Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Illegal Garbage Dumping In Nova Scotia

Help Stop Illegal Garbage Dumping
There is a huge problem with illegal garbage dumping in Nova Scotia. These are people who are probably trying to circumvent the Province's Recycling Laws.

Everyone else has to sort their garbage but these other people are just dumping it on the ground and on other people's property.

Recycling  has been going in Nova Scotia for a long time now and it has really cleaned up the area. There is no garbage around anymore and the Province looks super nice and clean now with hardly any litter.

Recycling has really beautified the area and already worked great in Nova Scotia to clean up the area.

Everyone else has to recycle daily, other people are not sorting their garbage and then dumping it on the ground in illegal dump sites and on other people's yards and it looks terrible.

Illegal garbage dumping is a serious crime in Nova Scotia. 

If you see garbage on the ground pick up your phone and call 311 to report the garbage. Someone will have the garbage picked up.

They are saying that illegal dumping is costing the Province in some cases thousands of dollars per site in clean up bills.

The Province is asking that if you catch someone illegally dumping garbage and they are still there to call the Police.

Then the Police will then come and handle the situation.

Information on what to do if you see illegal garbage or catch people illegally dumping garbage:

News about illegal dumping:

Remember...give a hoot, don't pollute.


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