Sunday, June 10, 2018

Internet: Why Google Sucks

This is why Google sucks:

Google's whole business is collecting free stuff on the internet and then trying to charge for it or make money off it.

In no particular order, this why Google is set to become the most hated company to ever exist.

First it was a free search engine, now they are the google plus network.

The Android Smartphone - Google took Linux and made android and they loaded onto ever smartphone now like Mac Apple phone.

So they took Linux and loaded it onto everything and charge for it, that was free.

Now you can wipe Android phone and load them with Linux or Unix, explained earlier on this blog. Anyway, I think a Unix smart phone would be super awesome.

Now you can make free calls on your on version of Linux. 

Again , the Smartphone is a free service where you can make free calls on the internet and it runs a free operating system.

Then the Government took the 5G Satellite Internet and gave it Google Android. 

The Government owns the G5 network or manages it, just like the regular internet.

Then, the G5 wireless network is a wireless version of the same home internet. 

The Government won't release it to the public. You can't subscribe to the G5 network and use your phone free.

That's because they gave it to Google for the Android phone and they charge by the megabyte to download and it doesn't cost them anything.

The Government blocked all home users from the G5 network and won't let us have it for home use.

Then they gave it to Google and Apple. 

The network runs free and it's the same internet as home internet, with the same dns server.

Then you can't subscribe to that for your personal use. Meaning that at home you can buy land internet and use it for whatever you want.

Then you can't buy the G5 network and take it with you.

If you could do that you could use it on you laptop and smartphone, plus they could broadcast it free anyway.

If they released the G5 network for home use with the regular internet you could reload a smartphone at home with Linux or Unix and make free calls anywhere wireless, then you add the G5 network card to your laptop and it's free anywhere.

Then they took the G5 network and gave it to two customers Google and Apple.

That's for their phones that run Linux a free operating system.

Then they took the internet and locked in it three devices and are charging three bills for one service.

They made it home internet.

Then they made wireless internet, it's the same internet. They took that and made it the "Internet Stick". Then if you want your laptop anywhere you have to use the internet stick for a second bill. That is probably the G5 network anyway.

Then they made the G5 network and gave it to Google and Apple for smartphones and tablets for a third bill and more devices.

So they made the internet and its wireless and one service with one dns.

Then they broke it into sections and gave it to Corporations like Google and Apple.


Then they made PC's and Laptops and charge you for that on the internet at home.

Then they may wireless laptop and put that on the "internet stick" for a second device and bill.

Then they made tablets and smartphones and put that on a third bill and more devices  on the G5 network.


What they are doing is breaking one internet connection in three tiers. 

Then you need as separate device to access each tier. That's three bills people for the same internet.

Then you need an internet stick for you laptop, and G5 for you phone and land line for your pc.

That's three devices to access one connection and three bills. Plus you need a separate device to access each service which is more money.

Who gets the money? Apple and Google get it, then that's all free Operating Systems they run.

Then you can't use your laptop on the G5 so they gave them the Google Chromebook.

That's a laptop with no hard drive on Linux that runs the G5 network probably, I don't have one.

So the Government just gave all that to google for nothing and cut out the public. Then we aren't allowed to use the G5 network for home use and Google is and it's just a webpage and runs on free software then they stole the whole G5 network and the Government won't let anyone on it.

Then Google just keeps making devices for it.

All you need is one connection to the G5 network at home and it runs all your devices with free roaming telephone that you program at home.

Then the Government broke that down into three tiers and 500 devices and gave it to Google.

Then all google services run off free content.

Then they removed everyone's searches from google and are using them for advertising on other peoples material on youtube.

Then they wont release Internet Television, on the wireless G5 network globally, and won't let you use it at home for regular purposes.

No, that's because Google and Apple have to have it.

Then all the smartphone apps are on Google play, so if you write a smart phone app you have to put it on Google play, then they block your page in the search and place ads on your content on youtube.

Then when you buy a Smart tv, they block google play so you can't load a television app on it to add free channels like public broadcasting.

So the government gave Youtube the smart tv for internet content, and they gave Google the G5 network and the wireless network. So to access it at home you need a land line and a router.

Then the Government let companies put Youtube on smart tvs and then blocked free public broadcasting because they gave it to google instead.

So when you buy a smart tv you can't go on and load google play because they blocked it, that way you can't access the free public broadcasting tv app.

So you can load the CBC TV App onto your phone or pc, but you can't load it onto the smart tv because they block google play.

So if you get Sony blu ray  it runs but you can't load a free app for CBC free public broadcasting.

Instead they gave it to youtube, then you need google play to run the CBC App but they blocked it. 

Then youtube runs advertisements on content they don't own.

Then google blocks your page search or their website, but they run advertisements on youtube.

Right so they won't release any of that to the public or release wireless internet television on the G5 or home network.

Then they gave it to google plus that just runs spam on it on smart tvs and sells 500 different devices to access one internet connection on one dns.

Then google just makes money of free content and the Government gave them the wireless G5 network and a free Corporation, then they just run ads on it on other peoples content and wont put out global internet television.


Do not listen to the people making these decisions at the Government, tell them to drop dead.

The internet is ONE INTERNET.

All devices across all platforms work on one internet.

All you need is one connection the G5 phone network and it runs all devices wireless.

Plus, it should be free anyway.

Then you can use any home device on it free, or a small internet fee.

That gives you free roaming telephone, tablet and laptop. 

Plus you PC will work in any room wireless.

Then the television should be global internet television on any device wireless on the G5 network for home use.

All you need is the G5 netwok.

Don't support a Government that gives everything to Google and Apple for free, then they are built on free content like Linux. 

Those companies should be stripped off the internet and then it should be released for home use on the G5 network for our devices.

Why should they get to own the G5 network at Google and Apple that just run free software?

Then the Government won't give us a turn on it at home to us for our devices to use to make our stuff because google has to have everything.

Everyone at home should be allowed to use that as well. They shouldn't get to have that, no instead the Government gives you three bills for one service and then expects you to buy 500 devices to access them.

Then they just gave that to Google and Apple because they fucking hate you.

People should demand that the G5 network be released for home use for free.

It should be free because it's beamed into your house anyway.

Then they beamed it into everyone's house and it drives all your devices at home and outside and then they took it from you and gave it to Google and Apple.

The they make you pay Google and Apple for a service that is already wireless beamed into your house. 

Google doesn't fucking deserve that, plus anyone I know already knows how to load Linux onto a smartphone.

Then the government blocked it by making the SIM CARD, that blocks home users from the G5 network.

The sim card is just there to block you from using the G5 network on your laptop and phone that you program yourself.

Like do you understand that they made ONE SERVICE it's the internet....then they triple charge to access it. 

Then they lock it so that you need multiple devices to use it. That's so that they can get more money out of you by forcing you to get different machines to get the different internet connections.


Then they gave all that access to Google and Apple! Fuck them!

All you need is the FREE G5 Connection at home and it runs all devices with free telephone. Then you would pay for internet television but...

They won't release it!

Then they gave it all to Google and Apple and want like 10 payments for it per month and you need 500 devices , 1 for each feature.

That's right you need a separate device for each feature, when they all work on one device for nothing. 

I'm telling you people we need to throw the Government in the garbage and make a new one. They are fucking crap!

Then they block your regular web pages from google and want you to pay three bills a month for someone else to make money off you on youtube at google.


You fucking cunts running all that giving all our content to google when the public makes the internet and then charging us back for it from "your government" not ours really need to leave this planet because the whole world fucking hates you with your fucking Eqiufax and Monthly payments to Google for stuff the public made and is free anyway.


I said it six months ago and everyone knows that the G5 internet and phones are free now.

So fuck you, why don't you fucking get on our requirements and stop giving everything to fucking google fucking piece of shit government.

Suck it, ass holes.Please leave the planet now bastard.

PS. Stop tampering with everyone's search queries and mp3 sharing or you'll be deleted from the internet in our next update.


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