Monday, June 11, 2018

North Korea: Attention Kim Jong Un

Attention Kim Jong Un,

When you meet with Donald Trump make sure your to add to your "demands" the returning of our internet searches back from google and point them back to our pages.

Don't let the white devils in Wasington DC steal our heavy metal internet searches at google, this is a huge problem plus they won't give North Korea internet television.

They they stole the searches at google and stole the smartphone network and won't give it back, CNN is doing this and saying you look stupid on television during the summit.

Hopefully this is illegal to disrespect you during the summit in Korea, if that is illegal there they are there for the summit please have them detained and help get back our google internet searches from youtube.

Plus Android is free and they won't give us the network, google stole it from Washington DC, please help restore order to North America at the summit and help get our searches back, please help us maintain our laws here , thanks Jason MacKenzie.

ps, good luck at the summit it looks really good for Asia, thanks!


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