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News: Modern Scientisits Prove Einstein's Theory Right, duh.

Albert Einstein & Nikola Tesla
I posted this from the CBC News, I'm not blaming them for the article they are just reporting on others people's work.

Einstein is proven right yet again — this time on a galactic scale:

Proven right yet again? He's probably always right anyway.

Anyway, everybody already knows that. 

How many times do scientists have to make the news proving something that everyone already knows is true anyway.

Einstein's theories are true, and not only that they are more likely fact. They are also old facts from the year 1900 and on top of that they are quoting him wrong in science and news, that's because they are losing the translation.

Now I'm no expert in quantum psychics yet, but this is stuff I like to read about.  


""It is so satisfying to use the best telescopes in the world to challenge Einstein, only to find out how right he was," said researcher Bob Nichol of England's University of Portsmouth."

Why do they let these people use the Hubble Space telescope and stuff? 

They are using that equipment to test Einstein's theory , then they found out he was right. DUH! That's like getting up every morning watching to see if the Sun is going to come up.

Everyone knows it will, if you need to check that everyday with a telescope to prove it then you are retarded. 

That's what they are checking with the Hubble Telescope etc. to see if Einstein's theory is right. Everyone know's it is.

In the related article is says "scientists can't believe they found a galaxy with no dark matter in it".....duh, obviously the Universe is infinite, that means it goes on forever.

Don't you think when viewing an object of that size that you are practically guaranteed to find anomalies like that?

Statistically, there has to be stuff like that out their because if the infinite number of galaxies. Obviously that could be a failed galaxy or something or a dead galaxy or something.

With the size of the infinite universe being infinite there are probably countless  failed galaxies for example and would have no dark matter, even if that's what it is at all.



"One property of gravity described by Einstein is that objects with considerable mass can bend the light of distant objects. This was first proven in the Milky Way during an eclipse in 1919, when astronomer Arthur Eddington witnessed deflected light from a star that appeared near the sun.

This phenomenon, called "gravitational lensing," can be quite dramatic when massive galaxies bend the light of galaxies that lie behind them. This is known as "strong gravitational lensing.""

They say right in the article that this is research from 1919, plus and they are reading the English translation from what German or something, where ever Einstein is from and are quoting him "again" in the news in the wrong context.

Listen people, those scientists are using the Hubble Space Program to prove the Sun comes up, we could really use a new space program.  

I don't even think they are referring correctly to Einstein's theory of relativity (E=MC2).

They are saying that Einstein's theory on this is that the "gravity"  caused by the size of an object "bends" light, then the gravity is the mass of the galaxy.

In Einstein's equation E=MC2 , the M means the mass of an object.

In the article they are saying the mass of the object which is a "galaxy" bends light.

That's NOT what Einstein is saying, therefore the Scientists in the article are WRONG.

Also, they use the Theory of Relativity as a "blanket term" for a body of work, which it may be but I don't know. The actual theory of relativity (E=MC2) is a separate term.

Then they are saying they are talking about Gravitational Lensing.

In the article they say that the mass of the galaxy bends the light around it.

Not correct.

What Einstein means is that when you view outer space and look at a Galaxy it creates the effect of looking through a lens, like you're holding up a pair of glasses around the object.

So, when you look at a galaxy the galaxy creates the effect of eye glasses, around it.

Objects on the other side of the galaxy appear distorted because the object, which is the galaxy creates a lens effect as if the galaxy was acting as "eye glasses" when viewing objects around it.

For example it would be like looking at outer space through a pop bottle, everything would be concaved.

When you look into outer space and view a galaxy, you see the galaxy but objects around it are concaved.

That's because you are looking through the galaxy at objects on the other side of it.

The galaxy would create a "pop bottle" effect and distort images that aren't in the galaxy.

It's like this, you can see through a Galaxy and look at things on the other side of it.

The Galaxy itself would create a "glass effect" when you see it.

Objects in the galaxy would be clear, then objects on the other side of the galaxy would be distorted because it's like you are looking at them through glass. 

That is the concave effect they are talking about.

That is called Gravitational Lensing,  meaning the galaxy is so large that it distorts the view of objects on the other side of creating a concave effect around the galaxy.

The mass of the galaxy does not "bend light", they are wrong. 

It is just a visual effect.

Again that is not the theory of relativity E=MC2.

The theory of relativity means that if the galaxy exploded then the energy released would be directly related to the mass of the galaxy.

Einstein says that the mass of the galaxy would determine how much energy would be released if it blew up.

That is not theory people it is a fact like the sun coming up everyday.

In Einsteins theory of relativity E=MC2...

E means "energy released"

M  means the size of the object.

C2 means the speed of light squared.

That means if you hit an object at the speed of light squared , it's energy output would be based on the mass of the object.

The larger the mass of the object the higher the energy output when you hit it with another object.

That has nothing to do with gravitational lensing.

Gravitational Lensing is image distortion.

Theory of Relativity is a scientific formula to determine energy output.

Therefore, your scientific theories wrong and you are incorrect.

Einstein's theories are old people from like the year 1900 to explain everyday phenomenon like energy output, travel times in vehicles and image distortion in astronomy.

It has nothing to do with fictional events like time traveling machines and objects that can bend light.

Plus that is what is written in all in the books.

As a side note I posted a picture of Albert Einstein with Nikola Tesla who worked on the invention of power and the Tesla Coil.

Although Einstein is great and all with his super weapon I find Nikola Tesla a more mysterious and interesting character, Tesla also created a super weapon he claimed called the "Tesla Death Ray" but after he revealed it he quit and retired and it was never made.

I may in fact have one of these buried in a field in my back yard.


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