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My Music: Collapse - Mechanisms Of Oppression Bootlegs

Collapse-Mechanisms of Oppression-Jason Mackenzie
How long does it take anyway to launch a record? This has been out since 2008, this is my second Death Metal demo CD.

This version it the cancelled version, now this is bootlegged. The original version was scrapped and not properly released, internet says 100 copies. Yeah, I doubt that.

Anyway, the story is this was probably going to be out on Great White North Records before they closed and I got ripped off.  <--Visit my Great White North Records Tribute page.

The distributor was The End Records, that would have probably been distributed by them. That's all the Heavy Metal Magazines and stores posers.

Now they are owned by BMG Rights Management. That's how awesome my music is wimps.

Instead I kept the records for myself, otherwise it may have ended up in a BMG catalog somewhere and I'd get nothing for it.

This version of the album has been bootlegged. I am the only important member in the band on this album, I also wrote most of it and recorded it in my own studio.

That's why I won't give it to some lame metal magazine.

That is the Demo Version that is out now, probably with multiple packaging versions, so you can get that now on the internet.

That is out and I'm not tracking it down unless a label stamps it. It kind of says "Forward Regression" on it, that is my label name.

If you see this out it might be bootleg, and they likely more than 100 copies pressed anyway.

This leads me to the next thing, I might have some of these for sale at some point. However, that is not the real band Collapse, it is the Demo Lineup.

I might be selling that later but's it's not on a label it's just a demo. I also might be repressing Destroying By Design the Great White North Version, which seems to have some bootleg and collectable value.

I am working on new music still, it's a big thing we're working on but hopefully it will be four cd's all together, it's two albums, 1 ep and a 2CD Compilation album of rough material.

I'm trying to get the first album and ep out THIS SUMMER. 

Then, I'm repressing the last four cd's. I might also do the first two albums the Destroying By Design album, the Great White North Version and an official press of the Mechanisms of Oppression Demo, but it's a demo and not on a label.

Then I am also releasing other bands material on Forward Regression later, I will post samples of that material later.

After that, I may be signing other bands to Forward Regression in a couple years. MAYBE.

It's a shitty record deal and you get no money for it. Maybe a crappy royalty, I don't know yet.

Then your band would get listed on our marketing campaign that we are gearing up for later. That's advertising and promotion and shit on the internet. 

The record deal sucks and you don't get any money but you'll be in my marketing campaign and band promotions on the internet. This will be later.

The point here is the your band promotion or distribution will be at that will be listed on your band if I put your music out or work with you. Then when it goes to stores for promotion that used to be Polygram. 

Then I also run the Great White North Records tribute page, that's The End Records and is BMG now.

So if I carry your record or list you on my band promotion and distribution shit then your band will be listed on those pages when I promote my band to stores and shit for distribution.

This is starting next year.  If you're thinking of trying to get in on that just keep and eye on my internet pages for when it opens.Write me then about it.

Then, when I start calling Tower Records Head Office and places like that all the time and sending them band flyers I'm saying I'm Banzai Records and kind of like I'm from The End Records and Sonic Unyon bands because it used to be on it and shit so they will think I'm Polygram or something. Its just a gimmick.

Then, I am working directly with record stores head offices and shit and for our advertisements to their stores and they are taking our promo cds and stuff.

That does not pay me money, that would be from cd sales etc.

So my record deal is a shitty deal but you would still get royalties and shit, then for stuff I carry all this goes directly to Record Stores, but I can't guarantee your record will sell. I am also doing this for anything I distribute.

Right so, we're doing those little Promo Cd's in Cardboard sleeves and stuff, and Compilation Album Promos in Card board sleeves and stuff, we're also doing CD singles. 

All this crap and promotion materials get sent to Record Stores Head Offices and Radio Stations, that doesn't guarantee sales but they will see your album if I release it or for stuff I distribute. Then it goes in our internet promotions and shit.

All this is being paid for by my Record Label Forward Regression, but it is not huge yet so there is no money yet.

All the Record Label stuff is going to be Promotional Material like Cardboard Promo Cds and stickers and flyers and shit for companies to look at, then it's promotion on the internet.

That's where your cd would be at, and you would get copies.

I'm willing to work with bands in special arrangements if you don't have tons of money for doing your band stuff. This will not be starting until like next summer.

Then when I call all these record companies and distributors and shit I can maybe mention your band.

Here is the point though, Forward Regression does all Mastering for our own albums. I guarantee you probably can not afford this.

So if you recorded your record, it would have to be mastered here for the final mix. Yes, you would get to hear it first. Then it has our sound on it. That means it would sound like the other albums on Forward Regression.

That would cost you like $5000 minimum anywhere else. Plus that would be a bargain for you if I did that.

That would mean I would own your record and you would only get a royalty.

Your recording would have like $5000 worth of mastering and shit on it, that's more than it cost you to record it. That's why Record Companies will talk to me because I have all that for my Label.

That means I would own your record and you would just get a royalty plus promotions. Yes, you would still get copies for your band. Anyway, I would work something out with you if the band was good.

There are like 15 bands with material in production at Forward Regression right now, and its all pro mastered and shit and their Promo stuff is going out to tons of stores next summer.

Just check back later to listen to it and stuff. That starts next summer for store, radio and internet promotions.



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