Monday, June 11, 2018

Main CNN News headlines for the summit explained

1. North Korean Prisoner - The person was probably released back to the United States near death to set an example to people for some reason. That's probably to show what happens to you in North Korea is you mess around in there.

CNN will use this to make Donald Trump look weak and then say he can't handle the situation. Then they are setting up the news to say he is going to insult Kim Jong Un at the summit with a personal insult.

Then they already used the Summit to start running the next Democratic candidate for the next presidential election.

2. The Pizza Guy arrested at a military base - they are running this story on CNN to ruin the President during the Summit tonight.

They are trying to say that the pizza guy who is an illegal immigrant was arrested at a military base because of Donald Trump's policy.

Then they are saying he is innocent and was only arrested because the President hates immigrants. This is to ruin the Presidents image during the summit while they run a Democrat candidate.


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