Monday, June 11, 2018

CNN Television Advertisements

Ok, I'm going try and not sit here all day ranting at CNN on television and complaining on the internet.

I was going to post about the diet I am on and then they ran the nutrisystem ad and it reminded me of that.

They say you just eat and lose weight.

That is correct, you know why?

There is no substance in the food, like McDonalds, that's why you lose weight.

So when you eat nutrisystem you eat but there is not nourishment in it, that's why you lost weight.

So nutrisystem would be the same as just eating something like toast for every meal. Then you don't die of starvation and lose weight.

Then they just build that format into nutrisystem and make it look like other food, so it'd be the same as just drinking water all the time, there is just enough in your stomach not to be hungry.

That's like Mcdonald's, except their food is just fat.

Nutrisystem just has nothing in  at all, like a bread and water diet but it looks like other food that's why you lose weight.

That's for another detailed post later in my food and diet section of this blog.

Right now I'm watching CNN for their coverage of the summit and they are making me yell at the television they are lying so bad, then they stole everyone's search terms on google and gave them to you tube.

Now John King is next and thinks its a new day now and nothing ever happened this morning, then it's the same coverage and they just continue to rip off viewers all day pretending the other hosts aren't doing that.

I don't know what their lying about on their all day but it has me glued to CNN and I can't stop ranting about it on this blog all day.

Plus I am their boss in real life at work and they are about to be fired by Washington DC.


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