Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Death Metal Music Update: Century Media Records is Dead

Century Media Now Owned by Sony

 Not sure how I missed this but Century Media Records was bought buy Sony and is dead now. 

Sony is now transferring all their Death Metal catalog to a different label called "Reservoir Media Management"...get it? It's like a water reservoir, only it's a holding company for Century Media's Record Catalog. The content of the reservoir would be songs from the Century Media catalog.

So Sony the distributor of Century Media Records on RED , bought Century Media Records and is now transferring their catalog to a holding company probably similar to BMG Rights Management off the Century Media Name.

Anyway, I've been saying these places are going to close. Somehow they got $17 Million Dollars for it, I'm assuming that the Century Media people used that to pay off their debts and are broke now.

Their biggest hit was Lacuna Coil which sold 490,000 copies they are saying and peaked on the Billboard Top 200 at (correction) No. 28 in the US. (I'm assuming they mean the heavy metal chart) , a huge hit for a metal label like that probably.

It will be nice though when Death Metal etc. is all back in the underground and brand new labels start over from scratch when the scene restarts after all these old labels close, and like all the old metal labels they always end up on a Sony holding company or something, like Venom and Neat Records Combat from the 1980's which ended up on BMG Rights Management .

This should help pave the way for new underground labels to start with the metal label market opening up.

I wouldn't be surprised if  Sony ended up buying all the old death metal labels like Earache, Relapse and Nuclear Blast or maybe they already did and haven't announced it yet.

Roadrunner is what now Warner or something? Now Century Media is Sony, they probably already own the rest and haven't announced it yet or will soon.


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