Friday, June 1, 2018

Relationships & Dating: The Real Reason That Girl (or guy) Turned You Down

Never Turn Down A Hot Girl
I have been reading this stuff on the internet about the "pitfalls" of dating hot girls and why regular girls are better etc. and stuff like hot girls who date average guys, like what's up with that anyway?

My main point here is this, I'm trying to answer the question of why someone wouldn't want to date a hot girl (or guy). Like why would some girl turn down a hot guy or why would a guy not want to go out with a hot girl.

First though this is my advice to men, never turn down a hot girl. 

The only reason I can think of that you would say no to a hot girl is because your regular girlfriend has money. Money is the only reason I can think of that would make a guy turn down a hot girl.

That's why to avoid this problem as a guy you need to have your own money, never depend on a girl for money. That is a trap you can never get out of, plus you can never meet better looking women when you depend on a girl for money.

Never ever turn down a hot girl, ever. You whole life has been leading to that moment. If you are in a relationship and a hot girl tries to pick you up, take her offer every time.

If you turn this offer down it will never happen to you again, trust me always go with the hot girl.

I guarantee that it is worth ruining you current relationship for one day with a hot girl, you will be the only guy that didn't go out with a hot girl for one day in your life if you ever get the opportunity.

If you are a guy you should never turn down a hot girl, always take this opportunity.You should jump right in  one second and go with the hot girl, that is the better deal than your current relationship even for only one day. You will never regret one day with a hot girl, trust me you can never go wrong with the hot girl.

As a guy, you should ruin everything for one day with a hot girl. Never turn down this opportunity, you will regret this for the rest of your life. When that happens to you your whole purpose is to be with that girl for one day and that's it. Don't worry about what happens later nothing that you gave up can ever compare to the hot girl, trust me it is worth it.  

Don't listen to other people, I guarantee that it is worth it to go out with the hot girl for one day.

You will not regret that decision.

For me now I am single, that is because I am super busy with stuff I am working on and I spend all my time on myself and don't have space for other people. 

That leaves me available anyway to the one day with a hot girl scenario, so I have time to fit that in.

Now people say there on the internet that there is a downside to dating a hot girl, that is not true.

It's not that hot girls aren't intelligent they just like nail polish and stuff and that's all they talk about. Other girls these people are talking about are into other things like they are, normal stuff. That's what they talk about when they say regular girls are better in a relationship, they mean they want to talk about fixing the floor tiles and shit.

Hot girls only talk about nail polish and stuff. If you go out with a hot girl all they talk about is nail polish and stuff, the guy is supposed to fix the floor by himself. Anyway, the other girls are probably just talking about fixing the floor to compete with the hot girls who don't have too. That way they can meet guys by establishing a "deeper relationship" about fixing shit around the house.

For me, I am into stuff all the time and always end up ignoring people and spending too much time to myself working on shit. So I don't mind having a hot girl here because she can just sit there and do her nails or something while I am busy.

A hot girl will just sit there and do her nails when you are busy with your music and shit, then they don't annoy you about whats on you computer and shit all the time.

A hot girl can just go do her hair or something when they are at your house because that's all they are into, then you have all kinds of time for working on other stuff if you need a lot of time to yourself like I do.

I don't need some girl here entertaining  me all day talking about my floor tiles and shit, that's why I like hot girls because they are easy to go out with and don't bother the shit in your apartment.

These people going on about hot girls are not a good in a relationship must have to much time on there hands or something and need constant attention or something. Holy fuck, get a hobby or something, you're spending too much time talking to your girlfriend if you think hot girls are not as good in relationships.

Always take the hot girl, even if it's just for one day. You will never regret this.

Now this is the big question, why did someone turn you down if you are hot?

If you are hot and a girl (or guy) has turned you down this is why. 

There are only two reasons that I can figure out as to why a girl would turn you down if you are hot, one is that they are handicapped. 

Although, the girl (or guy) may have seemed normal and you are hot when you asked her out she said no and acted all fucked in the head and that may have never happened to you and you can't understand it.

The reason is that she (or he, for girls) is handicapped and doesn't know you are good looking. 

Although you thought the person was normal they were in fact handicapped and didn't know you were hot and turned you down. No one ever turns down someone hot, if they did it's because they are handicapped.

They don't know you are hot.

The second reason is that they have a deformed vagina.

The other reason a girl would turn you down when you are hot is because she has a deformed vagina and can't go out with you because of her terrible vagina.

Then her partner is also probably deformed and they are in this love only relationship and can't show other people their deformed genitals.

So when you see a hot girl with an average looking guy it's because she has a deformed vagina is the only reason I can think of for that situation, then the guy probably has something wrong with him too and they are in some kind of "special" arrangement and don't like regular people because of their genital deformities.

Then girl can't show you her vagina because she is deformed and you are normal.

Just remember, the only reasons I can think of  that a girl would turn you down if you are hot is because she has a deformed vagina or is handicapped or both but appeared to be normal. 

Plus, always remember to say yes to the hot girl every time.

If someone turned you down and you are hot it's because they have deformed genitals. Just remember you are not alone if this terrible rejection has happened to you. Plus it was their fault anyway.


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