Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Politics: Fake Story on MSN about Donald Trump,says he will be impeached for investigating critics

No Grounds For Impeachment Against Donald Trump
There is a fake story on MSN today with a presidential historian saying that Donald Trump will be impeached for asking for an investigation into the FBI.

Jon Meacham tells MSNBC today that Donald Trump will be most likely be impeached by the US Senate, however offers no evidence or case against The President

Meacham then compares to the President to a television show and says his season finale will be impeachment.

His claims however have no substance.

Jon Meacham is saying that by Donald Trump asking for an investigation into the FBI which has been accused of spying on Trump's presidential run that he will be impeached.

The actual case they are making about this is that if Trump asks for an investigation into the FBI for spying then the Senate will impeach him.


"Meacham told "Morning Joe" that Trump's vow to ask the Justice Department to investigate whether the FBI spied on his campaign is similar to former President Nixon's behavior ahead of firing special prosecutor Archibald Cox, and that his presidency is likely to end the same way as Nixon's."

What he is saying is that Donald Trump is acting similar to Richard Nixon before he was impeached.

That is not correct in his own statement.

He is saying that Donald Trump asking for an FBI investigation is the same as what Richard Nixon did before his impeachment. 

He is saying that Richard Nixon launched an FBI investigation and used it to get the name of prosecutor Archibald Cox from them, who Nixon then fired. After this Nixon was impeached.

Jon Meacham, is saying that Donald Trump is trying to get the FBI to find out secret information so Trump can fire investigators, like what Nixon did.

That is not what is happening, Donald Trump is asking the FBI to investigate spying during the Obama administration against his campaign.

This is only showing guilt of the other parties who Meacham is defending.

Meacham apparently looks to actually be threatening Donald Trump with impeachment for investigating the Obama Administration staff, apparently at the FBI.

The actual statement from Meacham is if Trump asks for an FBI investigation he will be impeached.

 Then they say, "well, that's what happened to Nixon"

In reality, those two things have nothing in common, according to Meacham Nixon used the FBI to get names of people to fire them.

Donald Trump is only calling for an investigation into spying as best I can tell.

What this actually looks like is a Backwards Watergate.

In fact Donald Trump could be being setup by his opposition.

They could actually be saying that they are telling Trump from inside that he was spied on, then when he goes to ask for an investigation they try to impeach him.

Then they start saying he's doing what Nixon did  , when in fact they are baiting him into it, in a backwards Watergate.

Donald Trump could be the victim of a total setup here in an outdated political setup from the 1970's.

This is the setup - someone tells Trump he was spied on, then when he investigates they say he is copying Nixon to try and get him impeached.

They they all lie and start saying he plans to fire prosecutors who are his opponents.

This is a classic transparent political setup in an outdated plan from the 1970's against Trump from a stale opposition in Washington D.C.


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