Wednesday, May 30, 2018

News: Mainstream Media Tampering In Mid Term Elections blames Donald Trump

Just a quick news post.

The media is now tampering in the mid term US elections by saying that they want the FBI Probe stopped.

The media is trying to say that the probe is swaying the decision of the elections against the Democrats.

Then the media is trying to get the probe stopped.

That's because the probe is into them.

Now they are saying that the probe is tampering with the election because it investigates the media.   

Then they are saying it's Donald Trump who is tampering with the elections by backing an FBI Probe.

Then they are trying get the president to drop the probe.

That's not Trump tampering with the election, it's the media.

The media is tampering with the election by saying the probe affects the election. 

The probe doesn't effect the election it's a criminal investigation. 

Now the media wants it stopped because it's into them and are tampering with the election.


"That's the big, reinforcing takeaway from the New York Times's scoop Tuesday night that Trump asked Attorney General Jeff Sessions to un-recuse himself in the Russia probe. It's merely the latest clear example of Trump trying to control or otherwise sway the people who could be in charge of his own fate. And it underlines the fact that he had very few boundaries in doing so."

They are saying on msn that Trump is trying to control the people who are in charge of his own fate, like Nixon did.

They are making the investigation sound like it's into Trump.

It isn't.

It's into the media. 

They mean in the article that Trump is trying to control people in charge if his own fate, they mean with the investigation.

Then they actually mean, the MEDIA is in charge of his fate in the election and the news stories are trying to get the President to drop it. 

That is election tampering by the media.

These people think you are fucking stupid in the media, and they can't even follow the story on television on their own stations. 


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