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History: Victoria Day and History of Slave Owners In Nova Scotia & The Thirteen Colonies

Queen Victoria of England - Our Queen in 1867
Happy Victoria Day, and if you happen to live in Northern Maine then Happy Symbolic Victoria Day, because that used to be part of Nova Scotia when it was a Country.

Queen Victoria in England was our Queen when John A. MacDonald formed Canada in 1867 after Abraham Lincoln won the Civil War in America in 1865 and freed the slaves.

The symbolism of Victoria Day is that she was the First Queen of the new Canada in 1867 under Confederation and that is why we have Victoria Day.

After the American Civil War ended under President Abraham Lincoln his counterpart in Canada John A. MacDonald, along with England under Queen  Victoria brought the Country of Nova Scotia into Canada.

This is a little info on what my research project is regarding the History of the Country of Nova Scotia. I am trying to put together a History book hopefully that some day when I am in my 80's will be studied in the school curriculum.  

Then by including stories of myself students of the future can read stories about me and my adventures into Colonial Research in The Thirteen Colonies and The Country of Nova Scotia.

With this research project I am attempting to write myself into the history books in the mainstream history curriculum so in hundreds of years people will read my stories and study my history research.

This will take me probably forty years to complete and gives me a life goal for when I am in my eighties. So for my life plan I plan on being in history books in schools when I am in my eighties, this will give me something to do as I plan for my older years.

A lofty goal yes, but immortalizing myself in history with my stories and research will forever imprint me on civilization, for as long as that lasts. I'm giving myself forty years to complete this task, then future generations will study me in school in text books.

The main area of my research is The History of the Country of Nova Scotia and it's ties to American History in The Thirteen Colonies and The Early United States of America.

This History will connect The Country of Nova Scotia into American History which is it's actual History.  

I will try and keep this simple but it's an extremely long topic and I will be using example for references to larger volumes of material.

The idea of the research is that although all the facts may be there in other books no one has cross referenced them and compiled them into a definitive history of The Country of Nova Scotia and The Thirteen Colonies of The United States of America.

By sharing stories of my origins and trying to prove my historical theories I hope to be included into the world's history books so students can study my life and research in the future.

I have already wrote in previous posts about my family's origins. I lived with my Grandmother  in New Glasgow, NS which is a central town in Northern Nova Scotia. The town is the main area to get to Prince Edward Island through only one of two routs and near New Glasgow is the Ferry Terminal route.

The town also serves as the route to Cape Breton and New Foundland by ferry. The main point of New Glasgow, NS is that it is the main area and you have pass through the town on the way to Prince Edward Island, Cape Breton and New Foundland.

The area has a small population but has a large tourism industry.

After my Grandmother passed away years ago her husband who was not related decided to go be with his relatives and has since also passed away, after that I moved to Halifax to be nearer where my Grandmother is from in the Annapolis Valley.

Her family as I said in an earlier post originated from Scotland in the mid 1800's, probably around 1840. The rest of their family moved to North Carolina and they all ran farms.

The next part of the story is this. After moving to the Annapolis Valley and North Carolina in the 1840's they knew people and or met people who were original settlers and also married into their families. 

Other members of my family that they met already lived on North America and apparently came here on land grants in the early 1600's I am assuming to Nova Scotia and North Carolina. 

The new members of their family, my recent descendants from 1840 also moved to those locations.

So my immediate ancestors came in the 1840's to the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia and then met the other people who lived here, their family apparently came here to Nova Scotia and North Carolina on land grants from Europe in the 1600's.

What you have to understand is that although the Thirteen Colonies were founded in the early 1600's, England was already in America before that and that's when they were officially founded.

This is my original research. 

Apparently, my other family members came here on a land grant from Elizabeth Bathory the Vampire from Hungary. 

Elizabeth Bathory apparently gave land grants to colonists in The Country of Nova Scotia and in The Thirteen Colonies in about 1604. My original ancestors apparently came here on her land grants from Central Europe when she was ruler of Hungary.

Now, that is quite impressive and what my initial finding are showing. I will share why this appears to be true with other example and a main point of my research. Not to get carried away with that, I want to try and prove it as best I can.

Elizabeth Bathory - Queen of Hungary
So I will share my research into Elizabeth Bathory and show how you can prove she was a landholder in the Thirteen Colonies and in The Country of Nova Scotia. In fact many people from Nova Scotia and specifically North and South Carolina may have come here on land grants from Elizabeth Bathory.

The big topic I am trying to prove is that my ancestors in Nova Scotia came here from Europe on land grants to The Annapolis Valley and North Carolina from Elizabeth Bathory.

What you have to understand is in the books if they say when the colony was founded that doesn't mean there was no one there prior to that.

So if Elizabeth Bathory issued land grants in North and South Carolina it may have been before the founding of the Thirteen Colonies and she may have had them all over New England and The Country of Nova Scotia.

Proving that Elizabeth Bathory gave land grants to The Country of Nova Scotia and The Thirteen American Colonies is easy. Connecting to your family is more difficult, how you do that is when you match your family's history to the story of Elizabeth Bathory's land grants and they are the same story or land deal you know it was her. That's what I am doing in my research.

To keep this simple and hopefully accurate, if not I will correct later, the King of England in the 1600's King James the First issued land grants to settle The Country of Nova Scotia and The American Colonies.

King James the First allowed people to come to America from all over Europe even though he was from England.

King James the First used rulers in other countries in Europe to find citizens to settle America. At that time other rulers in Europe like Elizabeth Bathory were in charge in places like Hungary and Transylvania (Romania). 

Transylvanian and Hungarian Royalty like Elizabeth Bathory were given land to hold in America for King James the First.

In turn Elizabeth Bathory, would have rounded up citizens and slaves and sent them to work for her in The Country of Nova Scotia and The Thirteen Colonies of America.

In fact all kinds of European rules did this.

In Nova Scotia and the Colonies people would have worked on Elizabeth Bathory's land grants where they would have had slaves.

The slaves made goods and then this is important.

Goods made by slaves in the Colonies and Nova Scotia were sent by ship back to Europe. People like Elizabeth Bathory would have been ordering these goods from their land holdings.

Elizabeth Bathory would have been ordering goods by ship from her land holdings made by slaves to sell in Europe, and was probably a business owner.

She in turn would then pay King James the First a piece of the money she earned from the land that her granted her.

King James the First would have gave all the rules of Europe land to round up citizens and slaves for him to send to America and Nova Scotia.

Then she would have had products made and sent back to her to sell in Europe and then would pay back King James the First.

Other Countries like France and Spain had their own land in North America and probably did theirs separate.

King James the First would have worked with people from German, Austria, Hungary, Transylvania etc. and gave them land holding in The Country of Nova Scotia and The Thirteen Colonies.

Other European Royalty would have also had land holdings in The Country of Nova Scotia and The Thirteen Colonies of America. That is a main topic in the research for my book is connecting the landowners to the Royalty in Europe to see who owned what settlements...hopefully.

That way you can say Elizabeth Bathory had land holdings in the Annapolis Valley, NS and North and South Carolina and other rulers had them in other places etc.

So I am saying the Land Owners in Europe for King James the First were people like Elizabeth Bathory in Hungary, their co-rulers in 1600 Europe. 

The story of Elizabeth Bathory however is probably true and a main part of my research but I don't think it's complete and not all accurate. 

On wikipedia all these entries are terrible and the dates don't match the other articles on cross references etc. and they say these ridiculous things on them. They are saying that Elizabeth Bathory on there now was called "Countess Dracula" which is an outright lie.

She was never called that. Pages like wikipedia are ruining historical content on the internet with these false claims but it is a good starting point to get the list of topics. 

In my research Elizabeth Bathory may have been someone else in regular life. In fact Bathory was probably an assumed name for the monarchy. 

Elizabeth Bathory probably originated from Brussels, Belgium and had a regular family name, to be determined. 

She like other European Royalty, probably traveled to Hungary to marry the Prince and become the Queen of Hungary.

Elizabeth Bathory was probably Central European and most likely blonde.

Bathory would have been their assumed name for her being the Queen.

Her land holdings in North America were probably under her own name from Belgium and she probably sent people from Belgium and Central Europe here to work her land grants, then they would have probably sent the goods back to her to sell in Europe.

From my research, the men were the people running Europe but the women probably were running land grants from Europe like Elizabeth Bathory.

I also hate to break your hearts kids but Elizabeth Bathory probably never paid for her crimes. She was the Queen, she probably lived until old age and died of natural causes.

The story of Elizabeth Bathory was probably fictionalized to make citizens think she was arrested but in reality her being the Queen meant she was in charge and just did what ever she wanted.

The story was probably just fictionalized to make her a Dracula like character after her death and they probably hid her regular life. 

Also, Countess in Hungary at the time means Queen, like Count Dracula who was King.

So Countess Elizabeth Bathory  was really Queen and they just made it a "safe" story so people would not think a real vampire was is power and did what ever she wanted. I'm assuming people found this out after her death probably of natural causes or may have helped her to find people to murder.

For her to be running slaves in The Thirteen Colonies and in The Country of Nova Scotia is not a stretch of the imagination.

Queen Elizabeth The First of England

Elizabeth Bathory's counter part in England at the time was Elizabeth The First.

Just before the establishment of The Thirteen Colonies the Queen of England was Elizabeth the First.

At the same time in Hungary Elizabeth Bathory was Queen and probably from Centural Europe like Belgium.

If the two are related or not is unknown.

However, Elizabeth the First owned America so Elizbeth Bathory probably owned land their.

The successor to Elizabeth the First was King James The First. He established the Colonies as soon as he took the throne of England.

Obviously, the areas were already established in America as King James The First officially established the colonies after Elizabeth the First was gone.

Elizabeth Bathory was there until about 1614, into the official establishment of the North American colonies.

King James The First
This research is going into my book about The History of Nova Scotia and The Thirteen Colonies and The early United States to try and "map" if possible, the land grants in North America to the European Monarchs who owned land and business here.

Hopefully, this will flush out the true story of Elizabeth Bathory and the story of her land holdings in The Country of Nova Scotia and The Thirteen Colonies.

Other European landowners like Elizabeth Bathory are listed below to show you other women who were issued land grants in North America.

Other European Landowners in North America:

These are the people who recieved slave goods from The Country of Nova Scotia and The Thriteen Colonies and Early United States of America in Europe for England.

In return they sent settlers for their land grants on behalf of England.

Sofia Bathory - Princess of Transylvania

Sofia Bathory was the Princess of Transylvania and possibly heir to Elizabeth Bathory's land holdings in The Country of Nova Scotia and The Thirteen Colonies and ran slave colonies and slave business' in the 1640s.

Elizabeth of Bavaria

Elizabeth of Bavaria - Empress of Austria Mid-1800's.

Most likely owned land in North America with slave colonies and business.

Catherine of Brandenburg

Catherine of Brandenburg - Princess of Transylvania 1630

Slave Owner in America.

Caroline Augusta

Caroline Augusta of Bavaria - Princess of Austria

Slave owner in America


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