Friday, June 1, 2018

News: Scientists Predict The Future Of Humanity Worse Than Extinction

Paradox Predicts End of Civilization
I'm trying to understand when reading this article if this has to do with the "missing link" fossil in the other story.

One story is about evolution and this other one is about the end of civilization.

Then when you read the article it's about aliens, they also link to a headline that a mysterious object in the solar system was NOT caused by aliens, great to hear that.

Anyway, this article is about some paradox but the only paradox I could find in it was I couldn't connect the headline to the article content.

The headline said terrible future for mankind worse than extinction which excited me but the article was actually about aliens in some kind of paradox.

The story itself was about the lack of scientists finding life on other planets, then that's something to do with our terrible future.

Just a bit of advice going forward for your news page there, when you write an article don't link to a research paper for the content.

The public wants to see in the article what the headline was about. 

In fact, I glanced at the research paper but didn't read it. However, I may not be feeling well and may have heatstroke since the hot weather just hit and I heard a baby died in a car in the heat already and the parent got charged for it.

Anyway, maybe I got too much sun this week because I couldn't understand that. I've been sick for like two days and think I got heatstroke this week, somehow I am always the person that goes out in the heat on the first hot day and gets sick from not paying attention.

Then I read this and I can't understand it.

Anyway, don't link to a research paper in a news article because the reader can't get the story and no one wants to read a research paper to understand the tagline.

The topic should be clearly defined in the article that is in the news heading, then at the end maybe link to the research paper for additional reading.

Maybe that is the actual paradox.

As a rebuttal, maybe we are the only people in the universe and it's just here for us since Darwin is an idiot or maybe everyone else in the universe died already and we are the last ones to survive and we're next somehow.

I'm not sure what our terrible end they are predicting there is going to be. Perhaps it's being stuck in a paradox and we can't get out. I know that would be a terrible end.

Anyway remember years ago when that football player died of heatstroke on the field in the early 2000's? Well I was sick that day from the being out in the heat too and never forgot it. 

I think I got that again this week, because I have this terrible headache and I've been sick for days from too much sun, then I read some kid got locked in a car and died already this year. 

Just be careful out there because that sun is hot this week.


Upon reviewing the article again they meant that our terrible end will be aliens will destroy us if we don't find them first. Then according to the paradox they may mean we will destroy them instead, in a whoever find who first will destroy the other one.

An unlikely scenario at best.  When reading these articles it makes me wonder, will that happen before or after humans evolve in the future? According to Darwin, we may be evolved to something better by the time the aliens get here, then maybe we will have the tools to defend ourselves from extraterrestrial attack.


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