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Fiction: Character and Plot Development in Spiderman and Star Trek

Spiderman 1
Since I've been working on my book for a while now I'd thought I'd share some discussions on Character and Plot Development in fiction. 

These are a few examples  from Spider Man with Tobey Mcguire and Star Trek, I'm not trying to dis these movies but add to the discussion of Star Trek and Spiderman. 

Researching the plot development in the shows and movies can help you understand the stories better like in Comics and Science Fiction. 

This is kind of where they "get their ideas" from or that's what it looks like, then when you watch the movies or read the comics you will understand them better and have more to talk about when you have to explain Spiderman and Star Trek to people.

Spiderman 1 with Tobey Mcguire is a great movie and one of my favorites, by the time they get to Spiderman 3 it's a little lacking in quality compared to the first movie but it's still good.

In the Spiderman movies with Tobey Mcguire these are based on the Comic Book but like with all the Marvel movies they take place in the "movie universe" so they are not always the same as the Comic.

They are based on the Comics thought so you still get the general idea. This is what I am putting together as a possible backstory for the movies about their possible character and plot development.

When I recently watched the three Spiderman movies with Tobey Mcguire this is what I noticed about the plot and character development in that Spiderman series.

First, Spiderman and The Green Goblin both got their powers on the same day in the movie. What that possibly means is that after Peter Parker got bit by the spider "somehow" the power was also transferred into the Green Goblin on the same day creating both characters.

 The common link here is Peter Parker, who like most of the villains in the Spiderman series are Scientists.

Peter Parker who works as a Science Student and is always around scientists seems to be spreading the Spiderman "virus" into other people he is working with creating the Green Goblin and Dr. Octopus.

Peter Parker is around Norman Osbourne just before he is bit by the Spider and contracts some kind of virus or something, Parker and Osbourne are both scientists and Parker is studying Osbourne's research.

A possible explanation is Peter Parker is "contaminated"  with some kind of thing from Osbourne's lab while studying his research, then when he goes into the lab a spider bites him. 

Then Parker who is contaminated from studying Osbourne's research then passes the virus back to Osbourne who is also contaminated.

Peter Parker carrying some kind of virus is spreading it to other scientists he knows and creating super villains.

Peter Parker was probably contaminated from studying Norman Osbourne's research, just like Osbourne was contiminated from his own lab.

Then when Peter Parker contracted the spider virus he also passed it to Norman Osbourne using his contaminates to carry the virus to both people.

The Green Goblin
So when Peter Parker was bit he was probably already carrying something from Osbourne's lab then he passed the spider "virus" to him through his own contaminates creating both Spiderman and The Green Goblin on the same day in the movie.

In the movie both Spiderman and The Green Goblin are created on the same day after just seeing each other before Peter Parker enters the spider lab. Then when Peter Parker wakes up the next day he is Spiderman, at the same time this is when Norman Osbourne became the Green Goblin.

So scientists appear to be catching the Spiderman "virus" and becoming super villains.

Again, in Spiderman 2 the same thing happens with Dr. Octopus. Peter Parker knows Dr. Octavius through science and then he goes to his experiment.

In the movie Dr. Octavius is using tritium and Parker is in the room, when the experiment goes bad and explodes the Spiderman virus is probably passed into Dr. Octavius and turns him into Dr. Octopus during the explosion.

Then, a shot time later Spiderman loses his power for a while. At first I thought this was because Peter Parker was overusing his powers after just becoming Spiderman and needed rest and he is run down in the movie and doing bad in school because he is always out being Spiderman. This may also be true, Peter Parker may have been tired from over using his new powers and they stopped for a while.

Spiderman 2
However, his Spider power stopped just after the explosion in Dr.Octavius' lab.What happened is Spiderman probably lost his powers briefly because they were transferred into Dr.Octavius in the explosion.

So during the explosion Spiderman's powers were transferred into Dr. Octavius then Spiderman lost his power for a while because Dr. Octavius absorbed his power.

Then later when Peter Parker recovered his Spiderman power came back, so he had to recover after the explosion when his powers were transferred. 

After a short rest his "power grew back" or something, then that created Dr.Octopus. The same thing happens to Harry Osbourne in Spiderman 3 after he begins experimenting in the lab after being around Peter Parker all the time, just like his father and Dr. Octavius.

Then also in Spiderman 3  Eddie Brock becomes Venom after working with Peter Parker and the "suit" or "enitity" thing that is Venom probably also transferred Peter Parkers power into Eddie Brock.

Dr. Octopus
In fact the suit could have been on Peter Parker because it was attracted to his power, then the entity absorbed some of it and transferred it to Eddie Brock because he was around Peter Parker all the time from working with him at the Daily Bugle.

 Then the Sandman is the same story. At the end of Spiderman 3 the Sandman says to Peter Parker that he killed his Uncle Ben by accident. So the Sandman was also around Peter Parker before getting his super power.

So when the Sandman shot Uncle Ben in the movie he got contaminated by Peter Parker, then later while escaping from Prison he fell into an experiment in a Particle Physics lab or something and got transformed into the Sandman after coming into contact with Peter Parker though Uncle Ben.

Spiderman 3
 In the movie they don't say what the experimental lab was but it could have also been related to Spiderman or Norman Osbourne.

So Norman Osbourne, Harry Osbourne, Dr. Octopus, Venom and the Sandman all became villains after coming into contact with Peter Parker first, then they were all in Science or came in contact with Science to get their powers.

Music from Spiderman 1:

Another example of Character and Plot development is in Star Trek.

In the original Star Trek Spock is Vulcan and has to repress his emotions.

In Star Trek The Next Generation Data is an Android and has no emotions.

So Spock always has to suppress his emotions while Data has no emotions and is always trying to get them.

That may be lame to some people, but it's just a show anyway. So while Spock struggles to suppress his emotions Data always struggles to get emotions. They are like opposite characters, one trying to be less human and one trying to be more human.

Also in the Star Trek The Next Generation first Movie "Generations" Commander Laforge is responsible for the Enterprise from the show being destroyed because of his visor.

In the move they blew up the Enterprise. How this happened was Geordie Laforge's fault but not directly.

The Villan Soran kidnaps Laforge with the Klingons and taps into his visor and transmits the picture back to their ship, when Laforge goes into Engineering the Klingons see the ships Force Field Frequency and us that to penetrate their shields.

 Setting their weapons to the same frequency allows them to penetrate the Enterprise's force fields and hit them with Torpedoes, the Enterprise crashes and is destroyed because of a weakness in the visor discovered by Soran.

 That is the chatacter and plot development.

It was Laforges fault the Enterprise crashed because of is visor but not his responsibility. In the next movie "First Contact" his visor was replaced by eye implants. This is probably because of the visor incident with Soran so they had to change his character because the visor led to the destruction of the Enterprise from the TV Show.


The the character now has eye implants instead of a visor. That is probably why they developed that character to have eye implants instead of a visor.

Laforge with Soran
So after the visor incident with Soran they dropped it and made him have eye implants which apparently must me more secure and now no one can tamper with the visor because they scrapped it. 

Those are several examples of Character and Plot Development in Fiction.


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