Monday, June 11, 2018

News: Here we go again, and my psychic prediction.

Everyone said they didn't like NAFTA because we're losing sovereignty over free trade across the border.

Now, Donald Trump is pulling out of NAFTA with Canada and everyone's crying in the news saying they don't like that either.

It's pretty easy, if they go into NAFTA everyone hates NAFTA, if they pull out everyone hate's pulling out.

That's pretty easy journalism, why don't you try and prove me wrong on the news then steal everyone's search terms on google and give them to youtube.

Here are my psychic predictions....Google and CNN are going to close and then tons of Companies will go bankrupt when they give us the 5G internet network.

Then, the next thing that will happen is free electricity at home and an increase in checks and wages with lower rent.

This is because technology is making everything free it's so cheap, soon it will be household power.

In the meantime the Government is holding it from us against the people and gave it to two businesses for nothing Google and Youtube. 

Right, then CNN just lies all day about the President for Wolf Blitzer.

Yeah, I've think I've pretty much seen enough of what that group of officials had to offer, next please. 


Just watching the news and all they are talking about is themselves now because Anthony Bourdain from CNN killed himself. 

Everyone knows why he killed himself, it's because their all criminals on the news attacking the President, he probably knew he was going to get caught.

Anyway, I'm glad he killed himself, I'll be glad when they all kill themselves.

Stop lying on the news and trying to overthrow the President in public in all these scam and then maybe you wont have to off yourselves to get out of it.

My only surprise is why he didn't do it on live tv.

Too bad we didn't live in one of those countries where people just ran in and set them all on fire.

Life's not fair that way to us over here.


ps Give us our fucking internet search terms back or please continue  committing suicide together. suck it bastard.  


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