Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Food: The Pillsbury Bake Off Contest Entry

This is not a secret so I can reveal some of these details about the Pillsbury Bake-Off entry.

A friend of my from Fort Lauderdale is somehow trying to compete in the Pillsbury Bake-Off maybe. I'm not sure how she's doing any of this but it takes place in Flordia.

My big reveal for food inventions was the French Toast Grilled Cheese Sandwich and the Philly Cheesesteak Egg Roll.

She is also into that stuff and is making recipes and stuff and attempted to compete in the Pillsbury Bake-Off from Flordia.

Anyway she is 29 and is trying to make a food invention, which I can say in public because it's not a secret where she lives at. At her house she has made a short lived food magazine which may return or not, but I am not sure. She is also trying to compete is cooking contests, but that is not the real thing she's doing.

She is trying to start a business making food products so I thought I would share her entry in the Pillsbury Bake-Off.

When you go to her house she has all these dishes and stuff there that you're not allowed using because she uses them for taking pictures of food in a food magazine and cookbook. She has made food magazine stuff and also worked on making cookbooks.

At her house she has is setup inside as a set for a photo shoot for a food magazine or cook book and you're not allowed using anything. All the dishes she has are for display only I am told and your not allowed eating off them. They are for magazine pictures and cook book pictures only.

All the dishes she has are for food photo shoots only, so she uses her house and kitchen like a set to take pictures of the food she bakes, anyway she's "trying to make it" in the food business.

This includes a short lived food magazine and cook book stuff. She makes all that herself at home and takes all the pictures on her own dishes with good camera equipment and lighting and stuff and then tries to put together the magazine with articles and cook book stuff on her computer at home like in a home office.

So she has her house set up like she's making a magazine and then has tons of dishes and stuff for photo shooting the food she's making. I can reveal the Pillsbury Bake-Off entry and only that at this point because it's not a secret.

She takes all these photos and stuff of the food she makes for her own magazine and cook book and is trying to make it in food.

Her actual goal however is to make food for the Supermarket like an instant cake mix or something.

Her entry is this:

Instant Berry Cupcakes.

This is the story of the Instant Berry Cupcakes, this hopefully someday will be a Betty Crocker like Cupcake mix in a box at the store.

She's trying somehow to debut these Cupcakes around the Pillsbury Bake-Off or somewhere and then trying to package it as an instant cup cake mix, like an instant cake mix. 

There is a gimmick to the Instant Berry Cupcakes, they are supposed to be like an instant cupcake mix that comes with frosting and a packet of berries. Then you just water and stuff and mix them together.

The idea is that the Cupcake Boxes for the store will be in various flavors and with different kinds of berry packets. Then you can interchange the berry packets between the boxes to make different combinations of cupcakes.

So the Instant Berry Cupcakes come in different flavors and the ingredients are interchangeable between the boxes so you cam mix them together in different combinations to make different flavors of cupcakes.

Like you can make strawberry, blueberry or raspberry Instant Berry Cupcakes separate or interchange them to make strawberry/blueberry/raspberry cupcakes  all mixed together. Like lego blocks or something.

That's supposed to be a "rainbow of berry cupcakes" that you can buy the different boxes to make separate cupcakes and then you can buy combinations in boxes of cupcakes and them mix them together to make new cupcake flavors.

Apparently, this may also come with a recipe book on how to mix them together to make the new flavors.

That is the attempted Bake-Off entry. Those exist anyway, then she is trying to box them like cake mixes.

Right now, she is in the test phase and has samples boxed at her house of the Instant Berry Cupcakes mixes.

She went out and somehow had these boxed mixes made and had the berries dehydrated etc. then they re-hydrate in the wet cupcake mix.  Anyway, she's getting a business or something to help her make that.

Then they sent her back all these plain brown boxes with the Instant Berry Cupcake mix name printed on it and flavor in several formats.

Now she didn't get a ton of these made and they are just samples to see they are any good. They are not the contest entry the regular one is but she just got back the sample boxes.

So that's pretty neat seeing all that, the brown boxes with no pictures in them with your own cupcake mix inside them.

That's where she is at in her food development, I'm told they are "pretty good" for an attempted boxed cupcake mix.

So she had samples manufactured somehow of these Instant Berry Cupcakes but they are in plain boxes with just labels on them, which is pretty neat.

She hopes that someday that she will make it in the food business and have these in the stores so be sure to watch out for Instant Berry Cupcakes mixes that may be out someday.


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