Friday, January 26, 2018

Popularity : Restaurants and Food are in for 2018

Famous Food is in for 2018
I was reading recently in one of the many Halifax Newspapers what is in for 2018, here is what I am into right now for 2018. Hopefully adding what I'm into for 2018 will help contribute to Halifax's popularity trends.

Big for 2018 is Food and Restaurants specifically the Food Network and Travel Shows and Food Tourism.

Right now what I'm into is visiting different cities and eating their restaurants famous recipes. So you watch the Food Network and then go to the City they feature on the show and then eat the food they make on television.

That's pretty exciting stuff, so they talk about the Philly Cheese Steak on those shows so if you go to Philadelphia try and go to one of those restaurants and eat there that was featured on the television.

Then do this all over the place, that is big right now with people I know.

The point is, watch those tv shows and then when you travel go to the restaurants and eat the recipe they showed on television, then do this all over the place. That is a super trendy thing to do right now.

There is more to it than that tho.

What people I know like to  do is watch the Food Network shows and then we try and make the recipes they feature on the television. 

So you see a great recipe from  a famous restaurant in Chicago but you can't buy that where you live, so we try and make that ourselves from watching it on television to see if we can do it, just for fun.

Then you watch the shows and make the food from scratch if you can't go visit the city to eat there.

Making recipes off shows like Burger Wars and stuff from famous restaurants far away is super in right now. Just watch the show and try to make their recipes from scratch then if you visit Chicago or somewhere try and go eat there, that's super fun.

Taking a trip to Chicago or Philadelphia to have a famous Burger or Cheesesteak Sandwich that was featured on television is super in right now, just taking the trip to eat at the restaurant featured on television is worth going!

Personally, I am addicted to City Food. My favorite food is from the North East United States and Canada for example, like Chicago and Philadelphia and places, that big City Food is super awesome. 

I can't get enough of Big City Food and Philly Cheesesteak restaurants. If you look for me in the big city that's where I'd be hanging out at....down by the NFL Arena's eating at Famous Burger Joints and Philly Cheese steak places like the one's featured on the Food Network.

North East USA & Canada Big City Food and Burger Joints are in for 2018! That's where you'll find me at...eating at burger joints beside the NFL Stadium! Delicious!

You can't always be down there though so when I'm at home I like making the recipes featured of shows like Burger Wars etc. like the 20 Pound Chicago Deli Sandwich or's super fun trying to make that stuff at home because you can't always be in Chicago.

You have to "get" where you are eating at tho, those are famous restaurants featured on television that are probably only in one city.

So the food you are eating at is Famous....but you can only get it in one city. The restaurant is famous....but it's only in Chicago or somewhere. 

Just remember if you saw the restaurant on Television and want to try their food, they are only famous (maybe) in one city.

Those restaurants are famous only in one place (maybe) so you have to go to that city to eat there.

So they are big name restaurants but they may only be in Chicago for example, so you can't get the food anywhere else. So you have to go to Chicago to eat there. So they have a big name in Chicago for example and are famous there but they are only in Chicago and were featured on television.

That's where you are eating's a famous restaurant only in Chicago that was featured on television on burger wars or something. 

So if you "get" that it's super exciting to go eat there and you can't get that food anywhere else so you have to travel to eat it or....try making it at home for fun. That is super in right now.

That is how you start a famous restaurant, no I am not going into the restaurant business,  when you open a restaurant in the big city you need a crazy burger or sandwich or something like the Philly Cheesesteak.

So if that was Halifax, you need a Burger or Sandwich so locally famous in Halifax that it gets featured on the Television Food Network and becomes the next Philly Cheesesteak (good luck, that sandwich is huge famous) then you would own a super huge famous local restaurant that people talk about on television.

That's the food you are eating when you travel or try and make it at home...super exciting!

So if you wanted to be a big famous restaurant then you need tons of crazy sandwiches and burgers and food items on the menu like the ones on Burger Wars etc. like in Chicago or Philadelphia. Then everyone in Halifax would be talking about your big city North East menu and and how awesome the Food is here like in Chicago and then you'd be on the Food Network and everyone would go eat there.

Knockoff menu items from those places you can get at local restaurants sometimes but they may not be good enough but it's still good food. You need the real deal in Chicago or Philly or make it yourself.

If you want to open a famous North East Big City food restaurant you might need some knockoff items from Chicago but you need real ones like on television like the 20 pound deli sandwich or something. 

You need as many of these big crazy food items on your menu as possible to be a famous restaurant. Then you may be the next philly cheese steak. 

What would be great is way more New York, Chicago and Philadelphia food around here like on Burger Wars like deli sandwiches and stuff like the Philly Cheesesteak.  

Then your restaurant would be famous locally and may even be featured in a food magazine or on television.

Remember,,,,Crazy big city North East Food is in for 2018 and if you want to have a famous restaurant you need TONS of Crazy North East Big City Food items on your menu like the 20 deli sandwich or philly cheesesteak. The more the better.

Then you make even be a famous restaurant and be in a magazine or on television with your crazy big city menu like in Chicago or Philly.

That is what's "in" for 2018. Delicious.


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