 3: “The psychological behavior pattern analysis I have performed has led me to believe based on the results that their future behavior patterns will lead them to the large wooded area in the park near the shopping area because of psychological brain pattern trending which predicts future behavior based on psychological analysis. 

Now we are proceeding into the large wooded area to investigate.”

The Halifax Valley Girl Mystery Solvers Team are now headed deep into the woods near the lake at Shubie Park by the large shopping area to look for clues in the mystery of the incident at Shubie Canal!


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