Monday, June 11, 2018

You are making me rant on the internet!!!!

Stop making me rant on the internet!

You are all fake on CNN and everyone can see through you, you are just lying and making me rant.

Google took our search terms and put them on CNN's page and banned us from Google search.

Then they are in violation of every FCC law in America and are on their air during the summit saying that they can say whatever they want with no consequences.

Then Washington DC wont fine them at the FCC and then they stole everyone's search terms and gave them to Kate Bouldwin and them on CNN.

Then they took they 4G phone network and gave it to google.

Now I am ranting, the number one reason is I want the search terms back, stop mocking the public with you smit ways shit on the air thinking you're better than us.

CNN stole everyones search terms on google, then they are on their mocking everyone and the FCC wont close them.

You don't own the internet.



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