Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Heavy Metal News Update : You Suck

"Remember last year when some guy got scammed by some guy who claimed he was making a 17 string guitar? But, in reality he was buying them cheap from China and selling them as his own work?

"Well.....we covered it...now this week the guy bought the guitar and smashed it! Here is the video clip!"

Yeah, I remember that...kind of like when all those bands went out and plagiarized people in the last few years and put it out on a bunch of shitty record labels and now all your albums suck. 

Then when you say something they send you death threats on the internet and then all those shitty music blogs cover it as your guys record. 

That's because nobody knows who you people are in heavy metal music so you go around plagiarizing everyone all over the internet and say it's your work and it's just plagiarized and then you cover it as your music on a bunch of music blogs but you have no fans and it's just a music news update from some business that can't make it in music.

"Andrew W.K pays for a fans speeding ticket!"

No way! He must be rich or something! Yeah!

"Yeah that's super rare for a musician to  do something like that! Thumbs Up! Yea!"

Yeah no way! You guys must be super famous or something! 

"After a rough year for the Beatles, I mean the Faceless finished the year strong and have a new record coming out or something!"

Wow no way, according to the video clip of the Faceless you have no fans and look like you got dropped from Great White North Records and they cut you from their cancelled DVD Home Video ten years ago!

Not to mention you suck and all the bands in your scene plagiarize everyone!

Wow according to that the Faceless must be huge or something...a ten year anniversary of your album that no one ever heard of and that's the biggest thing on your music blog...wow do you make that at home in your bedroom or something?

Just like Slayer!

Whose latest album on Nuclear Blast sounds like it's all plagarized or somthing and now they are quitting and are on their last tour. No Way!

Slayer gets dropped from Sony and now they are quitting after everyone outside is saying that Repentless is plagiarized.

Well that's what a bunch of heavy metal bands are doing on shitty labels these days, plagarizing people and covering it on their music blogs...Yeah! Don't complain though you'll get spammed with death threats on the internet.

News Flash: Your "music scene" is a scam.



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