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History: The Lost History Of Nova Scotia - The Terrible Story of Oak Island

The Raid on Lunenburg - 1782

Digging into my lost history theory of Nova Scotia I have possibly discovered the true and terrible story of Oak Island.

This story like other lost histories of The Country Of Nova Scotia takes place starting in the mid 1750's.

Examining the lost history of  The Country of Nova Scotia we come across the story of The Curse of Oak Island which actually took place in The Country of Nova Scotia.

When you look at the lost History of The Country of Nova Scotia you can include the terrible story of the curse of Oak Island, which took place there.

Not to waste time I will reveal the secret of Oak Island which is probably accurate and hidden in the text books and then show the proof form the Historical references.

The shaft at Oak Island is most likely a man made water well by The British after the founding of Lunenburg in around 1753. 

Lunenburg was founded by the British four years after Halifax and they built defenses along the Harbor on the small Islands.

Oak Island which was originally named Smith's Island in 1753 was probably a garrison for the defense of Nova Scotia for England.

Since the area was under attack the garrison at Oak Island would have made the well which is a "salt water or sea water well" to pump in sea water to the surface.

The sea water would have been pumped to the surface to put out fires during attacks by the French or Indians and also probably used as a water source for The Lunenburg County Fire Brigade.

The area in the late 1700's was heavily attacked several times and the well was probably used by the British Navy to pump sea water to put out fires.

The entire area in Lunenburg was destroyed several times in the late 1700's including twice by American Soldiers during the American Revolution when they attached Lunenburg in Nova Scotia while fighting the British.

The area was also destroyed during the French and Indian wars and during the Expulsion of the French Acadians who were sent to Louisiana. 

The area around Smith's Island aka Oak Island is Chester, NS and was originally founded by settlers from Massachusetts, which during the time of The Country Of Nova Scotia also included the state of Maine.  

The terrible story of the Curse of Oak Island, is that it is really a man made water well that was filled in probably by the British in the late 1700's.

The story of the treasure and tales of Captain Kidd has people falling into the well looking for treasure and should probably be sealed or professionally excavated by the government.

The terrible story of the treasure hidden in the well has caused people to die by climbing into it looking for treasure.

The actual story of the treasure comes from 1856 probably almost 100 years after the well was filled in by the British and probably overlooked by local history.

The story of the treasure comes from "John Smith" who said he was born in America in 1775 just before the American Revolution and found the treasure hole on Smith's Island, which was later renamed Oak Island.

So the story came from John Smith from Smith Island who was born on the eve of the American Revolution in New England.

There is no evidence other that a sketch that there were platforms in the hole every ten feet that I know about and is probably made up with a fake sketch.

However, they did say the were markings of the walls of the hole, probably from the British using it as a water well.  

They said that they dug up the hole and came back the next day and it was full of water, thus making it a water well dug by the British n the 1750's.

The earliest accounts of the hole are from 1799 when someone said there was a "depression" in the ground there, most likely from the filled in well.

The terrible story is that they said in 1856 that they found Captains Kidd's Lost Treasure causing hysteria and people believing the story crawled into the hole and fell into the well and died looking for the treasure.

The historical records of the well are not in the history books however when you look at the history of Lunenburg you can see that there were British Fortifications all in the Harbor Area to protect Nova Scotia and they were at war with the French and the Indians.

The area was also attacked twice and destroyed by the Americans during the American Revolution.

The most likely story is that the well and fortifications were probably destroyed by attacks in the late 1700's by the French, Indians and Americans and then the well was filled in by the British and then forgotten about in the historical record.

Later in the mid 1800's the well was dug up and used in a hoax that led to people's death seeking Captain Kidd's Treasure.

The future of the well for historical purposes is that it should be professionally excavated by the Government and compared to British Naval Wells from the 1750's to see if they can date the architecture if there is any left, or be filled in for safety.

Oak Island:


Battles at Lunenburg:

French and Indian War:

Raid on Lunenburg  -1756,_Nova_Scotia_(1756)

The Lunenburg Campaign - 1758

The Raid on Lunenburg 1782 - American Revolution  - Also attacked in 1775 and involved in War of 1812,_Nova_Scotia_(1782)


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