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News: Scientists Claim To Have Invented A Functional Time Machine

Time Travel Machine Invented
I mean how stupid do this people think the public is anyway? Is  this some  test to determine what they can get the public to believe or what?

Obviously this is not true because time travel isn't real.

The story is based on Einstein's Theory of Special Relativity from 1905, something about time is relative to how fast you are moving.

Right, like the faster you travel the shorter the trip is. 

So you get more out of your twenty minutes at 100 miles per hour than if traveled at 20 miles an hour because you went a further distance.

I mean that is from 1905, not today and I doubt Einstein was talking about space travel and supersonic aircraft in the days of horses and wagons.

Of course my example above of Einstein's theory is somewhat sarcastic, just keep in mind he wrote that in horse and wagon days and not space ship days like today.

They are saying in this article in the mainstream news that the faster you go the more time slows down. 

I'm pretty sure Einstein meant the faster you go the more the time of the trip slows down, not time itself.

Of course I'm no expert and have yet to see this time machine they have invented.

They are saying that, and this is a total lie, that astronauts living in space for a long time have traveled backwards in time for traveling so fast on the space station.

They said the an astronaut , cosmonaut actually Gennady Padalka said that when he returned from Space the Earth was traveling 1/44  of a second in time ahead of where he thought it would be.

This was written in a book by Princeton Physicist J. Richard Gott "Time Travel in Einstien's Universe" and is claiming that Padaalka has "traveled into the future" for real.  

What he is saying is that by Gennady Padalka spending 879 days in space and traveling faster than people on Earth that he was literally traveled into the future and is a real time traveler.

Meaning that because he went so fast in outerspace for 879 days that time slowed down, and he traveled 1/44  of a second into the past. When he returned to Earth it was 1/44th of a second into the future.

Then when he came back to Earth he said the world was 1/44 of a second ahead of him....uh, what did you measure that with? Your crazy time traveling distance machine from Apple as an app on your smartphone that tells you have far into the past you have traveled when returning from orbit?

Oh wait, maybe the guy is so smart that he can see things and count 1/44 of a second at a time.

Then when he looked with his bare eyes he counted everything in 44ths of a second visually manually by hand and can see that he that everyone is 1/44th of a second ahead of him.

Anyway, what is your reference point to show that the world is 1/44 of a second ahead of you?

Are you saying that you see everything 1/44 of a second behind everyone?

How the fuck would you measure that?

Right you can't and only he can see it so you just have to believe him with no evidence or why to measure it.

That's because it's not real and they are just lying. Plus there is no way to ever prove that.

Then they are talking about "the hurdles of time travel"...oh yeah...I'd like to read about that.

For example, when you're constructing your time machine, what obstacles do you expect to encounter when sending a person through time since apparently you have already achieved this.

Like is it a fuel supply or food and water or what?

When you send a person through time, how much water do you need to send with them?

I'm just wondering because if you send someone into the past how long does it take to get there and how much food and fuel does it take for each trip?

Like, if you travel 100 years into the past does take longer to get there than if it was 50 years?

And, how much fuel does that take?

Also, how many meals would a time traveler need to take with them on their journey into the past and what would it cost for fuel? And how much air would they need to bring with them for the trip?

Those are the hurdles I am interested in hearing about.

Then then story contradicts itself by saying they have achieved time travel by sending particles into the future by speeding them up.

This is called the Large Hadron Collider, I guarantee that this machine is a hoax. 

The machine they are saying is sending particles a fraction of a second into the future but there is no way to measure that.

What are the particles returning the winning lottery numbers from a fraction of a second into the future? 

I mean how the fuck are they measuring that? Right, they can't. That is a fucking hoax.

The contradiction is the first part of the story said that speeding up people in space slows down time, then they said the machine sends particles into the future by speeding them up.

So what is it?

Are you saying that speeding something up slows down time or sends it into the future?

Because that said the astronaut was 1/44 of a second behind the planet by traveling fast. 

Then they said sending particles fast sends them into the future.

So what does sending particles fast slow down time or speed it up because your article is contradicting itself.

Anyway, that is a fucking hoax.

Then they say "relative" time.

What they mean by that is they are saying that particles are time traveling because they are travelling faster, like in a car.

So when they accelerate particles  it looks like they are time traveling if your handicapped.

That's because they are saying that the particles are "getting somewhere faster when you speed them up and it looks like time travel."

That's the same as the car example....if  one car travels at 100 mph and the other at 50 mph they are saying it looks like time travel because the first car arrived there faster then the second slower one.

Fuck You. That is a fucking hoax at Princeton.

Plus you can't measure time travel until the Apple Iphone app comes out to tell you how far you have traveled into the past or future.

Reading these old books today all these stupid theories from the 1800's and the 1900's are falling apart.

When you read those books their theories make them look mentally redarded.

This big one here is Charles Darwin, who is fucking handicapped.

I guarantee Charles Darwin is a hoax and that evolution is fake. You can prove it today in the book in one second that Charles Darwin is fake.  

I've been reading these old books like The Origin of The Species that are free ebooks now in the public domain.

They really need to stop teaching this crap, there is no way that humans "evolved" like that, the guy Darwin is a fucking retard. I will post more about that later after I read it all.

When is the last time a scientist evaluated the actual theory in that book anyway 1847? That theory will never hold up into the future.

Get the ebook on the first page of the actual  theory it says this:

The theory of evolution is based on one principle - It's that the rain doesn't fall just to make corn grow, it's a separate event.

I hate to break it to you Darwin but the rain does fall just to make corn grow, in fact the rain falls to make every plant and vegetable grow including corn. So you are wrong on the first page.

The point of the book is that they are trying to get you to believe that the rain is not connected to corn growing and that rain is there for a separate purpose.

Everyone knows that rain falls to grow vegetables for people and animals to eat.

Then they try and get you "disconnect" that fact that water is there to make plants grow.

Then they say rain falling is an event by itself.

Then they say plants growing is a side effect to rain.

That is not true.

The cycle of rain fall and plants growing is locked into the planet.

Everyone know that the rain falls to make corn grow, just like all plants including corn.

The cycle of rain fall and plant growth is locked.

Everyone knows that rain falls to grow all plants and it is locked.

Then they try and get you to say that that is not true and rain fall is not related to plant growth and is a separate event.

Then they say humans came from animals.

To believe that in the book you have to first agree that rain's purpose is not to grow life.

When in fact it is and all life depends on it so it is locked.

Then they try and get you into the philosophical argument about what came first the chicken or the egg, then in that conservation they can prove anything because all scientific facts have been disconnected from each other in the book.

So they just take all scientific facts in the Origin of the Species and disconnect them from each other to try and say humans came from animals.

This is some kind of trick in the book and is a hoax that they used to trick people to believe in that, when you examine it today it is a hoax in the book.

There is no scientific data in the book at all and is all wacked out theories after you disconnect life growing from rain falling. 

Everyone knows that life growing depends on rain falling and it's locked. You cant say that doesn't apply to corn and it's the whole principle of the book on the first page.

Go get the public domain ebook, it's on the first page of the main text.

I'm sure these old crazy wacked out theories from the 1800's and 1900's will be dropped and be a giant joke in the future like Time Travel Theories and The Origin of the Species.


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