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Internet: Other Business Are Stealing People's Search Results on Google **Updated**

Google and are fake
Watch out on the internet, Google is stealing people's search results and loading them to different pages.

So if you type in your page for example of the web content on your site , it won't show your page in the search results.

Then it was transferring my queries on Google to .

So it's like you type in - Pepsi Max Super Promotion

then it scratches out the word Pepsi in the search and only lists Max Super Promotion

Then Max Super Promotion (this is just an example) was showing results on the page  for , what's that page then wikipedia? 

What did they use wikipedia's entries to make ?

Then get's your search result.

Then if you want to find your page you have to say "Pepsi Max Super Promotion" in quotations.

That's because the search engine is scratching out the larger word pepsi and transferring the query to under max super promotion.

So just be aware when you look for your content on the internet that Google and I don't know if its on other search pages are stealing your search queries and transferring them to other pages that they obviously are working with.

Then you have to use quotations to get your page to come up. 

So when you search on the internet for your page remember to to a "deep search" and use quotations and other search engines other than google because you can't trust the top search list anymore.

All the regular content has been pushed down the search result list and has been replaced by spam for other sites by stealing the search terms if they have no quotations on them.

Fucking pricks.

Just remember your page may be buried on the search engine now because it no longer lists pages accurately with no quotations, then those searches have been replaced as results for

Also remember, that has to be done manually at Google.

They must have staff they rewriting search terms and transferring them to other pages they are working with. They are doing that by editing the filters for the search.

So it's not an actual search of the internet, the query is filtered first and then transferred  over to a different result. Like they replaced your search term with another and then the top of the list is like an advertisement and then shows up.

You are fucking lame, please leave the planet because everyone in the world hates you no matter how many search terms you replace.

That just means is fake and is google so they fucking suck now to.

Why don't you people get your own content and stop using everyone else's and then stealing other people's search terms for you fake page. 

Suck it, losers.

Right so if your search term is popular like "Jason MacKenzie is awesome" then you enter that in google and the drop down comes up with the term in it and the when you search there are no results at all for it.

Then to get it you have to use quotations.

Then this comes up:

And on the page it says "reference information you can trust" and looks like a dead page anyway.

Then they stole your search term and linked it to that page.

Please get cancer.


As a personal note I hate these people with those internet  pages so fucking bad you can't even believe it. I mean, they don't own the internet and they just have a search page.

It's the same at wikipedia.

They are allowed use the internet dns records to run a business then they are continually tampering with the search terms and listing their pages. I'm looking right now and tons of search results just got killed on google.

Then they are saying that there are new pages that replaced them.

What they are trying to say is that your search terms aren't popular now and something replaced it. Then they just use that now as advertisements for their page.

Now when you search it looks like they killed all the old good pages with tons of plain text block search results.

So before your search term came up, now it brings up a huge plain block of text and your search term links to a new page now, plus all the old photos have been removed from google images.

I realize google is not the only search page, but they act like they own the internet.

Before you would get a huge list of photos come up on google images, now it generates a different list and all the old photos are gone.

So if you came up on google images before, now it's gone and your search term is being used by someone else and they took your pictures down.

Fuck the world hates you people.

Everyone was fucking using all that and they killed it. Then they replaced all the  photos on google images with unrelated crap and the old pictures aren't indexed.

Then they kept the old search terms and put them on different images and pages.

Then the old google search is gone and it looks like they loaded tons of boring encyclopedia entries on top of the old search  queries.

Then they go, although the old pages are still there, your search terms have been connected to these plain text pages that come up instead as advertisements for places like

You don't own the fucking internet cunt. 

Their search terms are all filtered now and it's not what's actually on the internet, it's all edited with their pages listed first and they stole the public's search terms.
Then google is like google plus now and  and now they are stealing everyone's search terms.

Let me guess, google is saying that you "have to use them now" because you have to log in to google plus to access all these pages like youtube and that's wikipedia.

Newsflash nobody has to "use your free internet pages". I just use whatever is out today and then drop it as soon as it sucks. So fuck you.

You can go fuck yourself on google and youtube and wikipedia while I use it everyday and tell you you suck.

Then when it fails I will just go use the other free sites or make my own page.

Everyone knows that business on the internet are not real pages and business anyway because anyone can make one. Those pages are just some guy like on facebook that made a page that got popular like google plus, then they thought they owned the internet and everyone had to use them so they started making all these crazy demands of their users.

Then everyone dumped them in one second and went over to and used that free service for something else because they wern't annoying you that day.

Why don't you stop thinking you're Kentucky Fried Chicken or something and that we have to use your site to eat KFC or something.

Nobody owns the fucking internet, you should be thankful that people use your page for free to see whats on the internet. 

Then you start making all these crazy demands of your customers like on google plus and stealing everyone's search terms.

Everyone will just switch to the other free page anyway and you and wikipedia and whoever the fuck you are can all fuck yourselves.

 Eat cock free search page.

***edit edit***

Oh right, this is making me rant about the internet. 

So if your page is not in the google search anymore the filtered it out of the search and they used it for their page, then it says "no results for your page" but their comes up, like on some page with their list.

Then to get yours you need quotations so it's in there but it's blocked. 

Then they go like this.

I'm using the internet like this with regular people....I have some music and band pages, like www, . Then I just stated the Great White North Records tribute page and those are like "plain text" or simple pages.

Then, that is to have may band stuff listed on the internet.

Then other people are going, "mp3 album list page" or saying click here to get an mp3 album off rapidshare or something.

So these are like plain pages on the internet like band pages or mp3 file list pages that people make at home for like band promotion.

So they are basic pages and not social media like facebook or google plus.

So our search results for band pages like my band Collapse or some guys mp3 list page for heavy metal albums, those get listed on Google.

So we're using that site to site for our stuff like band page to band page or for mp3 listing and stuff to get albums, so that's file sharing but it's also band promotion.

Then Google killed all our search results, so if you have a band page on the internet for like 20 years they killed it off the basic page and it's not in the search now.

Then they switched your search term to their pages like or some fucking social media page like a google plus affiliate. 

So it says brutal death metal band on a plain page like Ograsm Death Fuck or something then they killed that term  and used it for or some business page.

So they won't index the plain pages we use for band and mp3 promotion and they killed the old search terms from the old pages and switched them to their pages off google plus.

Fuck you thief. So they stole our content and used it for their business searches and social media pages.

Right, then listen to this.

This is where they are fucking bullshit.

They put up the Digital Millennium Copyright notice on google and killed those search terms so you can file share.

Then google plus is now on youtube. 

Youtube has all the copyrighted content on it for free. All of youtube has all copyrighted material all over it, anyone can post anyone elses album on there. 

Then they killed it on google and you have to use youtube to share albums on the internet.

So if you make a plain mp3 page, and then link to rapid share they can't fucking say anything to you about using anyone else's material.

That's because they let you do in on youtube on google plus, but then they kill your search result on the google search page and stole them.

Then they let you see it on youtube.

So you can post other people's stuff on youtube, then they try and censor you at home for making  a plain webpage page with links to albums on it links rapidshare.

Then youtube fucking stole it.

Then they let you do that on youtube, if it comes from google plus. 

They don't fucking own that. Youtube doesn't own any of that material.

That's the same as you making it at home and sharing albums on your own page while you promote your death metal band, then they killed your search on google and take your files down.

Then they gave it to google and youtube but they don't fucking own it.

Then the bigger sites like google plus and social media tried to take all the small pages material and use it for you tube then then they stole their search results.

Like from the death metal band pages and mp3 file sharing people with regular pages.

Right so I don't really use any of that very much, I use the regular plain pages with death metal band stuff on it. 

Then I try to find a download of their album.

Now on google they killed the small pages search terms off their websites and you cant see where their records and band pages are at.

Then they stole their search terms and pointed them at the google plus network and youtube for social media.

So the bigger social media pages are trying to kill the smaller pages like death metal pages by omitting search results , then they try to make you list your content on their social networks.

Fuck them, there are like 8767598647 regular pages  for stuff like death metal and like 4 pages on thier site google, youtube, wikipedia and google plus.

Then they killed indexing our pages and put the search terms on theirs and try to make you use them instead.

Then on top of that, they took the file sharing on the main html internet and gave it to youtube and let you do it on their fucking page.

Then they try and block you at home from doing that on your html page and linking to files, then they stole your search terms for some dumb fucking encyclopedia.

Fuck you cunts. 

So the pages people like me use for band promotion and other people for file sharing albums lists they stop indexing them and use the search terms for their pages, while they let youtube broadcast copyrighted material openly with no consequences  and anyone can use it.

Then youtube runs ads on copyrighted material that people post and make money illegally off file sharing on the page. That's because the user doesn't own the content and youtube plays ads on it and make money.

Then that's illegal on all other webpages on the internet , except youtube. You can't do that at home because they will shut you down, but they let youtube do it. Youtube doesn't own the fucking internet.

That's why I hate those fucking pages on the internet, youtube is all copyright infringement, then you'e not allowed at home. 

Then Youtube has internet television that would be good but it still isn't out yet.

Fuck ya then bastard, I'll just use something else then on the internet.


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